Monday 28 December 2020

The Year of Ferrero Rochering Dangerously

 Good afternoon, and welcome to the 2020 Coven Awards!  We hope you've all been to the loo and got yourself a drink and some snacks, as this does go on a bit.
 I'll say.  I've worn my fingers down to mere nubbins with all the keyboard clacking I've had to do to prepare all this!
 Oh, stop complaining.  You love it really.
 Well, it does keep me from getting bored, I suppose.
Let's hope the same can be said for the poor Blogorati that have to wade through this
miasma of muddled memories and self indulgent claptrap!
 I say!
 Shall we get on with it before this devolves into unrecoverable unpleasantness, hmm?
 Hmmph! As long as you can keep your SubC under control.
 Fine.  Carry on.
 Right.  Here we go: Well, this hasn't been the best year, has it?  However, we're not going to dwell upon the bad as amongst all the toothache, shingles, and Mondays, there were fuchsias, Freakin' Green Elf Shorts (sort of), and Ferrero Rocher!
Queen Armadillo Ferrero Rocher Ambassador
Despite appearances (you know, if you squint a lot and have had a gin or twelve...)
This is, in fact, a decoy.  Ms Scarlet is cunningly disguised as the youthful,
rather vertically challenged Ambassador's handmaiden, second from right.
(One of the other two at the back might be Charmaine...)

Saturday 26 December 2020

Uh, oh...

I'm just dealing with... something.

Back soon.  I hope... 

P.S. I hope you all managed to enjoy part, if not all, of your day yesterday, and are continuing to do so today?  I shall be visiting your blogs as soon as I trap these little nylon nasties, and round up the others!

Thursday 17 December 2020

Of Baubles and Blog Parties

 As I said to Mistress Maddie on Monday:

I don't have a tree (haven't in years), but I love all your baubles and such.  And you know what?  You have inspired me.  So much so that tomorrow I'm going to the garden centre next door to buy some of the baubles that I've coveted for the last two or three years.
I'm going to find a nice bowl or somesuch and display them with the pine cones that I collected last month.

 Well, I got some, and here is my first effort at displaying them.  This is The Mother's dresser (and the Christmas cake that she made), now complete with be-pineconed & baubled cake stands.

 The pine cones have been in the house for a week or so now, and only a couple of them have opened up.  I'm hoping that now they're subjected to the intense furnace-like temperatures The Father keeps the house, they'll open before the winter solstice.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Sunrise 13

 When I woke up this morning, I was delighted to discover that colour had returned to the world!  Yes, for the first time in what feels like months - although, at most it's only been about three weeks - the morning murk and oppressive, cloudy gloom had buggered off somewhere else leaving the sun to light up the sky.

 Scarcely able to believe my eyes - and after only a modicum of dithering - I decided to forgo my first-thing-in-the-morning coffee and pop down to the seafront to take some photos.  And here they are:




Thursday 10 December 2020

Overheard and Wonky Words

 I think my old Back Passage has been on display for long enough, but as I don't have anything prepared to succeed it, I thought I'd share something overheard along with some wonky words.

 First, the wonky words: The effervescent Ms Scarlet is hosting the "Did I Win Yet?" Award/Quiz/Competition/Event thingy after she won the said award back in January, here.  As well as a quiz bit - consisting of as many as two (!!) questions about our dear, departed blog friend LẌ - Ms Scarlet has come up with an inspired creative bit in which one must write out a favourite quote and photograph it on a chair! 
 After much roiling and churning of ideas in my overexcited mind, I have settled on a quote, and begun writing it out in an attempt to decide how best to display it.  Here is a little teaser of one of the ideas:


 Now, on to the overheard.  As I walked down to the beach this morning (for a walk into Cromer), I passed a house undergoing some building work.  From the open front door came a trio of male voices ranging - in order of appearance - from exasperated, to fed up, and finally cheeky:

Thursday 3 December 2020

That Old Back Passage Called Love

 Madam Arcati's latest Delargo Gardens post once again had me reminiscing about the tight, jungly confines of my own Back Passage when I lived in Norwich twenty-odd years ago.  So much so, in fact, that I found myself trawling through reams of old pictures on a USB stick trying to find some photos.

 Well, I did find some, and rather than let all that time and effort go to waste, I thought I'd pop a selection of them up here (because I have nothing else prepared or even remotely ready in draft).  I also searched through my dusty old blog crypt for ancient posts that featured the original Castle DeVice's tiny garden.  Although I lived in Castle DeVice from the back half of 1998 to early 2009, I can only find photos from 2006 onwards (I think that this must have been the time I discovered digital photography)...

 While you explore my back passage, why not listen to Ella Fitzgerald singing about it (she misheard "Back Passage" as "Black Magic", but she is getting on a bit...):

Note: I spent ages getting all the photos in date order, from August 2006 to December 2008.  Then, as soon as I viewed them all together, I realised that they'd look better in month/season order to show the progression of growth, so that's how I've displayed them here.

Late April (2008) - Left: Halfway down my back passage and nearing my back door, an avocado tree (grown from a pit), arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica), various ferns, a hanging basket in need of a good sort out, and some bamboo.  
Middle: Just inside the entrance to my back passage are a couple of New Zealand flaxes (Phormium somesuch), heuchera, a tufty old bit of blue-green grass, and some daffs.  
Right: The paysho - or staging area to my back passage - repleat with a potted box (Buxus), rose, bluebells, geranium, daffs, scylla, and violas.