Sunday 26 March 2023

The Sky and the Moon

 Just a reminder for The Nature-led Life's March photo submission request: The Sky and the Moon - as hosted by the delightful Melanie.

 I've emailed my photos in, but narrowing down the many, MANY photos I have of the sky and the Moon was rather harrowing, so I thought I'd create a post out of some of those that I didn't submit.

25 January 2018 : Pre-dawn
[Featured in No Moon At All]

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Art Trek: The Andorian with the Rubber Ducky Room Tattoo

 Well, it's Tuesday, and fortunately someone did make a delivery to the Rubber Ducky Room which means I was able to escape from there to bring you this: a double helping of Star Trek fan art!   Unfortunately, I don't know who it was that left the door open while they stacked the tractor beam emitters, or nurses, or photon torpedoes, or whatever it was they'd delivered, so I don't know who it is you can thank for enabling this glut of self indulgence gallery of fine art?
[It all happens on Tuesdays]

 Before we get to the Rubber Ducky Room nonsense, we need to make a quick return to February when I eventually managed to drag myself away from my Rutherford action figures and make a start on that month's art challenge: "I like the Old Stuff better than the New Stuff" (art based on 20th century Trek).   
 I returned to an idea I had for January 2018's "Your favourite Trek moment" challenge, and which has been languishing in my files since then.  I'd got as far as selecting some screen caps from ST III: The Search For Spock (my favourite ST film!) and making a very quick sketch of how I wanted to put them together, but that's it.  I'd named it Uhura: Queen of Starfleet!
Speaking of favourite trek moments, here's some music from one of mine to accompany
your tutting, sighing, and scrolling: "Stealing the Enterprise" from ST:III, of course!

 Anyway, I chose some more screen caps (from TrekCore and Cygnus-X1), resized them, roughly "cut them out" in MSPaint, and slapped them all together in order to create a poster featuring my favourite scenes, characters, and props:
Clockwise from the top: Earth Spacedock, Commander Nyota Uhura, Vulcan guard and maidens, Spock (age 17), Lieutenant Saavik, Doctor David Marcus, Spock's and Saavik's hands doing the pon farr finger thingy, Grissom comms officer, Commander Janice Rand, USS Grissom, Valkris, and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey coming in to land near Mount Seleya on Vulcan in the centre.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Help! I'm trapped in the Rubber Ducky Room!

And there's not a tin foil hat, nor baking parchment Sou'wester to be seen!