Sunday 22 May 2022

Damselflies Doing It!

 Aaaaarrrrgh!  I'm having the devil of a time trying to comment both here and on any other Blogger blog.  Blogger tells me I'm either not signed in (clearly I am as I've managed to post this!), or 'There has been an error.  Please try later."  Oh, shit off!

 I wonder if this is the same problem that Melanie was having last month?

 Wordpress blogs don't seem to be affected though, as I've just commented successfully at Ms Scarlet's...

 As I can't be arsed to deal with this nonsense right now (too hot!), here are some photos from my earlier escapades around the pond:

Common Blue Damselfly (Enellagma Cyathigerum) on a Primula leaf

Damselflies Doing It!!!  And right in front of me too...

If you don't sort yourself out, Google/Blogger, this could be you...


EDIT: 23.05.2022 19:09 - I thought it Blogger had sorted itself out, but after four comments, I got the dreaded "Failed to publish comment.  Please try again later" message.  [sad face]

 I'm not ignoring you, I promise!

EDIT: 23.05.2022 19:14 - It worked once more then decided that was enough.  Grrrrrrr....

Thursday 19 May 2022

My Small Red Bush* - A Garden Photos Event Announcement

* Which could never be confused with Ms Scarlet's Big Pink Bush


 Prompted by Mr Tonking's recent seed spreading effort and Dinah taunting Us with her bat (also, to a lesser extent, Jon's pricking out) I bring you the first reminder (following February's general announcement) to get gardening and to photograph evidence of your efforts ready for: 

The House of


Garden Photos Event 2022


 As with the last couple of years, this year's event will be held in November and will follow straight on from the now traditional Hallowe'en prelude, Terrifying Triffidery.  There is no theme for the main event but, inspired by a comment from Dinah, I would like you to search out old photos of gardens you tended - or even played in as a child - from years/decades/aeons ago and send in one or two (or more, if you feel so inclined) to be featured along with your efforts from this year.  Remember to provide captions and/or blurbs to go with your photos, too!


 Right.  Now that's out of the way, here's how the Hexenhäusli Device Gardens are coming along:

 Above is the titular Small Red Bush (which was a free gift with last year's two bat flower rhizomes which came to naught.  Bah!).  And to the left, an orchid (that first featured here) that until recently was positioned on my bathroom windowsill, but once it flowers it drips sticky nectar/sap everywhere so it's now outside in my Gin Time Corner.  You can see it festooning a stem of a Himalayan Honeysuckle below.

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Tunes on Tuesday Turns Back Time

 I half prepared this post as filler, thinking that I probably wouldn't publish anything until next weekend, but then I went and managed the previous Early Start post and never finished this one (which was inspired by some of the songs a work colleague plays first thing in the morning before the phone lines are switched on)!

 Fortunately, no further musings from me are necessary - I can just let the music play:

Aqua: Turn Back Time

Sydney Youngblood: If Only I Could

Shakespears Sister: You're History

Propaganda: Duel

Bass-O-Matic: Fascinating Rhythm

ABBA: Cassandra

Erasure: Drama!

Saturday 14 May 2022

An Early Start

 Having mentioned to Jon that I have a couple of posts started, and to Mago (after his inspiring link) that I may go down to the beach this weekend, I bring you this new post as the first step in ridding myself of Lazy Baggageitis (and its instigatory conditions). 

 I woke up at about quarter to five this morning and laid there for a while listening to Beaky in a sing-off with some other balckbird as the sun was nearing the horizon.  Half an hour later, sick of Beaky's increasingly strident racket, I got up and decided to go down to the beach...

Sunrise in the north-east from the cliff top

Down on the promenade

Saturday 7 May 2022

Reasons Why...

 I've been half-heartedly trying to work out what's keeping us from updating this blog more regularly.  I mean, in the last four months, We've managed a paltry 12 posts - three per month, and they've been a struggle - whereas by this time last year We'd put up 29!  I know it should be quality over quantity, but I can't even claim that what We have published is anything to write home about - with the possible exception of the new and improved Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Travel Map, of course.

 Are We not blogging because the weather has been so nice?  Not really.  We've barely been down to the beach so far this year, and only partaken in a few perambulations inland.  Although, I have been spending rather a lot of time up the allotment... 

Apple blossom at the Device Allotment
(two eaters and a cooker)

For Dinah, my young Bramley with a close-up of its delightfully fragrant blossom
.  .  .

 Have We been dreaming too much?  Hardly.  I don't know about only living twice - We're scarcely living once - but it is an excuse to listen to Natacha Atlas singing the David Arnold produced "You Only Live Twice":

.  .  .