Sunday 27 September 2020

Infomaniac Garden Photos Event - Reminder #3

The House of
10th Anniversary Garden Photos Event
will take place here on this very blog commencing on 31st October.
 You may recall that The Very Mistress has handed off the hosting duties for this auspicious botanical occasion?  This year, the various consciousnesses - including the SubConsciousnesses (for some reason...) - of yours truly, Inexplicable Device, will be your host/s.  RememberRememberREMEMBER?!?
 If you haven't already done so, I'd like you to get your unruly bushes in order, trim those straggly overhangs, and mow that fuzzy patch.  Then, set-to with your camera and send me your photograph/s - along with an enlightening blurb - by Wednesday 28th October.  My blog email address is in my profile (just click the link on the right.  Or, for those few of you who have my personal email, use that instead).
 The Infomaniac Garden Photos Event will kick off on 31st October with some of your Terrifying Triffidery* (as long as enough Triffids can be rounded up without too many fatalities, that is), then a couple of days later the main exhibits - i.e. your gardens/window boxes/pot plants/contents of your salad drawers - will be on display for all to enjoy.
* The Terrifying Triffidery Exhibit will be a place to show off your horticultural horrors or otherwise ordinary plants that have been photographed from odd angles/close up/while drunk which make them look out of this world. So, get inventive/within-2-metres/drinking and get that camera out!

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Sea Swims and Sodden, Sparkling Groynes

 I'm on holiday!  Two weeks off work and the weather is playing ball, for a change.  With the global travel situation as it is, I have the perfect excuse not to go anywhere or see anyone.
 So, just like every other day, week, month, year etc. etc.
 Yes!  Isn't it fabulous!?!

 Anyway, on with the show: Here are a few photos from the last three or four days. 
 The sunrise below is from a week ago Monday, taken from my home office/library/blog room, and the first set of beach photos below are from Saturday (no swim then as it was a little chilly - there was a swim on Sunday as it got out a little warmer, but I didn't take any photos).


Thursday 10 September 2020

A Little Broad, perhaps?

 On Sunday, I made my way to Little Broad in Frogshall - somewhere I've been meaning to go for years, but have never got around to.  Until now.  Or then, rather.
 Like many people-
Oh, gods, we're common!
 Shush, you! Like some people, I'm drawn to water - particularly the less obvious (i.e. not the sea) freshwater streams and ponds that are tucked away in the countryside.  Even a big puddle can be fascinating!  But Little Broad, despite the name, is significantly larger than a puddle.

 As you might have surmised, I took one or two photos while I was there, and here they are:

As I picked my way through the undergrowth towards the sluice gate, I startled two small deer - possibly Chinese water deer (they didn't have white bottoms, so not muntjacs) - but wasn't quick enough with Camera to get any photos.

Saturday 5 September 2020

Shrieking Pit Saturday

This was taken from the front of Hexenhäusli Device yesterday evening.
The sky looked like it was on fire!
 I'll just have a quick walk to get some fresh air and stretch my legs, I thought.

 Two and a half hours later - and with Camera's memory card full - I returned home...

 So, you should know what's coming next, then?
 Yes!  Reams of photos!

Here we have the views from the top of Tower Lane in Sidestrand (last seen here).
Above is the view west to Overstrand,
and below the view east along the coast to Trimingham.
There were also some cormorants on The-End-of-the-Line, as per...

Thursday 3 September 2020

Thursday Swim: Wet Winkles & Gloomy Groynes

 Before we get to the good stuff, first I must announce that one of my Ipomoea tricolor "Heavenly Blue"s has finally flowered!*
 I have been envious of Jon's and Madam Arcati's displays for the last couple of months, but now, at last, I have my own Morning Glory!

* Of course, had I sown the seeds back in March/April instead of at the end of May, these blooms would have come out that much earlier.


 Anyway, here's what you came here for: warm, wet groynes with a sprinkle of winkles!

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Infomaniac Garden Photos Event - Reminder #2

The House of
10th Anniversary Garden Photos Event

is being held here rather than at The Very Mistress's this year.  RememberRemember?!?

 We're posting this reminder mainly for Savvy.
 Yeah, you all know what she's like with competitions, challenges, and events.
Absolutely hopeless.  I don't know how many Tin Foil Hat Competitions she's missed?
 Oh, yeah!
 Anyway, for the rest of you, we still haven't decided exactly when the Garden Photos Event will begin, other than at the end of October/beginning of November.  There are a number of reasons why the date is still undetermined: One of which is that it's our 15th Blog Anniversary on the 15th Octob-
 No it's not!
 I said: No.  It's not!
 Well, when is it, then?
 Ummm... [hastily looks it up]  The 9th.
 Oh.  That's too early.  The Very Mistress's garden may still not have thawed out by then.  We need to give her frozen greenery time to put forth at least a couple of shoots before winter sets in again, so we can't have it coinciding with our anniversary.
 Well, shit.  Now we'll have to come up with an actual anniversay post!
 What about Hallowe'en?  If we have the grand opening then, we won't have to come up with a separate Hallowe'en post?
 Oh, that's a good idea!
For a change...


This book might come in handy:
Gardeners Guide to Unfuckable Plants
[seen at and MacMillan Publishers]