Thursday, April 19, 2018

Even Aliens Need Holidays

 At long last, the fog has lifted and the sun's come out.  And on my day off, too!
Making the most of the sunshine and soaring temperatures - at least 20°C, and set to get hotter - I wandered along to the cliff top here in Overstrand with my sister, Inexcuseable, earlier this morning.

 I took a few photos to mark this auspicious occasion, but when I got back to Château DeVice to sort them out, I discovered this:

 Yes.  A UFO!  Aliens are visiting Overstrand for their holidays.  Possibly...

 I wonder if they saw me taking photos of the stars behind Château DeVice last night?  

From left to right: Auriga, Perseus, and Cassiopeia.  The big glow in the bottom left corner is the Moon.

 I've yet to sort out last night's star photos, so I'll pop another post up featuring them another time.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Time For Change? Just Don't Forget The Past

 With many bloggers having a Spring Clean and updating their blogs with new, fresh designs and ideas (I am thinking about it myselves), it is important to remember where we came from, what we've accomplished along the way, and what didn't quite go according to plan so we can learn from our little mistakes in an effort not to repeat them ad nauseum.
 So, from the archives of certain bloggers, I have gathered a small collection of incriminating fascinating photos just in case they get "deleted" in their respective Spring Cleans...

LẌ looking glum in his homemade Ren Faire costume after being lumbered with Herr Mago's do-it-yourself Sunday Music paraphernalia

And here's Herr Mago himself!  Doesn't he look thrilled to be Princess's personal knicker elastic tester?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Foggy un oeuf?

  Another day of murk and moistness. Still, it didn't stop me from popping out for some fresh air.
  I ended up on the beach, as usual, but there wasn't a lot to see except for mist-swathed groynes and a multitude of egg cases.  And if I have to see them, then so do you!

[The dewy orb web on the right is from the window of Château DeVice]


Saturday, April 07, 2018

Narwhal in a Spacesuit

  Having been besieged* with requests for a whale in a spacesuit, may I present:

an Inexplicable DeVice production

in association with Starfleet Cetacean Operations

and Quilted Shoulder Pads Inc.

  (Oh, OK, we'll stop now.  The whale is right at the end, so you're going to have to scroll through two or three sketches to get to it.  I'm not sorry)

  First, here is my take on an alternate timeline/universe version of the Starfleet uniform that was used from 2373 onwards (in Deep Space 9 and the Next Generation movies).  This was my entry for the February Art Challenge - "Alternative Trek":

  The uniforms are an unlikely combination of the 2260s Romulan Star Empire service uniform, the 2270s-2290s Starfleet "Monster Maroons", and the 2370s Starfleet standard duty uniform. The rank insignia are my own design as exquisitely modelled by @Scribble
  They came about in a universe in which Torias Dax didn't die in the Infinity transwarp test shuttle accident (because transwarp worked - not the space salamander version, just a significantly faster & more efficient warp drive) and the Romulans ended up joining the Federation (just in time to save it from a massive Borg incursion - but that's another story).
  Romulan models, T'Cael and Ry'iak are named after characters featured in Final Frontier by Diane Carey. You may notice that T'Cael's right hand is in a very awkward position for his fingers to be where they are on Ry'iak's hand. I'm wondering what he did for Ry'iak to hold him so uncomfortably?

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Making Waves

  I indicated to Ms Scarlet that this post would feature the narwhal in a spacesuit that I mentioned having drawn (over at hers).  However, that plan has been scuppered (temporarily) after I "accidentally" went down to the seafront this morning with Camera.
  After the rain had cleared up and the sun had come out, of course.  The wind was still in full effect, though perhaps not to the same degree that Dinahmow may be experiencing (she was expecting a cyclone to touch down yesterday...).  

  Still, it was quite bracing.

As I was walking down the slope, I noticed people on the prom, so I headed East down the cliff instead.  But not before getting these three shots

Person in front of retaining wall: "Yaaaargh!  Run away!"

Person on wall: "Oh, crap.  I'm going to get wet, aren't I?"

Monday, April 02, 2018

Heavenly Action

  There was supposed to be a point to all this, but I can't really remember what it is now as it's been more than 24 hours since I started putting it all together.  Something to do with death and an afterlife, I think?
  Anyway, while I'm working on my next Star Trek themed post (ha!), here are the rest of the photos from Friday which do include death (mainly for Hound), and some heavenly skies. Oh, and Erasure's second UK single from which the title of this post is taken. 

It could almost be Summer, couldn't it?

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Return to Shark Mountain: The Return!

  As Friday looked set to be quite a nice day, I took to the beach again. 
And took far too many photos of loads of things you've all seen before!
Which will be inflicted upon you if you scroll through this post.
  The SubCs are right, you know.  You've only got yourselves to blame for continuing.
It's got to be better than all that Star Trek stuff in the previous post, though.

Aside from the beach huts, the cliffs at the bottom of the promenade slope look quite dramatic

Recent storms and rough seas have scoured a lot of the sand away, leaving rubble and exposed groynes

Friday, March 30, 2018

It's A Faaaake! Not The Art Of Star Trek - Murder On The Dancefloor

  As far as observing The Very Mistress's "Less Star Trek" for 2018 suggestion goes, I think I'm doing pretty well, as this is only the second dedicated Star Trek post of the year.  Plus, it's barely even Star Trek - It's more Transformers with some music thrown in.
  So, on with the show.  Here is the Trek BBS March Art Challenge as set by the winner* of the February challenge:

I know you are excited! This is the new challenge for March 2018.
@Cyfa suggested this amazing and totally rockin' art-challenge;
TREKFORMERS!!... (no, not former trekkers)... TREKFORMERS!!

You can take anything or anyone in the trek-universe, and create a Transformer.
From transforming trek-tech like a shuttle pod to a robot
or a captain's chair and back again (what a job, even for a robot)
A Worf-transforming Transformer.... anything.

Any media are good to go, except maby writing poems
But you can draw, photomanip, paint, 3D, sculpt, animate,
or actually build a transformer in star trek style... that would be very impressive!!
So run to your garages and start building, or just draw something.

Good luck, the challenge closes in 21 days.

  Here we go:

  I started off by jotting my first (and only) idea down: A transforming starship.  In this case, two Transformer siblings who combine into an Oberth-class starship - the brother transforms into the primary hull and nacelles assembly, while the sister transforms into the secondary hull/sensor pod thingy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Seal of Approval

  Hound was disappointed with the last post's lack of corpses.  Well hopefully this one will satisfy him.

 And, no, before high horses are got on, I didn't go seal clubbing - this young lady (at least, I think its a lady?) was perfectly well and alive, warming herself in the sunshine.

  She didn't seem that bothered about me.  I sat down about 3-4 metres away and we had a little chat, then I got up and continued my walk.  She was still there when I walked back, the lazy cow.

  If you want to see death, just scroll down past the seal photos.

Overstrand beach is not known for seals (except the ones that give me a poke while I swim)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Return to Shark Mountain

The Vos Gorgeous looking, um... gorgeous?
 I don't know about the rest of the country (Ms Scarlet? Jon? Hound? Mitzi?), but North Norfolk has continued to enjoy normal weather for the time of year since that dratted snow departed at the beginning of the month.  With an unexpected, but welcome, lull in duties, obligations, and chores, I took to the beach on Sunday afternoon and came back with the following photos:

Looking West - back the way I came - to Overstrand Beach

And looking East to Sidestrand Beach

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Not Beaky. Mostly...

 I know it's only been ten days since Beaky was last inflicted upon you - and some of you may still not be over the shock of seeing Beaky brazenly bathing, baring all - but, apart from the headline photo, all the rest are Beaky-free.
 Well, except for one as I couldn't resist humiliating the strident little pest!

 The following photos were taken this morning:

A male chaffinch pecking up scraps

A greenfinch.  It's good to see a greenfinch as, last year, most of them around here suffered from some sort of disease that killed them off.  There were sad little greenfinch corpses all over the place.

Friday, March 23, 2018

12,000 Years of The House of Infomaniac

Continued from Still Twitching
Which followed on from It's That Time of Year...
Which was itself continued, sort of, from In Space, No One Can Hear You Peep

 After everyone had recovered from The Very Mistress's dramatic debut - and downed copious amounts of alcohol - they staggered from the veranda to the courtyard.
 "Well?" The Very Mistress asked, gazing upon the spacious and quite empty area. "Where is it?"
 "Ummm... Someone" L said giving Mago the side-eye, "switched on the cloaking device, and now we can't find the button to turn it off, so you'll have to make do with these design sketches instead."
 The Very Mistress snatched the papers from LẌ.
 "What is this?  What is it?" she asked.
 "You've got it upside down" IDV pointed out.
 "Flaming uterus class?" Her face reddening in rage, The Very Mistress 'asked' again: "Flaming Uterus class?!?"  Thunder clouds began to gather overhead.

Her Very Mistress's Starship Infomaniac (Flaming Uterus-class)