Sunday, 26 April 2020

Art Trek: Into The Arboretum...

 It's getting near to the end of the month, and with no other post even remotely near finished, I am going to subject you all to Star Trek art!  Although, hopefully this time, you might not skim through hurriedly as it's not overly Star Trekky.
 Oh, and my pikhmit/pixmit cards won last month's Trek BBS Art Challenge, which meant that I got to choose the theme for this month's challenge:

It is Spring!*  Warmer weather and longer days bring new growth, spring flowers, and the promise of brighter days ahead.  Inspired by a weekend spent out in the garden, the final episode of ST: Picard, and recent Trek art by Donny, ashefivekay, and Dryson, I've decided on a floral theme for this month's art challenge.

I'd love to see your interpretations of flowers & plants in Trek, whether it be a look inside a starship's arboretum, the plantlife of a Trek race's homeworld, a Kressari botanical cruiser, a bunch of flowers given by one crewman to another, or something else.  Whatever it is, make it bright and colourful!

* In the northern hemisphere, at least...

 Right.  On with the show:

 A couple of days after setting the challenge, rather than strike, inspiration sauntered vaguely by and I managed to sketch out my ideas so far: a giant space flower made of starship parts (above), and a more traditional starship arboretum filled with non-traditional (and even a few non-Trek) botanical specimens (below).

 Five days later, I'd made only slightly more progress:

 But by halfway through the month I knew what I was going to do and had, in fact, half finished it:

 (Un)Fortunately, Saturday morning (the 18th) brought rain which thwarted my plans to get out and work in the garden, so I worked on my indoor garden instead.  Yes, I finished my arboretum!

Star Trek arboretum - Phylosian, Kressari, Beauregard, Triffid, Audrey-II, Kaferian apple, Retlaw, Rangdo, The Adventure Game vortex grid, K-G Running Vine, Aspidistra, starship
The arboretum of USS Percy Thrower is stocked with many species of plants -
- some of which aren't even native to this universe!
 Packed into this arboretum are nine plant species from on-screen Trek, and one from Gold Key Comics.  Then there are the interlopers from other realities - five in all.
 If you want to have a guess or know some/all of these plants, please give your answers in the comments.  But for those who can't be arsed with all that, just highlight the blank space below to reveal them.

 If one was to wander along the path from right to left (front to back), on your left you would see:
  • Pet vine - the green edged/centred leaves
  • Capellan flowers - the pink & purple flowers withthe yellow stamens
  • A couple of "Beauregards" - the pink flowers with thick brown stems
  • Two spiky cactus-like plants from Ledonia III
  • A singing plant from Talos III - with the blue disc-like flowers
  • Three retlaw plants - the pink pom-poms on "legs"
  • On to the first interloper: the Rangdo from 80s British game show The Adventure Game - the aspidistra on the pedestal "talking" to the Starfleet science officer and the Kressari botanist by the Vortex Grid (both the shaking aspidistra Rangdo and the Vortex Grid scared me silly as a child)
  • The second interloper is the leaf pile from Calvin and Hobbes - barely visible next to the door at the far end
 On your right you would see specimens such as:
  • A Phylosian crew member - on the path partially obscured by the Capellan flowers (a Phylosian starship can be seen out of the viewports near the planet)
  • A Kaferian apple tree - palm-like leaves with yellow-green fruit (there's one at the end over the door, too)
  • Pod plants from Gamma Trianguli VI - the purple flowers with yellow centres
  • A K-G running vine - it seems to be happy being stationary (this is the plant from the Gold Key comics - the Kressari botanist is wearing the same type of coverall as those worn by Captain Kirk and Janice Rand in the comic)
  • Audrey II from The Little Shop of Horrors film
  • Red weed from War of the Worlds
  • Triffids from the 1981 BBC adaptation of The Day of the Triffids

 Because I'd finished so early in the month, I thought I'd start something else - an idea similar to the first one I had.  But instead of giant flowers made of starship parts, these flowers (and other lifeforms) are actually machine lifeforms which may be harvested to make starships (and other spacecraft).
 This quick sketch is of Deflector Lilies (and their saucer pads) along with associated lifeforms - Warp Shuttlefly, Workbees, Shuttlefish, and Naceels.

 The intention is to come up with a watercolour (or pencil crayon) illustration for an encyclopedia of space-based plant life - Stellar Botanica - but I don't know if I'm going to have much time to work on it (the dratted sun's out - again! - which means I simply must get out into the garden and sort things out before the end of Spring).


 Now, with this post you are really spoiling us you may have noticed the change in title from It's A Faaaake! Not The Art Of Star Trek to plain and simple Garak Art Trek.  This is for two reasons: One, because the four second clip of Senator Vreenak - the Romulan who hisses "It's a faaaake!" - has been taken down from YouTube; and two, because I've grown to dislike the "Not The Art Of" part (as in "Not The Royal Wedding" and "Not The Hats of Barbara Cartland").  While my art isn't official Star Trek art, it is, on the whole, intended to be actual Trek art rather than a parody, hence the more "legitimate" (for want of a better word) title.

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  1. I'm afraid I only spotted those bloody terrifying Triffids that tormented the then-very-sexy John Duttine... Jx

    1. He was a bit of a fox, I suppose. With the trimmed beard, though - not the big bushy one!

  2. I've always been a tad wary of aspidestra...terrified Gracie Fields might leap out and sing at me!

    1. I dread to think what we might end up with if she crossed that aspidestra* with one of the other interlopers in the arboretum!

      * I prefer this spelling as that's how I say it (much like Gracie Fields).

  3. You seem to tend a lot of gardens

    1. That's because a lot of gardens need tending, 'Petra!

    2. You can’t just go around and tend everyone’s garden. That’s going to earn you a reputation.

    3. What makes you think I don't already have one?

      I don't. Chance would be a fine thing!

  4. It reminds me of Star Trek Voyager's Kes, and her hydroponics bay. She was one of my favourite characters, though I wanted her to dump Nelix and fly off with Tom Paris.
    Raining here, got real triffids going on.

    1. The promised rain here was barely even wet! My water butts are practically empty!!

      Kes was one of my favourites, too! Such a shame she was so underused and then "had to" leave - I would have liked to see her interact with Seven and do some of Janeway's "bringing her back from the Borg" as the years went on (they could have got rid of Harry Kim instead).
      Early years Tom Paris was a bit of a fox! However, I liked how he ended up with Banana - they made a believeable couple.

  5. What does this red uniformed guy do to the cowboy ?
    Maybe it refers to white tulips, but what do I know.

    I just came upon this website :

    Excuses if you already know about this, I just thought it would be interesting for you. As i understood they will live-stream the next asteroid passing by, the one with the "mask", no impact scheduled.

    Regarding space greenery, all I know is Silent Running, but it's outdated now.

    1. This white tulip thing is getting intriguingly out of control!

      Thank you, Mago, I didn't know about that website. I must admit, I don't often look at "real" space websites. Well, there are a couple that I use to identify stars, but that's about it. However, you may have started something now...

      Oh, and you're the second person to refer to Silent Running in regards to this picture. I saw it years and years ago, but can barely remember what happens, so I think I need to see it again.

    2. Did someone mention white tulips?

    3. After all these mentions, "White Tulips" had better become a thing!

  6. I’m all for that but you’ve got to tell me what it happens so I don’t bring it up in a Teams meeting and get sacked.


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