Tuesday 31 October 2023

GPE 2023 : Terrifying Triffidery

Hello, and welcome to the Infomaniac Garden Photos Event's Hallowe'en show:
Terrifying Triffidery!
 As with previous years, please make your way around the various specimens and, if the mood strikes you, try and guess what each triffid mutated from and which of the Blogorati propagated it.  Not everyone who's taking part in the main event submitted a triffid, so to make things a bit easier for you, those who did are listed on the poster above-
 Which I spent the best part of yesterday making!
 You'd never have guessed he watched Psycho recently, would you?  Anyway, as I was saying, not everyone submitted a triffid, and some of those who did sent in more than one, so you may have your work cut out for you.  The Host has labelled each specimen, so you just need to mention the number in the comments when making your guess rather than trying to describe the hideous things.  And don't get too close to the triffids during your inspections lest we have to cut you out of them!  Speaking of:

Gavin the Gardener
 Due to some missing limbs - and indeed whole persons - during last year's show, Health & Safety have insisted on the employment of some sort of security guard-cum-triffid wrangler.  So, I made some enquiries and garnered the services of Gavin the Gardener who, according to Peenee's pictorial review, has some experience with triffids. 
 Don't let his beautiful, vacant face give you pause - just look at those monstrous arms: they are almost as terrifying as the triffids!  With my own eye I have witnessed Gavin grapple a triffid of great girth to its exhaustion, whereupon it promptly covered the poor young man with some sort of thick, sticky excreta.  I assure you, he is well up to the task at hand.
 Now, before you set off on the tour, here's a musical accompaniment in the form of Bright Light x2 with "Down to One" which first caught my ear and eye at Jon's.
 If you stay behind the velvet ropes and don't dilly-dally at the exhibits, I'm sure the song's video won't be prophetic...


T #1 : Overseeing the proceedings is this long-eared owl.
At least, I think that's what it is?

Sunday 22 October 2023

Garden Photos Event Final Warning

the House of
Garden Photos Event
opens on 1st November,
but not before we've hosed down and cleared up after Hallowe'en's

Terrifying Triffidery

So, for those of you taking part, please email me your photos by Saturday 28th October* (my blog's email address is in my Blogger profile on top of the Sideboard on the right there).  Everyone is welcome, from Infomaniac Bitches of yore, to newcomers, friends-of-friends, and lurkers.  More information can be found in the previous post, but if you have any questions, please ask away in the comments.

Oh, for fu-  Ignore Bitey, look at the lovely blue cornflowers.


* But, because I am a soft touch, as long as some of you send in your photos by then, the rest of you lallygaggers can have a bit longer.  But not much longer, mind!  I have things to do, and I don't want to be curating photos all the way through November.
(I'll leave it up to you to decide who's going to be in my good books by getting their photos in on time, and who will earn under-my-breath mutterings and a spectacular eye roll come 29th October.  Or later.  Almost certainly later.)

See you all next week!

Sunday 1 October 2023

Garden Photos Event Countdown

D A N G E R !

the House of
Garden Photos Event
 Or something less dramatic.
 So, anyway, yes, it'll soon be Garden Photos Event time so I hope you've all been taking photos of how your expansive grounds | bijou courtyard | overgrown wilderness | rampant houseplants | tasteful city garden | impenetrable jungle | potted paradise [delete as applicable] has grown over the year, as I'll want your carefully curated selections - along with verbose or terse captions - in my in-box by Saturday 28th October, please.  
 If you've managed to capture on film any visting non-domestic fauna (however big or small) to your garden please include those photos as well, as the (entirely voluntary) theme this year is Wildlife.  More information about this can be found in the previous GPE reminder, here.
 And remember also to include a photo or two of a particularly spooky plant in your collection - or, failing that, a rather more mundane plant which has been snapped at an odd angle/close-up/while drunk - for the GPE preview Terrifying Triffidery on the 31st.
 This blog's gmail address for sending your photos & captions into is in my profile on top of the Sideboard over there.  Or, if you have the Host's personal hotmail address, you can use that instead.
 Right.  Let's have a look at some photos from Allotment Device to get you in the mood, shall we?  
Some of the various allotment visitors/permanent residents
(and, yes, the common black diving beetle is in a bath)