Saturday 30 November 2019

The Ms Scarlet Approach

 OK.  So "another few days" turned into almost three weeks.  And I'm not going to apologise for our absence again as it appears that you've been getting along perfectly well without us.
Hooray!  We don't have to blog that often anymore!
"Hooray"?  You lazy little git.
Oh, shush.  You're just miffed because nobody missed you.
 Actually, I rather like this less regular 'Ms Scarlet Approach to Blogging' as it frees up time for other things.
Mainly watching telly...
Do Netflix and BBC iPlayer count as telly?
 Creative things, actually!  Although, the fact that I haven't actually created anything of note yet is neither here nor there...
Oh, get on with it!
 Right.  Yes.  Getting on with it.  Here are some photos from this morning's perambulation along the promenade to be going along with:

The view east from the Coast Road-end slipway

White Horses

Sunday 10 November 2019

Sleeping With the Enemy

  Oof!  Here I am!

  Apologies for taking off without leaving a note.  I thought I had, but by the time I realised I hadn't it was too late to go back in time to ensure that I had because there isn't one now.  And there would be one if there had been time.  Which there wasn't, otherwise I wouldn't be telling you this.

  Anyway...  Back to the post at hand.

  Despite what the title implies-
I think the Host came up with it?
  Don't look at me!
Well, your irritating little SubC, then.
How very dare y-  Oh.  Actually, it was me.

  Anyway...  Despite what the title implies - whoever came up with it - I was not sleeping with the enemy.  I was sleeping with the Monster Under the Bed.*  Well, not in that sense - I was on top. 
  Which makes it sound like I was sleeping with it in that way.  I wasn't.  By "on top" I mean I was on the bed, while the monster was under it, as is traditional in these matters.
  Anyway, its gone now.  I managed to get it on the NightShip a couple of evenings ago.  I've been clearing up the drool and half-eaten carcasses from under my bed ever since, which is partly why I haven't been around lately.

The Monster Under the Bed
Awwww... Just look at its cute little chitinous claws, and those adorable, puppy-dog-eating eyes!


  Plus, I have been caught in a downpour of ideas, so it may be another a few days before I shake them all off and pin them down.  They're mostly Star Trek ideas, so nothing you'd be interested in, I'm sure.
  Although, there is that Panto to see to...

* A refugee from Hallowe'en...