Saturday 27 June 2020

Infomaniac Garden Photos Event - Reminder #1

The House of
10th Anniversary Garden Photos Event

is being held here rather than at The Very Mistress's this year.  Remember?

 We hope that you've all been pulling your green fingers and thumbs out, because the event of the year is only about three months away.
 Yes, I've almost settled upon when it will take place - I'm thinking the end of September-beginning of October.  That should give you plenty of time to get your luxuriant back passages (Jon), or overgrown jungle (Dinah), or Big Pink Bush™ (Ms Scarlet) in order.  Or to at least take some carefully angled photos so as to crop out all the crap - a bit like I have done, below:

 And remember, there will be a new section of the event this year: Terrifying Triffidery - a place for photos of monstrous plants or otherwise ordinary plants that have been photographed from odd angles/close up/while drunk which make them look otherworldly.  So, get inventive/within-2-metres/drinking and get that camera out!
 I may also introduce a "Guess The Plant" quiz, but we'll see if I can be bothered nearer the time...

 Oh, and unlike at The Very Mistress's, there will be no fat, naked, old men or women lurking in the undergrowth.  Sorry. 
 If we're lucky, Eddie Cibrian (or someone of his ilk) may pop by, though...

Saturday 20 June 2020

Saturday Swim: First of the season

 I had intended to take a dip in the North Sea at the end of May, but never did for one reason or another (probably for the best, as it was flipping freezing - I had paddled a few times, though...).  So, today was the first time this year that I've thrown myself in the drink.  And very pleasant it was too.  If flipping freezing still!

Friday 12 June 2020


No, it's not the over-exuberant release of a frustrated teenager (or The Host) 

Or snow.
Yes, I know it's a possibility.  The Great British Summertime does like its little jokes...

Sunday 7 June 2020

Art Trek: Princessium and the Po*

 Yes, it's time for another Star Trek art post!

 My starship arboretum got the most votes in April's art challenge, which meant I got to choose the theme for May.  And here is that theme (as approved by Captain Janeway's Queen Arachnia on the right there):

133 years from now, Princess Kaitaama will ascend to the throne becoming First Monarch of the Sovereign Dynasty of Krios Prime.  This anti-time anniversary has inspired the theme for this month's Fan Art Challenge: Royalty!

I'd like us to explore Star Trek's links to royalty - however tenuous they may be.  People, places/palaces(?), objects, alien assimilators, starships... All of these and more feature in the Star Trek Universe.
And if you're not fussed by TNG's Princessium (symbol Di - yes, really!), DS9's Queen's Gambit, VOY's right royal knockout: Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People - all of which I'm sure Daughter of the Fifth House (etc. etc.) Lwaxana Troi, would have something to say about from her state room on board a certain Sovereign-class starship - then feel free to come up with your own Royal Trek idea.

Here are the rules for the competition:

The artwork you submit should be created during the month of the challenge
Only one final image can be submitted (although it may contain multiple views)
Your final entry should be posted in this thread (although dedicated WIP threads are appreciated)
And if you don't follow the rules: Off With Your Head! (sorry - I had to get a TAS reference in)

As always, you have until the end of the month - i.e. midnight (or thereabouts) Sunday 31st May - to come up with a Right Royal Star Trek something.

* as in Po (had to get a DSC reference in, too!)

 Despite coming up with the theme, I didn't actually have an idea for what I was going to do.  In fact, it wasn't until mid-May that inspiration finally struck after someone posted a picture of our current queen in a starfleet uniform.
 The British Royal Family do love dressing up in the fanciest of uniforms, so I did a hasty little sketch of 23rd century British Royal couple, HRH Prince Nikesh & HRH Princess Ayonparine (Andorian) decked out in their Starfleet dress uniforms. 

23rd century British Royal Family members HRH Prince Nikesh (Human) & HRH Princess Ayonparine (Andorian) with Royal Yacht HMY Britannia (Oberth-class starship) - Star Trek

Saturday 6 June 2020

Tunnel Forking

 Just over a month ago, dear Mago rather bluntly asked if I had ever penetrated a tunnel.  Once I'd gotten over the shock of such an indelicate question, I cast my mind back and did actually remember a foray into a rather overgrown and skewed underpass...

 On a day drift back in April 2016 I found myself at the easternmost of Overstrand's two remaining whole railway bridges (there are at least two more topless bridges further west).  I made some half-arsed comment about posting photos of this bridge at a later date, but never did.  Until now.  Aren't you lucky?!

Overstrand skewed railway bridge, Norfolk
Here we have the aforementioned overgrown bridge at OS grid ref TG 25300 40144 
(or thereabouts)

Overstrand skewed railway bridge, Norfolk
The bridge's lower portions as seen from the coast side (complete with graffiti)

Overstrand skewed railway bridge, Norfolk
And the upper portions in which one can make out the bridge's skewed nature


EDIT 07/06/2020 14:45 - The rain finally stopped, so I went for a quick drift up to the bridge.  Here it is, from North face around to the South face:


 Anyway, back to the present (or at least the very recent past) with some photos from my blog-absence.