Sunday 24 April 2022

Bluebells and Black Shuck

 Another weekend, another round of clear skies and sunshine.  Although, the North-East wind is keeping things cool here, and we could do with some rain because everything needs watering.

 Still, I shouldn't grumble as its conducive for ambling around the countryside, demon dog or no!

The way up Toll's Hill is lined with bluebells

Behold!  The terror that is Black Shuck!
 On remote costal tracks in North Norfolk, beware of Black Shuck - a terrifying demon dog that will leap into your arms and expect to be cuddled like a baby while he licks your ear.  Until - after about three seconds - he gets bored and wriggles out of your grasp to go and investigate a nearby hedgehog turd or similar.

Monday 18 April 2022

Snakes Heads and Dogs Teeth

 I still haven't done anything worth blogging about, but Ms Scarlet has managed two posts within a week (one of which was a blatant infringement of Sideboard rights) so I thought I'd better make some effort lest I get accused of lazy baggagery. 
 So, inspired by Jon's recent posts featuring his fragrant back passage, may I present my allotment (from two weeks ago), and my little shady garden (from this morning):
Fruit tree blossom starting to come out up at the allotment
(those are appletrees on the left, and the big one with open blossom is a plum)

That's a Bramley apple in the middle, and a loganberry going up the side of the shed
(between the shed and the bay tree is a horrid pear tree)

Near the allotment wood anemones grow

Monday 4 April 2022

A Very Special Bio-Hazard Warning

 Today is a special day.  At least, I think it is*, and so do one or two others (who have buggered off on holiday so I can't check with them to see if I'm remembering rightly).  So, just in case it is, in the absence of something dedicated specifically** for the date, may I present instead, the updated new Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Travel Map!

As with with many things in life, click to embigulate

 I'm sure Ms Scarlet must have managed to get to a post office by now, and that the Freakin Green Elf Shorts are winging their way to Mistress Maddie if, in fact, they are not gracing her shapely gams as I type!

* Or it could be 10 days hence?  Or some other date entirely.  My memory is unreliable at the best of times.  EDIT 6 April: I have just discovered that the day in question is on some other date, months from now.  Ah, well, at least it was an excuse to unveil the map!

** Such as a trip over the Cusp just like we didn't have for Ms Scarlet's birthday, or even my birthday, or even The Very Mistress's Sweet Sixteenth last month!