Saturday 30 September 2023


 Yes, I know I'm supposed to be putting up a reminder for the upcoming Infomaniac Garden Photos Event* but the trailer for the fifth and final** series of Ghosts is now out! 
 (It's an intriguing trailer but not quite up to the heights of series 4's)

* I'll do it tomorrow.  Or maybe Thursday...
** Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Sunday 17 September 2023


 Hawk moth, that is.  Well, in caterpillar form, anyway:

 I whined over at Ms Nations' place not so long ago that I hadn't seen an elephant hawk moth caterpillar in years.  However, while on my way back from the allotment earlier, what should be crossing the track but this enormous thing - it was as big as my finger!
 [I was going to put up a Garden Photos Event reminder today, but time has escaped me, so I'll do one next week instead)]

Sunday 10 September 2023


Oh.  Er.  Sorry.  I meant: Cormorant!
 Here are the other photos from this morning's Bitey walk (early while it was still relatively cool), and a little slow tempo music (as someone found Friday's too fast...)


 That is all.

Friday 8 September 2023

Energise your scrolling finger...

 You know what I haven't bored you with for ages?  Beach sunrise photos! 
 We haven't done one of these since the beginning of the year (if you do click the link to reminisce, just note that in the depths of winter the sun rises behind the cliffs rather than out to sea as in the following photos). And before that there was something in May last year, albeit not quite as spectacular as that one from September 2021
 Well, I'm here to put that right with some photos taken on this morning's pre-work walk and a little music to accompany your scrolling: Aria on Air by Malcolm McLaren & Yanni