Friday 22 February 2019

Gingerbread Boredom*

 The day has finally arrived:  I have vanquished the Gingerbread Board and become the owner of a newly constructed gingerbread cottage house mansion!

 What this means is that I shall inevitably be spending all weekend in the throws of moving in, then flinging myselves back to work on Monday to get away from it all.  Oh, and also, not blogging for a while as the interwebular wotsit is not being sorted for another week or two (or possibly longer).
 I will try and catch up with you all from work, but some of the NSFW blogs (Very Mistress, I'm looking at you), will be beyond my grasp - I'm not ignoring you on purpose.

 Until my triumphant return, don't be too evil!

* Sorry.  I couldn't think of a better title.  Perhaps you could come up with something better in my absence?

Sunday 17 February 2019

Eye for an Eye

 I was just allowing the Host to think about his top twelve sexiest Star Trek characters-
He was "thinking" a little bit too enthusiastically, for my liking.
Well, yes, but Captain Pike is rather a fox!
Oh, OK, I 'll allow it.
 Anyway, as I was saying, the Host was doing some thinking-
 All will become clear in the next post.  Or possibly the one after that.
A rather inappropriate looking glass
 Yes.  Thank you.  Now, where was I?  Oh, yes, you were thinking while we were enjoying a (rather too hot) bath when I noticed this:

 I'm pretty sure Inexcuseable didn't mean it to spy on me, but rather to keep an eye on Count Podgekinson's bathtime.  Or to catch her husband weeing all over the toilet bowl rim (because it sure as hells isn't me doing it - I prefer a more leisurely sit-down affair)...
 Still, the fact remains that my own sister can see me in the altogether, should she so desire.  Which I'm sure she doesn't, but even so...

 Despite the small dimensions of Castlette DeVice's bathroom, it isn't small enough for me to reach across from my gently simmering bath and scrawl a nullifying spell* on the mirror.
 In fact, the mirror may as well have been a million miles away as, when I'm in the bath, I get out for nothing and no-one until I'm done**.  Which meant a rather chaste bath, and a lot of awkward manoeuvring with a towel when I did eventually get out.

* The only spell I know for counteracting Inexcuseable's Looking Glass spell involves (amongst other things) drawing over the eye with my own tears.  And I don't think the Host has enough nostril hairs to pluck to make our eyes water enough to cover her rather large "masterpiece".
** With the exception of Captain Pike, a life-time supply of fondant fancies, and - possibly - Knight.

Saturday 16 February 2019

It's A Faaaake! Not The Art Of Star Trek - Caught Red Handed

Slightly dishevelled with an errant forelock.  Mmmmm...
 It's been two weeks since my last post, so you'd think I'd have plenty to share, wouldn't you?  Well, no, I've got bog all.  Except for a load of half-arsed Star Trek-related art work from January's art challenge.
 Oh, and the new Captain Christopher Pike from Star Trek: Discovery.  He's such a fox!  Just look at him there on the right.  Anson Mount Pike is easily the equal of the original Jeffrey Hunter Pike from Star Trek's pilot episode.  Although, I don't think he ever was a pool boy, though?
Mores the pity.

 Anyway, back to some hastily slapped together artwork, and the challenge that inspired it:

Well, a New Year is upon us and maybe some of us (like a certain Discovery character) are planning on spreading our wings and trying something different this year by joining a new organisation or club.
Star Trek has its fair share of secret or clandestine organisations from the Tal Shiar to the Obsidian Order or Section 31. But perhaps there's other, more benign, exclusive clubs in the Star Trek universe: do the Vulcan's have a Magic Circle? Is there a club for Starfleet Chief Engineers, where they can meet up and bemoan the state of their engines? A Klingon 'Fight Club'?

The challenge this month is to depict a facet of your chosen secret society within the Star Trek universe, be it a logo, recruitment poster, a dedicated starship, a meeting of members, a secret greeting or ceremony, etc.

 Rather than leaving it all until the last minute, like usual, I found a few minutes on the afternoon of the 17th January to make a start. After reminiscing with some of you lot about TV programmes we used to watch as kids, I wondered if the Red Hand Gang might have inspired children in the 23rd or 24th centuries. So, out came the red paint:

 The top two hand prints are obviously (hopefully) Vulcan, and the bottom two are my take on Terellian (of the four-armed variety).

Saturday 2 February 2019

Not #adecadeago

 In a rare moment of desperately attempting to appear "on trend", I thought I'd have a go at Ms Scarlet and Jon's #adecadeago meme.  You know, the one in which ancient bloggers who haven't moved on to new forms of social media (or have, but gave up because it was all so petty and overwhelming) look back at their dusty old archives, and dredge up whatever it is they were blogging about a decade - 10 years! - ago.
 Well, after the successes of the aforementioned Ms Scarlet (AKA The Duchess of Devonshire) and Jon (the Official Plant Spotter of Castle Device and its extensive Witchdom), as well as LẌ and Mitzi, my foray ten years into the past was a disappointment to say the least: an excuse for not blogging, rudely interrupted by that interfering old baggage, Audrey (who has since been expunged from my consciousnesses - sub, or otherwise).  I think Tim said it best when he proclaimed me a "slacker".
Although, he's a fine one to talk.
 Anyway, not wanting to let the side down, I came up with a new way to play: travelling back in time by two years to 2017, and then eight years to 2011, which brings us to a grand total of ten years.  Clever, eh?  And, between them, both cover the (not really a) requirement for an old meme and some art work.

 So, two years ago, on the 1st February 2017, we arrive at another meme started by Ms Scarlet: the "Book on a Chair" meme, or #bookonachair as it would be known in today's modern hashtag parlance.
By this point in the proceedings, we were really reaching...
 And eight years ago, on the 1st February 2011, we land slap-bang in Star Trek territory, on the second stop of a voyage that never was, replete with sketches of starships.


 Because I don't think any of the images from my two #adecadeago posts linked to up there are particularly worthy of reposting here, I thought I'd share a couple of photos I took from Count Podgekinson's bedroom window on the morning of the last day in January:

Look! You can see the birds roosting in this close-up - wood pigeons, I think?