Sunday, October 22, 2017

Further Adventures in Star Trek Scribbling

... Continued from Adventures in Star Trek Scribbling

  Look away now if you're averse to Star Trek nincompoopery.
  Yes, this is another post chock full of Trek-related art by myself and master of computer generated witchcraft, Scribble.
 (I mean, how can the models exist only within the confines of a computer?  They're real, physical constructs, aren't they?  They certainly look like it.)

  I did warn you.

The latest version of my alternate take on the officer ranks.  If you look closely, you can see that the gold bars are wider than on the previous models, and the ribbing is parallel to the long edges of the open areas in which they sit. 
Hasn't Scribble done a marvellous job?!


  Since the last post, in which we looked at the officer ranks, I've been thinking about the flag officer ranks - i.e. the various admirals - and some of the other uniform accoutrements and embellishments.

It appears I'm not the only one thinking about uniform bling.  Here we see James T. Kirk eyeing up Admiral Morrow's impressive embellishments!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

BEAST is Back!

 Oh, the horror! 

 Yes, BEAST - he of the stinky duvet and unfortunately placed banana - is back.  To get over the upset, I invite you all to view these soothing beach photos from Sunday:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Conflict of Interests

"The fact is, this is about identifying what we do most of best,
and finding fewer ways of doing more of it less."
Anna Rampton, Director of Better, BBC

  I've spent all morning so far, pretty much all day yesterday, as well as Thursday (my day off), not doing what I'd planned to do except for when I sat down to do it but then didn't.

  Last night, I came to the realisation that I'm not doing the things I planned to do because there are more things we want to do than personalities and bodies available to do them. It also doesn't help that the things I planned to do aren't necessarily the things we want to do.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Adventures in Star Trek Scribbling

  Remember those Star Trek: Voyages That Never Were posts I used to occasionally churn out?  Well, if you don't, you can just click the link and take a look.  But, if you can't be bothered with all that clicking and reading and sighing about my Star Trek fetish, or just don't want to relive the horror again (or, maybe you do actually remember?), just skim over this post then nod and smile when you get to the end.
  Anyway, someone liked what I'd shown in those posts enough - well, they liked the alternate Original Series Movie rank insignia that I designed, rough sketches of which can be seen in the first ST: Voyages That Never Were post linked to up there, and then later attempts in the most recent ST: VTNW post a year and a half ago - to render them into 3D computer generated models (just look at the beautiful job they've done with my lieutenant commander insignia in the teaser image).

  Before we get to the redesigns, I'd better show you the originals, as designed by Robert Fletcher for the Star Trek original series movies:

Commanders Chekov and Uhura looking perturbed at the Star Trekkyness of this post...

  So, below are my alternate takes:

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Earworms & Bookworms

  Mago's recent book post reminded me that I haven't published one since yesterday March!  Not that I've read that many books over the last three months - well, not many that you'd be interested in, probably...
  Anyway, before we get to the books, here's Strawberry Switchblade with "Since Yesterday" (because it was an earworm of mine when I first started constructing this post months ago):

  And, here are the books.  It's all a bit Star Trekky from 16 onwards, though...

11. The Lives of Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), edited by Marco Palmieri (1999)
      I last read this back in 2010, it seems.

12. Martian Time-Slip, by Philip K. Dick (1964)

13. Dirty Beasts, by Roald Dahl & Rosemary Fawcett (1983)
      One of the books I had as a child found languishing in a box at Inexcuseable's house...

14. Hocus Pocus Diplodocus, by Tom Stanier (1980)
      Along with Dirty Beasts was this book - millions of years of evolution on Earth
      condensed into 32 pages of rhyming poems for kids (with some pretty amusing
      pictures, too).

15. Orlando, by Virginia Woolf Rendezvous With Rama, by Arthur C. Clarke (1973)
      I quickly got bored of Orlando, so I moved on to 'Rama.

16. Shield of the Gods (Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations),
      by Christopher L. Bennett (2017)

17. Enigma Tales (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), by Una McCormack (2017)

18. Jaws, by Peter Benchley (1974)

19. Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference (Star Trek: Enterprise),
      by Christopher L. Bennett (2017)

20. Gamma: Original Sin (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), by David R. George III (2017)

  I'll leave you with the sublime "Pilots" by Goldfrapp - another earworm:


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Not the Gardens of Château DeVice

 Much as I'd love to submit these photos to The Very Mistress for her annual Garden Photos Event, sadly they are not from Château DeVice's extensive tiny grounds.  
 Yesterday saw a trip to Norwich to drop Indescribable off for some course she's undertaking (she couldn't drive herself as her car was being M.O.T.ed), so I had a few hours to kill while waiting for her to finish.  And what better venue could I have chosen to obliterate those hours (not to mention my bank balance) than at the Urban Jungle?!   

A beautiful Datura

Datura something-or-other, Canary Island Foxglove (Digitalis canariensis), and something that I didn't get the name of

I love this broken pot planted with ferns - I'm not going to chuck out broken or frost damaged pots anymore.

Friday, September 29, 2017

What Would You Name Yours?

  What would you name your beach hut, that is?

  The following are some beach huts of note from Overstrand promenade.  They're not all named, but either the name or the design of each of these caught my eye. 

One for Mistress Maddie (as teased in the last post)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Taste of Things to Come...

... or "How to ensnare a Mistress Maddie".

I'll publish the actual post once I've sorted out the photos.  Probably at the weekend.  Probably...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Grasping at straws...

... or, pencil crayons, even.

Ooh! Shiny!  Just call me "Magpie"
  One might suspect that as I've been absent from the blog for a week, I would have been very busy doing very busy and important things?  Oh, the important busyness I could have been doing!
  Sadly, I haven't been importantly busy, or even busily important. No, I've been tasked with the taking-to and collecting-from school of The Little Witch all week.  And then keeping her entertained for a couple of hours until Indescribable comes to collect her after work.  This is what happens when I make it known that I have a couple of weeks off work.  You'd think I'd've learned by now...
  In between the taking-to and collecting-from school, I have been doing load after load of their washing (as well as all my own chores, and those of The Parents', too).  In fact, having done a couple of loads yesterday, I had thought that I'd have today to myself as Indescribable (and her spawn) couldn't possibly have generated another machine-load of washing so soon.  How wrong I was.  I made myself a cup of coffee and took a piece of cake from the tin (half of which was devoured by Indescribable and The Little Witch yesterday), then sat down in front of the Demon Box and opened up the blog.  And guess who turned up on the doorstep?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Overcast in Overstrand

 Another long photo post, but this one doesn't have music!  Oh, how I spoil you.

 The first six photos are from a brief perambulation along the promenade on 10th September - an overcast, yet calm day that had me thinking my first thoughts about how Autumnal the end of Summer is getting.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Where The Moon Hides Her Tears

  I seem to remember threatening you all with the view from Chateau DeVice's smallest room not too long ago?  Well, here for your delectation (or horror) is the view from the 5th August:
I can't believe it was that long ago? Where has the month gone?

That's not a mountain range swathed in clouds in the background - just clouds!
Although, there is a very small hill behind and to the right of the tree on the right...


  So. Where does the Moon hide her tears, you may be asking?  Well, inspired by the immortal words of Erasure from their 1994 album I Say, I Say I Say: "On until sunrise, where the Moon hides her tears" (from the song "All Through The Years"), here:

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Strictly: You're My Favourite

  Strictly Come Dancing is back!

  Now starting its fifteenth series, the Strictly Come Dancing launch show aired yesterday evening, kicking off a glittering & sequinned Autumn full of Latin and Ballroom dancing that will see us through until Christmas.  Good job I don't have a social life as it's Saturday nights in front of the telly from here on in!
No change there then...
  Fifteen celebrities of varying levels of fame and recognition, and from a range of backgrounds, have been paired up with professional dancers to compete for the Glitterball Trophy.  I'd only heard of about half of the celebs (much like with previous series), but it doesn't really matter much to me as I'd happily watch Strictly even if "civilians" were competing rather than celebs.  However, three celebs caught my eye during the launch show: Simon Rimmer (chef), who I enjoyed watching on Something for the Weekend; Gemma Atkinson (actress/model), who I was vaguely aware of but now love because she said her mum describes her as a "baby elephant" when she comes downstairs; and Davood Ghadami (actor), who I'd never heard of (he's in EastEnders, which I absolutely do not watch - too miserable and depressing) is ridiculously handsome, and also has a killer bod!
Davood auditioning for my Hallowe'en Spectacular!

  As the dearly departed Sir Bruce Forsyth was fond of saying "You're my favourite."


  In other televisual news, The Expanse is also back on Netflix.  The second season is primed and ready to go when I've finished re-watching Being Human.  Then I'm going to re-watch Jessica Jones (having recently binge-watched Marvel's Defenders) hopefully before Star Trek: Discovery airs near the end of September.

  What have you all been watching, and is there anything coming up that you're really looking forward to (something new, or a returning show)?


  I started constructing this post early this morning, but Chateau DeVice was invaded by both siblings and their families - one after the other - which prevented me from finishing it until now!