Wednesday 22 July 2009


This is just a fleeting visit to let you know of a new link in my sidebar, under the title: These are a few of my favourite things... And the link takes you to Will Giles' Exotic Garden here in the fine city* of Norwich, Norfolk. I've also added Will's blog to my Flying Monkeys.

Before I moved in with SP - when bitter Spinsterhood had almost claimed me for eternity - I used to live just down the road from Will's wondrous garden and spent many a Sunday afternoon poking around in the lush jungle. Now however, Smug Marriedness has thwarted many attempts at visiting despite only being three miles away. I do have high hopes of dragging SP there this Sunday, though.

Here are a few photos I took whilst visiting the garden last September:

Of course, you should click the links to see better photos than mine...

* Despite Tim's claims to the contrary, Norwich IS a city.

Monday 6 July 2009

There's Something About Mary Poppins

I see someone's met the real Mary Poppins, without her entourage of PRs, publicists, lawyers and general hanger-ons twisting the truth into something less evil more friendly. I wonder if he lived?

I never did like that Poppins. She gave the rest of us a bad name.

Saturday 4 July 2009

Stolen Scirocco

Between six and seven in the morning, someone broke into Tim's parents' house specifically to find the keys to his Big Bro's car. It looks like it was a professional job - that they'd scoped the house out and took every precaution against leaving any identifiable evidence. And when they found the keys, they took it.
There aren't many of them around in this colour - with the DSG semi-automatic gearbox and a full black cloth interior, registration number LM58 NNC. It's been his pride and joy for the last three months, and on 2nd July it was stolen.

If you see this car, please report it to the police immediately.

Please click the link at the top to go to Tim's original post about this theft, or click here.

With any luck, the now cursed (and hopefully pox-ridden) scum who stole this car will be caught, and the car reunited with it's rightful owner.

Keep your eyes peeled! And, thank you.

Thursday 2 July 2009


One of the things I've been up to is spending, spending, spending! Not on clothes, socialising*, food or Car (even though it needs it), but at that institute of Smug Marriedness: The Garden Centre.
Not a weekend (nor even a weekday in some weeks) has gone by without a purchase or twelve at these hallowed hubs of horticultural heaven.
Accordingly, my bank balance has gone from a healthily glowing black - somewhat like the eyes of a feeding vampire - to nearing the deranged red hate of those of a freshly castrated demon.

Immolation DeVize's scarily accurate Counselor Troi eyeing up Picard's jugular
(boobs and hairpiece not his own)

I think it'll be worth it though. Just look at these before and after photos:

Before (from 02/05/09)

After (from 29/06/09)

I'll put some more up at the end of summer once everything's become established and filled out.

Anyway, there was a little something to be going along with. I'll try and post again soon. I may even have time for a quick skip around the blogs. See you out there!

* skips off *

* CRASH! tinkle *


* resolves never to skip wearing SP's flip flops again and hobbles off nursing a scraped knee *

* This doesn't happen often anyway. SP and I both loathe going out, much preferring an evening in with wine, crap TV** and Moom.
** SP likes the crap TV, such as Police Chase 9, Britain's Got Talent and Ground Force. I prefer more highbrow fare such as Being Human, Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.