Monday, 29 May 2023

Time for Cloverfield...

 ... Just not the one with the gigantic, people-squashing, city-destroying, monster.

I am extremely pleased with how this sun-behind-a-dandelion-clock photo came out.  Extremely.

The clover field in question

Which, thankfully, was "ready for it's close-up, Mr Device"

Saturday, 27 May 2023

Lost in the Sunshine

Thank you for sharing your latest tune, Sophie.
And how apt is its title for this sunny Bank Holiday weekend?!

 We thought we'd get in quick before the flurry of blog activity that is bound to occur on Sunday.  After Mago's startling Sunday Music on a Saturday he returned to the normal Sunday showing last week, so I expect more of the same tomorrow.  Ms Scarlet has all but promised to publish something tomorrow too (it was too misty to do so on Wednesday, apparently).  And what if Mr Peenee and Dinah make another appearance?? 
 And then, of course, there are the blogging stalwarts who show up every day come rain or shine (except when they're on holiday - remember to fill in the Holiday Rota!): Jon, Mistress Maddie, and Mr Tonking.

 Anyway, in the absence of anything more interesting, may I present the photos of Bertie Bitey on the beach (which I didn't get around to last week), my Little Red Bush, and something from this morning.
20th May
It Came From the Sea!

Saturday, 20 May 2023

It's not all blue skies...

 Eeek!  It's been a week since my last post, so to stave off the non-blogging inertia, here are a load of photos that I've taken so far this month.  Oh, and some new Kylie to listen to as you wade through them:

7th May

My Gin Time corner (with a disappearing interferer)

The rest of the shady Gin Time corner

Saturday, 13 May 2023

Breaking the Circle

 Enough moping around and using "all" (see previous post for barely any explanation whatsoever) as an excuse for not blogging.  I am determined to, if not make a grand return, then at least dip our toes back in and go from there.  I must admit, we have almost returned several times, but something always cropped up that was an easy target to use as an excuse for not returning.  And if we leave it much longer, everything that we've missed will become too overwhelming, and we'll never come back.
 Anyway, yesterday evening while having tea (the late afternoon meal, not the hot drink) I took to my bookmarks and selected a blog I hadn't looked at in ages: Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, "a blog about the science, art, and pop culture of Mesozoic life" that I find to be witty and educational, plus it contains dinosaurs!  After reading a couple of the recent posts, I slowly scrolled down to see if something would catch my eye, and something did.  I recognised a photo of a family of Triceratops ambling past Dippy's Pizza & Fries and clicked the 'continue reading' thingy.  
Nieces about to be gobbled up like Children McNuggets
 My suspicion was confirmed: The photo was taken at ROARR! the dinosaur park right here in Norfolk that I ended up at for my nephew's birthday back in August 2019, so I read - and very much enjoyed - the article.  So much so, in fact, that I was moved to leave a comment.  And it was then that I remembered I had featured some photos of the park right here on this very blog that I could link to!  So, I found the requisite post - and very quickly became subsumed in our back catalogue of adventures Over the Cusp...

Sunday, 23 April 2023

The Blob! (and other Unusual Suspects at Pensthorpe)

 In an effort to get away from it all*, me and my sister Inexcuseable took a trip to Penisthorpe (as she likes to call it - and so now does her son, Count Podgekinson, 5!) yesterday.
 After an underwhelming welcome from a handful of ducks, geese, and a few black headed gulls, we headed out into the reserve.  Much to our surprise/digust/horror, one of the first things we came across was an iridescent alien egg sack (which we later discovered was only a slime mould, Enteridium lycoperdon - the false puffball).

Well, of course we poked it (those are Inexcuseable's fingers, not mine)

Newly hatched ducklings

Saturday, 8 April 2023

The Infomaniac Garden Photos Event 2023 Primer

The House of
Garden Photos Event 2023
 Hello, and welcome to this, the primer for this year's Infomaniac Garden Photos Event! 

 As all the regulars and old hats will already know, the GPE was brought into being by the Infomaniac herself, The Very Mistress, for all of us Blogorati to show off our green (and sometimes brown) fingered/thumbed skills, whether it's one or two photos showcasing a prized specimen, or a whole slew of snaps covering EVERYTHING that you've nurtured and prodded into growth throughout the year.  
My latest purchase: Chocolate vine (Akebia quinata)
 And this year is no different.  As with recent GPEs, this year's will be held in November, so you have months and months and months to capture images of your luxurient growth (if you haven't already started), whether it be in your garden, courtyard, balcony, windowbox, terrarium, or dining table vase.  If there's not much of note going on in your garden right now, and you are prone to forgetfulness - I'm not going to pick out Savvy this year as she defied expectations and got in reasonably early last year - I shall be issuing reminders throughout the yea-
Nagging and haranguing, more like.
Quiet you!

Sunday, 26 March 2023

The Sky and the Moon

 Just a reminder for The Nature-led Life's March photo submission request: The Sky and the Moon - as hosted by the delightful Melanie.

 I've emailed my photos in, but narrowing down the many, MANY photos I have of the sky and the Moon was rather harrowing, so I thought I'd create a post out of some of those that I didn't submit.

25 January 2018 : Pre-dawn
[Featured in No Moon At All]

Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Art Trek: The Andorian with the Rubber Ducky Room Tattoo

 Well, it's Tuesday, and fortunately someone did make a delivery to the Rubber Ducky Room which means I was able to escape from there to bring you this: a double helping of Star Trek fan art!   Unfortunately, I don't know who it was that left the door open while they stacked the tractor beam emitters, or nurses, or photon torpedoes, or whatever it was they'd delivered, so I don't know who it is you can thank for enabling this glut of self indulgence gallery of fine art?
[It all happens on Tuesdays]

 Before we get to the Rubber Ducky Room nonsense, we need to make a quick return to February when I eventually managed to drag myself away from my Rutherford action figures and make a start on that month's art challenge: "I like the Old Stuff better than the New Stuff" (art based on 20th century Trek).   
 I returned to an idea I had for January 2018's "Your favourite Trek moment" challenge, and which has been languishing in my files since then.  I'd got as far as selecting some screen caps from ST III: The Search For Spock (my favourite ST film!) and making a very quick sketch of how I wanted to put them together, but that's it.  I'd named it Uhura: Queen of Starfleet!
Speaking of favourite trek moments, here's some music from one of mine to accompany
your tutting, sighing, and scrolling: "Stealing the Enterprise" from ST:III, of course!

 Anyway, I chose some more screen caps (from TrekCore and Cygnus-X1), resized them, roughly "cut them out" in MSPaint, and slapped them all together in order to create a poster featuring my favourite scenes, characters, and props:
Clockwise from the top: Earth Spacedock, Commander Nyota Uhura, Vulcan guard and maidens, Spock (age 17), Lieutenant Saavik, Doctor David Marcus, Spock's and Saavik's hands doing the pon farr finger thingy, Grissom comms officer, Commander Janice Rand, USS Grissom, Valkris, and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey coming in to land near Mount Seleya on Vulcan in the centre.

Thursday, 16 March 2023

Help! I'm trapped in the Rubber Ducky Room!

And there's not a tin foil hat, nor baking parchment Sou'wester to be seen!

Sunday, 26 February 2023

"... the gossip, and a Bertie update!"

 As Jon asked so nicely demanded, here is the gossip, and a Bitey Bertie update.
 Bertie first: He is willful, stubborn, hates being told off, bitey (still, but he's started to lose his baby teeth, so hopefully he'll be less bitey soon), and a right little aggravator.  However, he's lovely when he's asleep!
 I took him down to the beach earlier, and here are some photos that document his mischieviousness:

Here he is looking guilty after causing a mud slide with an enormous fart - you can see how the force of the trump has blown all those reeds over behind him.
(Really though, this cliff slump happened as we were walking by, although Bertie was oblivious.  A larger version from 2019 can be seen here.)

Sunday, 12 February 2023

Art Trek: Cybernetic implant set to SEXY MODE

 It's not a toilet seat!  It's a folded up robe, albeit with a collar that looks a lot like a toilet seat depending on one's frame of mind...
 Anyway, enough from the depths beyond the U-bend of Mago's subconscious, what I want to do is publish an explanatory post complete with screenshots and lines from the various episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks that inspired the following artistic lascivious dalliances with my current infatuation and muse, Ensign Sam Rutherford.
 But, as I said over at The Very Mistress's place in answer to her question about how the year is going for her faithful bitches, today* has been "filled with far too many irritants and annoyances already, and I can't seem to get anything done."  So, there's precious little explanation, just some pervy Rutherford 'art' which probably won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't watched Lower Decks eleventy-billion times...

* The "today" in question was actually last Sunday, 5th Feb.
This past week didn't get much better - I'm only publishing this so that you know I'm still alive.

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Please Hold...

 Remember that scene in Jaws 2 in which Chief Brody is trying to convince Mayor Vaughn and the rest of the town council that the photograph retrieved from the missing divers' camera is of a shark?  Well, I've been dealing with a (not very) similar situation - as you can see from the image above - which is why I haven't been around much lately (although I have been visiting your blogs when I can).  More on that in a bit.
 To be honest, what with the above and other matters, it'll probably be a little while longer before I'm back to my semi-(ir)regular posting and commenting.  So, in the meantime, here's some 'hold music':

"Mysterious Times" - Sash! feat. Tina Cousins