Thursday 28 March 2019

Hexenhäusli deVice in the Arms of Orion

 After haranguing in your multitudes, I -
 "Multitudes?!?  I hardly think that an amount that can be counted on the fingers of one hand classes as haranguing.
Even a Norfolk one.  But not this one...
And I don't think anyone actually harangued - It was more like polite asking, if you ask me.
 Well, I didn't ask you.  Nobody did!  Anyway, some of you asked to see the DeVice Mansion, so here it is:

Hexenhäusli deVice - aka the DeVice Mansion - a week before we moved in

The kitchen (well, duh!)

The gracious hall/foyer.  One day soon, I'm going to stand on the stairs with a glass of Champagne just like Linda Evans as Krystle Carrington in the Dynasty opening titles!

Sunday 24 March 2019


 I wish it hadn't been so long since I last blogged, as I am now right out of the habit, and finding it all a bit overwhelming.  Plus, it looks like you've all been really busy, so I've got loads of catching up to do (this is more a pleasure than a chore, mind).  To make matters worse, I have several things that I want to pin down here, but I can't remember them all, and the ones that I do remember, I can't really be arsed to make the effort required to [can't think of the right word/s - I'll come back to this].

 Well, I think I'm going to do some bullet points of the topics we should have blogged about since the beginning of the month then, if you make interested noises, we'll devote a whole post to the subject at a not-too-much-later date.  How's that?

  • The DeVice Mansion (or "Hexenhäusli deVice", as Mr Mago suggested), including curtains and garden guests.
  • "Shhhhh!  They're strapping down Liza Minelli." - Which pop culture words or quotes have entered your vocabulary?
  • Ms Scarlet's birthday.  Drat!  Too late...
  • Disco Maroons - A mish-mash of Star Trek styles (a bit late for this, too, as it was supposed to be for the February Art Challenge.  Nevermind, I can recycle it for March's.  If I can get it done within a week...)
  • Bryce's Bum and other Perfectly-formed Posteriors - Basically, this is just perving over some of the best bottoms in Star Trek Discovery (ZOMG!* Have you seen Ethan Peck Spock's bum in that space suit?!?)
  • A couple of day drifts (including today's foray along the beach)

This is Friday's afternoon tea (try and ignore The Father's sausage fingers on the left - they weren't part of it)


* I don't know what this means.  I mean, the OMG must be "Oh My Gods", but as to the Z... Anyone?

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Memories of Green

 Those vile, green, ribbed-for-your-pleasure, posterior-pleasers - and, no, I'm not talking about those Freakin' Green Elf Shorts (currently awaiting their debut in Ms Scarlet's clutches) - have escaped their imprisonment from the attic of Castlette DeVice!
Run, Very Mistress. Run!
 One of the pair languished in the attic for over six years, the other one for about three or four years (we agreed to a plea bargain in which it was granted sitting status, but only for Ming [mayherestinpeace] - as the white and grey hairs wedged into the nooks and crannies attested to).  They saw an opportunity after Inexcuseable's Husband (seen here fending off moist bints) left the attic trapdoor unlocked (possibly on purpose), and I, innocent to the plot, turned up to poach the Wifi.  After grappling with emails and WhatsApps, I returned to Car and found, to my horror, the tiresome tubular chairs relaxing on the back seat!
It's here I realise that I should have taken photographic evidence to illustrate this invasion of green - somewhat like this prior encounter, but not this one (as it is in black and white...) - an oversight I regret now.
 Despite much foot stamping and threats of thaumatalurgical violence, the hollow-framed horrors just smiled - a disconcerting expression on a pair of fifty year old (or thereabouts) corduroy chairs - and bade me to transport them to their new home at the DeVice Mansion.

Here they are in their new habitat.  Arrogant sods.

Blatant in the boudoir