Thursday, 2 September 2021

Art Trek: "These are a few of my favourite things!"

Ah, Rutherford, you're so adorable! Adorable!!

 Well, that's August done and dusted.  And you know what that means: Time for some of my Star Trek fan art!

 Yes, one of the things that kept me busy last month was working on a rather ambitious piece for August's milestone 200th Star Trek art challenge.  Having helped to come up with the idea, I knew I had to pull my socks up and not turn in some half-arsed attempt that I hadn't even finished properly (like many of my other efforts).

 Oh, and half-naked Rutherford on the right there is not just gratuitous eye-candy - he's relevant to the proceedings what with being a particular favourite (not unlike Connor Trinneer's "Trip" Tucker, who also features later on).

 Anyway, here's the challenge theme:

YOUR Star Trek

Your task is to create something out of Trek that means something to you. It can be your favorite ship, character or idea. Or just some Trek thing that you like/wanted to draw, model, photograph, cosplay or sing etc. Do you own a Star Trek costume? Well, then snap a photo of it and submit it to the contest! You're into Trek gaming? Then make a screenshot of something you created in the game! Almost anything goes this time.  Have fun, and good luck!

 I started by making a list of Star Trek characters, starships, locations and objects that I liked but, as you may have guessed if you know me at all, I couldn't whittle them down to a single (or even a few) thing(s).  So, there was only one thing for it: I was going to have to include all of them!

This was just a quick sketch to gauge the layout, so there were plenty of characters and things missing/undecided at the time

 I was thinking of a "Where's Waldo?" type affair after I came up with the idea of just drawing everything on my list - an image packed full of things to scour through.  And then I remembered Star Trek had some versions of sorts in the "50 Artists 50 Years" art book (which I then pulled off my shelf and flicked through): Amir Abou-Roumié's "Homestead" was the closest to what I envisaged. 

 It was going to have to be bigger than my normal efforts as I needed to fit quite a lot in, but not so big that I'd have to draw recognisable faces (which I'm absolutely rubbish at).  The initial sketch above is A4, but I resigned myself to doing the proper one at least A3.

This is the A3-sized version that I impatiently started inking and colouring in...

 Unsurprisingly, it didn't really work out as I'd hoped. I'm just not skilled (or patient) enough to create what I can see in my head - the cartoon (Lower Decks-ish) style that I envisaged just turned into crappy drawings because I couldn't help but go into too much detail to make things recognisable.  Plus, realistically A3 was still too small - I needed to go bigger, but it was already the middle of the month and time wasn't on my side.  It was quite overwhelming.  So, there was nothing left to do but have strop and sulk for a bit.  The image above is where I'd left it.

Strop over, this is how it looked once I'd pulled myselves together and got a grip

 Fortunately, after some encouragement from a few Trek BBS users, my mini-strop soon dissipated, and I went back to work on "These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things" (as I started calling it).  I was much happier with it once a bit more of it was done - and the addition of a few bold outlines really tidied things up as you can see above.  

Here's how it looked by Saturday teatime.  It's a bit on-the-wonk because I'd rotated and cropped the image to keep some things secret from the Fan Art Forum users - I didn't want to give everything away before the big reveal.

 And by Monday lunchtime it was finished!  Despite it not being exactly how I imagined, I am satisfied with it.  This certainly is one of the most ambitious pieces I've done for these art challenges and, despite finding it intimidating at times, I've had fun working out what/who goes where (and what/who to include) - Gillian's spaghetti arm notwithstanding.  I kind of wish now that I had gone with a bigger size to fit more in - But then I wouldn't have finished it until the end of next month!

 Not everything you see here has appeared on screen, as many of my favourite Star Trek things exist only as concept art, merchandise, or in books (both behind the scenes and fiction).  Also, I discovered that my favourites are rarely those well known, iconic characters and ships, but I hope you can recognise at least one or two things from my little selection:

"These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things"

 For those of you who are not Star Trek aficionados, I have helpfully provided a key to this "who's who" of my Star Trek world:

 The setting (1) is the interior of Earth Spacedock as first seen in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (my very favourite Star Trek film), although the beige & tan decor (14) is from the Enterprise-A in the much maligned ST V: The Final Frontier.  The black shuttle (22) is the Kellogg Shuttle (there're some great 'photos' at the Sci-Fi Air Show), the little red one (37) was going to be the Hunhau yellow transport from DIS: "Scavengers", but I forgot what I was doing and coloured it in red - d'oh!  And I have no clue what the alien ship is (18), but I've loved it ever since I first saw it on the pre-publication cover of the Discovery: Designing Starships book (I suspect it's a Vulcan ship concept, but I'm not sure - I don't have the book, so I don't know if it features inside). 

 If you'd like to know about any of the others, either ask me in the comments, or if you'd rather not show your interest publicly, you can look it up at Memory Alpha in private ;)

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  1. You're so talented. And how wonderful to be so passionate about something. Thank you for sharing it with us all... this is how you make the world a better place... through art!

    1. Thank you, Upton. I know it's not to everyone's tastes, but if it makes one person happy (other than myself) then it's worth it.

  2. I recognised the whales. Jx

    PS And I know who Deanna Troi is. Yay!

    1. You're practically a Trekkie/Trekker, Jon!

  3. Replies
    1. Are you in league with Dinah? I've already had to banish her for not liking Steps, and now I'm going to have to get the Banish out for you, too!

    2. Don't be silly. White vinegar cleans dishwashers and gets rid of me into the bargain.

    3. Do you have to be in the dishwasher at the time...?

  4. Is there a Jedi or what ? And what is "Gillian's spaghetti" ? I am pretty sure that Ms Anderson wore a strap dress more than once, but I did not think that you would be interested ...

    I think you done a great piece. Maybe (only "maybe", this is no critique !) it would be interesting to do it again, under less pressure (fuck deadlines !) in A1 or even A0. You could possibly use for faces, and / or other details, a kind of ... goodness, my brain ... what "Merz" did youknow ? Really forgot the word, sorry. Think you could expand this ("ausbauen"). In a (to me) strange way I like this.

    1. A Jedi?? Wrong franchise, Mr Mago. However, I've always thought Gillian Anderson would make a good starship captain in Star Trek.
      (I tried to fix the spaghettification of Gillian Taylor's arm - her in the blue & white tunic waving at the whales - in the final image. Although, I was only moderately successful)

      I would love to give this another go at a bigger size, but without a deadline I'd never finish it (or even start it, probably). There are so many things that I didn't include in this piece, so another go with a larger size could see the inclusion of Joan Collins - if only to keep Ms Scarlet satisfied!
      I would also try and keep the faces and hands simpler in a more cartoonish style (is that what you were trying to explain?) - although employing a cartoon style is a difficult/complex job in itself.

  5. No Q???? No Tribbles???? NO JOAN COLLINS???? Appalling.
    Admittedly I didn't read the list completely and I am simply guessing that my favourites aren't there.
    You did great though!

    1. You guessed correctly, Ms Scarlet. Perhaps I left them off so that you could come up with your own version...?

    2. P.S. I expect Seven-of-Nine would feature in your attempt?

  6. Is #12 Bzzit Khaht trying to put his hand on #15 Cmdr. "Trip" Tucker's arse?

    1. Wouldn't you?!?

      (That Bzzit Khaht is not me trying to insert myself into the narrative, by the way. Really.)

    2. I really do love this! I like seeing how you developed it through the different phases until the end. I try to draw and paint form time to time, but its not my forte. I've spent much more time trying to be a good writer.

    3. Thank you, Melanie. It's been a while since I've painted anything - perhaps I'll give it a go for the next challenge?
      I'd love to be a writer like you, but I'm too impatient to describe what's in my head which is why I resort to drawing etc.

  7. Number 15 I read it CMOR as in CMOR leg.

    1. Oh, I can always stand to C MOR of Commander Tucker. And not just his legs!

  8. WHAT!??! Your going to have to explain the whales and that thing in the tank, that appears to be trying to grab the ass of the fine specimen. What's going on here?

    1. You mean to say that you haven't seen or even heard of perhaps the most famous Star Trek film: ST IV: The One With The Whales?!? I mean: The Voyage Home? That romp back in time to 1986 to bring two humpback whales into the future to save Earth from a destructive whalesong-speaking probe?

      The thing in the tank - a Bzzit Khaht alien who is reaching for my Trek Husband's fine arse - is also from ST IV, but is barely even seen. My Trek Husband - "Trip" Tucker - is somewhat overdressed. He can usually be found without the vest.


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