Infomaniac Garden Photos Event

 Here be Dragens I mean Gardens!  And their gardeners...

The League of Extraordinary Gardeners (as seen above) are for illustrative purposes only, and are not representative of the actual Blogorati whose gardens are on show.  Unfortunately...



Garden Photos Event


 Back in 2011, everyone's favourite Lazy Baggage (thank you, Beast), The Very Mistress (then known as MJ), decided that she couldn't be bothered to make any further effort on her blog, and swanned off to Montreal to get away from it all.  Just before she left, she tasked her Infomaniac Bitches to send in photos of their gardens or other greenery that she could display upon her return, probably thinking that there'd be two or three photos that she could just paste into a blog post, add a couple of captions, and publish while she collapsed with a Jameson's or twelve.  

Little did she know how popular this would be, however, and returned to garden photos from 21 of her faithful Bitches.  With what I imagine to be an enormous sigh, an over-dramatic eyeroll, and no small amount of swearing/drinking, The Very Mistress got to work collating the photos and organising them into a tasteful (ahem) display for her Bitches' voyeuristic enjoyment, and the first Infomaniac Garden Photos Event was born!

 With the event a resounding success, The Very Mistress brought it back the next year, and the year after that, and every following year.  Then, ten years later and true to form, the Lazy Baggage The Very Mistress gracefully demured from hosting the Garden Photos Event herself and palmed it off bestowed it with great honour upon one of her throng of gullible suckers attendant Bitches.  

 Which is why, since the tenth anniversary year, you find the Infomaniac Garden Photos Event being held here at Inexplicable Device rather than at Infomaniac itself.

 Listed below for your finger-clicking pleasure are links to all (I hope!) the gardens, court yards, balconies, pot plants, cut flowers, and questionable contents of waiting rooms, salad drawers & pantries (not to mention Divine - yes, that one) that have featured in the Infomaniac Garden Photos Event so far:


GPE 2023 : Terrifying Triffidery

The Infomaniac Garden Photos Event 2023

GPE 2023 : Shiny Peenee

GPE 2023 : Melanie Explains the Birds and the... Bears?!?

GPE 2023 : Jon's & Madam A's Stars of the Seasons

GPE 2023 : Ms Scarlet is a Big Pink Bush Tease!

GPE 2023 : Mooning About with Maddie

GPE 2023 : Mitzi Couldn't Give A Fig


GPE 2023 : Mago's Garden Com Post

GPE 2023 : UptonKing Gets Fruity

GPE 2023 : IDV's Zoological Gardens

The Finale


Terrifying Triffidery 2022: The Orangery of 'orror!

The Infomaniac Garden Photos Event 2022

GPE #1 : Dinahmow presents: Dracaenas and Drag Queens

GPE #2 : Mitzi Likes Things With Sperm In

GPE #3 : Mistress Maddie Reveals All!

GPE #4 : Ms Scarlet's Wobbly Bits

GPE #5 : Savvy's Spare Sophistication

GPE #6 : Jon Wasn't Allowed to Get His Hose Out...

GPE #7 : Melanie's Pink Bits on Parade

GPE #8 : UptonKing Does Double Duty

GPE #9 : IDV's Fruity Goings On

The Finale!


Terrifying Triffidery 2021

GPE #1 - Terrifying Triffidery Results & The League of Extraordinary Gardeners

GPE #2 - Rancho FirstNations

GPE #3 - Top-Dressing with Hound

GPE #4 - Clue: The Dinahmow Edition

GPE #5 - Ms Scarlet and her Pulsating Pink Bush!

GPE #6 - Pam Demic's Veiny, Purple Love Cabbage

GPE #7 - Gardening for Gratis, by Mitzi

GPE #8 - Jon and Madam Arcati's Garden Show'n'Tell

GPE #9 - Melanie's Nature-led Naughtiness

GPE #10 - A Fan of Peenee's

GPE #11 - Savvy Cancels Christmas

GPE #12 - Mind-Your-Own-Business, IDV!

GPE #13 - The Finale 


Terrifying Triffidery 2020

GPE #1 - The Very Mistress's 10th Annual Lady Garden Presentation

GPE #2 - Exploring Jon's Back Passage

GPE #3 - Pam Demic Gets A Prick

GPE #4 - Dinahmow's Down Under Jungle

GPE #5 - Mitzi Goes Topless!

GPE #6 & 7 - Peenee & Norma vs The Church of the Holy Crackpot

GPE #8, 9 & 10 - 'Petra, Scarlet & Savvy star in Murk, Mud, and Muddlement

GPE #11 - IDV Brings Up The Rear

2011 - 2019: The Infomaniac Years

2011: It all began in August with a bra full of petunias...
2012: In a rare divergence from the Infomaniac norm, the event begins with an athletic, young naked man... 
2013: Another young naked man?  What gives??
2014: The first unveiling of Ms Scarlet's BIG PINK BUSH!™
2015: He's not particularly fat, or particularly old, but he is naked.  And there's a pendulous surprise at the end...
2016: Despite an ingratiating reference to Canada, LX's entry didn't win (because the Gardens Photos Event is NOT a contest!)
2017: This is when the Garden Photos Event was first split up into a post per garden.  Plus, the first useage of the word "codfanglers".
  1. Jeffery's Garden Photos
  2. Mr Peenee's Garden Photos
  3. LX's Garden Photo (cranberry jelly, anyone?)
  4. Dinahmow's Garden Photos
  5. Norma's Garden Photo
  6. Huggy Jon's Garden Photos (revisiting 2013's balcony due to illness) 
  7. Jon's Garden Photos
  8. My Garden Photos
  9. Savannah's (Savvy) Garden Photo (post hurricane)
  10. Ms Scarlet's Garden Photo (mainly murk)
  11. Mistress Maddie's Garden Photos
  12. Garden Photos Event Wrap-Up
2018: The post-per-garden presentation continues due to popular demand.
Avert your eyes!  It's The Very Mistress's bunny!


  1. Very leafy! I was hoping to find the date for when you wanted the 2022 pictures....

    1. Oh, that would be a good thing to publish here, wouldn't it?!


      Anyway, you still have a bit of time - I'd like the pictures by 29th October, please (as noted last month, here)

    2. P.S. It took me a little while to find your comment. I'd forgotten I'd created this GPE page, and went straight to the previously linked post to reply, but couldn't see it anywhere. And I'm only slightly more than halfway through my first G&T!

  2. 29th October! Excellent - I have plenty of time to stick bits of pink tissue paper on the cherry tree, take a picture, and pretend it was taken in Spring. It will be our secret, as probably no one has ever noticed this page before.
    Meanwhile, how are you Mr Devine? We miss you! Jon has been away and come back again; Savvy is posting like a woman possessed; and even Dinah has posted - pictures of her exotic bloomers! You are missing it all. If you carry on like this I will have to do the giant picture thing as I know how much you love a blog invasion - and I have just the thing! I'll give you until Friday, and then your sideboard gets it!

    1. What a cunning plan, Ms Scarlet! Valerie Singleton and Peter Purves eat your hearts out!

      I have almost posted several times this month, but for one reason and another never actually got around to any of them. So, in the hopes of preventing my Sideboard from getting smushed, I have amalgamated (and shortened) the never-posted into one not-too-lengthy photo post and I'm almost ready to press 'publish'.
      It seems I have a lot of catching up to do - holiday snaps, news from LA, and Dinah's exotic bloomers?!? Good job the weekend's almost here!


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