Thursday, 9 January 2020

Did I Win Yet? Grand Quiz Results

 It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Well, the moment that a handful of you might have been idly speculating about...
 Yes, for the nearly five* of you who asked "Did I win yet?" it's time to reveal who actually did win the Dinahmow-sponsored Did I Win Yet? Grand Quiz held in honour of "A Friend", LẌ.

 First, let's have a look at the questions, and the answers as provided by the select Blogorati who could be bothered to enter:

1. We all know that LẌ was Chief Pillow Fluffer for The Very Mistress over at Infomaniac, but what other official service did he provide?
  • Personal IT Consultant to The Mistress. (Oooh, this quiz is easy)
  • IT services
  • Mr von LAX is the Official I.T. Specialist of The Mistress
  • LX served as the Mistress's body double in her ill-advised attempt at geriatric porn
The official service, of course, is:  Personal IT Consultant to The Mistress, although I will accept variations on that theme - i.e. those other two answers.  
I don't think LẌ's body-double services were ever "official"...

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Have You Won Yet?

 For those of you who have not yet had time - and/or maybe not the inclination, either - to wade through the end-of-year Coven Awards (Ancient Groyne edition), may we present a reminder of the penultimate "The Did I Win Yet?" Award Which Is Masquerading As A Quiz!
 This award was proposed and sponsored by Dinahmow [and heartily seconded by Ms Scarlet and thirded by The Very Mistress] in honour of our friend of the ïmpössïblë ümläüt, LẌ.  However, due to Ms Scarlet's overexcitement for what was then a non-existent quiz, I reimagined the "Did I Win Yet?" Award into a quiz in order to kill two birds with one stone.  This Grand Quiz has taken the form of questions related to the aforementioned LẌ and the content of this end-of-year Ancient Groyne Extravaganza, so I hope you've been paying attention.

  1. We all know that LẌ was Chief Pillow Fluffer for The Very Mistress over at Infomaniac, but what other official service did he provide?
  2. What is the title of LẌ's unofficial and unauthorised biography which featured in this very blog earlier in the year?
  3. Who got LẌ to ask all those awkward questions (and did all his ageing for him since taking on his birthdays)?
  4. Which comic strip couple were the inspiration (and basis) for my Not The Art of Star Trek entry, Disco 78?
  5. Which two Blogorati appeared first in our adventure over the Cusp this year?  And for a bonus point, what method of transport did they transmogrify the TARDIS-a-like HVMS Infomaniac into?
  6. Which member of the Blogorati introduced me/us to 2Cellos?
  7. Who was Aljaž Skorjanec's dance partner on this year's Strictly Come Dancing, and which side of him should she be on?
  8. Where did "Canable Man" feature?  (And how should it be spelled?)
  9. Which month featured a "load of seamen" clogging up the rigging?
  10. What does The Very Mistress claim is NOT a competition?
  11. What's my favourite cake?
  12. How many acres of block paving make up Mogs Mill?
  13. Before the wind changed enabling LẌ to use a hot air balloon, what had he asked Ms Scarlet, Beast, Mago, and The Very Mistress to steal for him to fly home on?
(There was going to be a maths question along the lines of "What percentage of Mago's Sunday Musics actually occurred on a Sunday?" but I don't know if my maths is up to getting the right answer?  Perhaps it can be used as a tie-breaker question should the need arise...)

 You can leave your answers to the thirteen questions in the comments, or email them to me if you don't want anyone to peek - my blog email address is in my profile (but if you're one of the few who have my personal email, then please use that).  You have until Wednesday 8th January to submit your answers (although, if anyone needs a little more time, just let me know).
 By the way, I've already had more than one(!) set of answers - one of which scoring over eight points!

 The winner shall have the honour and responsibility of hosting the next Did I Win Yet? Quiz/Award as and when they see fit.  It doesn't have to be tacked onto a massive post like I did with the Coven Awards, or even held at the end of the year.  In fact, I'm not quite sure if it even has to include questions about LẌ (I think it just needs to be a quiz/award in his honour)?  I'll let the very gracious Lady Dinah - for it was she wot came up with the idea - have at it with the rules/suggestions/guidance in the comments (if she can be arsed, that is)...

* You may have to click on a few of the pictures to embiggen them, though.

 Right.  That's that out of the way.  Let's look at some New Year photos.  The first two are from New Year's Day, and the remaining four are from Friday 3rd January.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

The Year of the Ancient Groyne Coven Awards

 Good evening, and welcome to the 2019 Coven Awards, with me, your host - but not The Host - Inexplicable DeVice.
 And me, your other host, and Witchface's actual Host.
And us, the oft ignored- 
And unfairly maligned! 
Yes.  Exactly.  Yes.  And us, the unfairly maligned SubConsciousnesses.
 A bit like the title image up there, what little we can remember of 2019 pokes above the surface of muddled confusion, only to be slowly subsumed by the tides of disremembrance.
 So, before it all drowns under the tides of forgetfulness, here are the bits we can remember - i.e.this year's Coven Awards!
Cor, that was a bit purple, wasn't it?
I'll say.  Hey!  We haven't argued yet!
Don't worry, this thing has only just cranked into being.  We've got plenty of time for squabbling.

 Before we begin proper, I would just like to bring your attention to a slight change with some of the awards: Like great ships being launched, some of these increasingly bizarre awards have been sponsored by Ladies of Significant Note (and other creatures) in Blogorati Circles, so watch out for airborne alcohol (what a waste) and flying glass.  Oh, and there's a quiz at the end, so pay attention!
 Hang on a minute.  Remember what I said last year: "And what about the Weirdest Crush, and Most Mesmerising Monster awards?  Not to mention Peenee's Muscle Pussy and those Corgi's that Norma lets shit everywhere."?
 Calm down.  They're all included in some fashion somewhere along the line.  I think...
 Spendid.  On with the show!  Oh, and strap yourselves in as it's going to be a long and bumpy ride...

January: 2019 began with fireworks, and a rediscovery of airborne whales; He of the impossible umlaut was less than flattered by the publication of an unauthorised and unofficial biography; we took our first walk on the beach of the year, and the end of the month saw us in the bloody Midlands(!) which was only saved by a visit to Chatsworth.

February: My take on the #NotADecadeAgo meme lacklustrely launched February.  Two weeks later saw the first of the year's Star Trek fan art posts, followed by some bathroom spying, and getting the keys to my very own gingerbread house!

March: Not much going on here, except: Corduroy covered tubular steel - you'll be green with envy!  A catch-up of things I didn't blog about, and an introduction to Hexenhäusli deVice, aka the DeVice Mansion.

 Thank you for the reminder of the first quarter of the year here, Witchface.  Now, here are the first few awards:
Crikey!  This is all very cordial.
I'm sure it won't last... 

I made some delightful and diverse discoveries this year,
from books - Witch Hat Atelier and
Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue
to TV - Fringe and Steven Universe
and Men: of Muscles - Loponder7;
& Allotments - Rob's Allotment;
 & Music - 2Cellos (thanks Jon).

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Pre-Christmas Shag

 You know it's going to be a Wonderful Winterval when you get a pre-Christmas shag!

 Shags for everyone!!

 OK.  So its a Cormorant...

The pre-Christmas shag seems an awfully long way off.  Cormorant, I mean.  Le sigh...

Vos Endurance (because Vos Gorgeous is still living it up near Trinidad & Tobago)

Thursday, 19 December 2019

A Dislocated Groyne and Other Issues

 Before we get to the dislocated groyne, I feel I must explain my protracted absence: I have been revelling in how my 'Ms Scarlet Approach to Blogging' has freed up loads of time for other things.  However, it has backfired somewhat in that I've had so much spare time that I haven't known what to do with it all.  Consequently, the "I'll just watch one episode of Steven Universe before I Get On With Things" turned into a massive binge-watch then, before I knew it, it's suddenly tea time and nothing's been done!  Every day!!
 So now I'm in a bit of a flap about:
  • Jack Frost Winterval jumper - Why haven't I made it yet?!?
  • Christmas cards - as in: I haven't bought/made any, never mind sent the non-existent things
  • My next blog post* (now that it's so close to the end of the year, this could be the Coven Awards or the Panto?) and catching up with you, the marvellous Blogorati.
  • The Blogorati Christmas Panto.  I haven't seen hide-nor-hair of a script; the minuscule budget has been used to stock up on chocolate & sour cherry crumble mince pies (by Heston [Blumenthal, not Charlton], fom Waitrose); and the casting couch is covered in a thick layer of dust, so clearly hasn't been used (which is probably a good thing, actually...).
  • The Coven Awards.  Eeeeek!
  • The export from Norfolk of sea trash to Devon - Should it be the filling of a corrugated cardboard sandwich (with bubblewrap spread)?
  • Sundogs.
  • Witchface.  The silly old witch has buggered off and left me to sort all this stuff out on my own!

* False alarm.  My next post turned out to be this one.


 Anyway, back to the dislocated groyne (which may or may not be responsible for the lack of pre-Christmas shags. Sorry, Jon) in these photos from 7th December:

First, a look beyond the End-of-the-Line.
Hiding near the foot of the cliffs and in the glare of the sun, is the dislocated groyne

Saturday, 30 November 2019

The Ms Scarlet Approach

 OK.  So "another few days" turned into almost three weeks.  And I'm not going to apologise for our absence again as it appears that you've been getting along perfectly well without us.
Hooray!  We don't have to blog that often anymore!
"Hooray"?  You lazy little git.
Oh, shush.  You're just miffed because nobody missed you.
 Actually, I rather like this less regular 'Ms Scarlet Approach to Blogging' as it frees up time for other things.
Mainly watching telly...
Do Netflix and BBC iPlayer count as telly?
 Creative things, actually!  Although, the fact that I haven't actually created anything of note yet is neither here nor there...
Oh, get on with it!
 Right.  Yes.  Getting on with it.  Here are some photos from this morning's perambulation along the promenade to be going along with:

The view east from the Coast Road-end slipway

White Horses

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sleeping With the Enemy

  Oof!  Here I am!

  Apologies for taking off without leaving a note.  I thought I had, but by the time I realised I hadn't it was too late to go back in time to ensure that I had because there isn't one now.  And there would be one if there had been time.  Which there wasn't, otherwise I wouldn't be telling you this.

  Anyway...  Back to the post at hand.

  Despite what the title implies-
I think the Host came up with it?
  Don't look at me!
Well, your irritating little SubC, then.
How very dare y-  Oh.  Actually, it was me.

  Anyway...  Despite what the title implies - whoever came up with it - I was not sleeping with the enemy.  I was sleeping with the Monster Under the Bed.*  Well, not in that sense - I was on top. 
  Which makes it sound like I was sleeping with it in that way.  I wasn't.  By "on top" I mean I was on the bed, while the monster was under it, as is traditional in these matters.
  Anyway, its gone now.  I managed to get it on the NightShip a couple of evenings ago.  I've been clearing up the drool and half-eaten carcasses from under my bed ever since, which is partly why I haven't been around lately.

The Monster Under the Bed
Awwww... Just look at its cute little chitinous claws, and those adorable, puppy-dog-eating eyes!


  Plus, I have been caught in a downpour of ideas, so it may be another a few days before I shake them all off and pin them down.  They're mostly Star Trek ideas, so nothing you'd be interested in, I'm sure.
  Although, there is that Panto to see to...

* A refugee from Hallowe'en...

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Shags, Knobs, and Groynes

 It's a good job I renewed my subscription to wwwWOW!'s blogorati calendar, as it tells me that it's Dinahmow's birthday today!  Happy birthday, Dinah!

 Oh, and it'll be Mistress Maddie's in a couple of days, then only a week until All Hallows Eve...

Saturday, 19 October 2019

"But Where Are The Knockers?"

 Where indeed, Ms Scarlet?  While there may not be any knockers, amongst this slog of photos from the beach (yes, I was down there again on Thursday - as well as this morning!), there are some ships, cormorants, evolving galaxies, and lashings of sea glass.

 Oh, and that stone spiral mutation on the right, there.

Right.  First up, Thursday's photos - starting with this tired/grumpy (I can't decide which) little turnstone (Arenaria interpres).

Sunday, 13 October 2019


 You probably won't be surprised to learn that I ended up down on the beach again yesterday, mucking about with pebbles and the like.  On the right, there, is my latest creation, "Galaxy".
Poncey, eh?
 Quiet, you!
 Anyway, two days is all it took to scatter my previous spirals, so I put them back together in different configurations, then collected some orange/tan pebbles, and some worn amd broken roof tiles, and created Galaxy and a Tower of Tiles.

Scattered spirals

Tower of Tiles

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Penetration of Plunge Pools and Other Key Holes

 In the comments of the previous post, on Thursday I said to Dinahmow that I was going down to the beach again, and these are the photos I took while I was down there.

 It was a really nice, bright, sunny morning - relatively warm when sheltered from the cool breeze - so I spent far more time down there than I intended.  And, because it was low tide, I ventured beyond the End-of-the-Line!

Canyons and river valleys in miniature!

Here's an old groyne penetrating someone's plunge pool (not The Very Mistress's this time)

Sunday, 6 October 2019

End-of-the-Line Updates #2.5, #3 & #4 (with a touch of Glamour)

 I thought it was about time we had another End-of-the-Line update, considering that the last one was nearly two months ago (plus, this will get rid of another draft post that's been languishing since 18th August).  Aside from the rapidly disappearing End-of-the-Line, the local geography/geology seems to be getting back to normal thanks to the high tides and rough seas scouring away the fallen cliff detritus.

 This is a photo-heavy post so, like the last one, I'm not going to be doing much talking.

From 10th August: