Sunday, 30 August 2020

Art Trek Not Trek: Hellrunner loves Spineback

 Good news, Everyone! 

 August's Star Trek Art Challenge has been cancelled!

 However, don't start celebrating just yet, as in its place is a load of other (mostly) old sci-fi properties that you probably couldn't give two figs about either.  Such fun!

 Here's the brief:

Welcome to the August 2020 Art Challenge — the 189th edition, for everyone who's taking count. That's 17 years of art challenges, with a majority of them focussing on Trek. Well, this month shall look a little different, because the theme is called Not Trek.

If you're anything like me then Star Trek isn't the only sci-fi universe you feel comfortable in. Well, this month is all about that. Basically the only requirement for your entry is that it somehow features a sci-fi entity other than Star Trek. Maybe you are passionate about Star Wars, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who or The Orville. Or are you more into obscure stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Odyssey 5, Charlie Jade or Sliders? Anything goes, as long as its within the genre.

 Farscape instantly popped into my mind when I first saw the theme, then later on while in the bath (where I do all my thinking) I came up with this list (WARNING: Almost all the following links are to YouTube clips/trailers):

Ulysses 31, G-Force: Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman), Flight of the Navigator, Asgardians of the Galaxy (because I can't decide between Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy), Transformers (UK G1 comic and toys), Zoids (UK comic and toys), John Carter of Mars (Disney film, because I still haven't got around to reading the books), Jupiter Ascending (Bees! Gravity boots!! That wedding dress and hairpiece!!!), Primeval (Dinosaurs!), Day of the Triffids (the nightmare inducing 1980s BBC TV series), and The Tripods (I couldn't find a non-blurry clip with the original music, so here is the actual theme).

 Rather typically, I couldn't decide which properties from the above list would make the cut or not, and I "accidentally" thought of a few more (which explains the Trillions and the waterlily homunculi from Les Maître du Temps).  After much procrastination and dithering, I finally made a start on my Not Trek Art Challenge piece - and promptly ruined it by hurriedly colouring it in after a couple of G&Ts...
 Here's a pre-gin snippet which includes a couple of party-crashers not on the original guest list:

Calvin and Hobbes Spaceman Spiff, Terry Pratchett Strata CND Plesiosaur, Les Maître du Temps waterlily homunculi

 I intended to re-do the scene above but, instead, I got distracted after getting my old box of Zoids out to find Hellrunner (the ornitholestes-type Zoid in the sketch from 12th August, above) and ended up with the photo-story below:

OER ZOIDS toys, Hellrunner (Merda) and Spineback (Gator)

 I loved how that last photo came out (it was the first scene/shot I thought of), and I briefly pondered just submitting it on its own (see below).  But then I started thinking about how Hellrunner and Spineback met for that "kiss" and decided to keep the other photos in the sequence.

OER ZOIDS toys, Hellrunner (Merda) and Spineback (Gator)

Atop Mount Bookcase, a heavy growth of blanket softens the footfalls of Hellrunner
as it approaches Spineback for a kiss before the Lamp Moon:
OER ZOIDS toys, Hellrunner (Merda) and Spineback (Gator)


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  1. I'm impressed. I couldn't get along with the Tripods at all. Although I did like the 1980s Triffids. Oh dear.

    1. The Tripods scared me silly when I was a child. Looking back at it now, it just seems like some ponderously slow, dull, but still mildly alarming (the way the Tripods move, mainly) kids show.
      Still, the rather beautiful John Shackley as Will was a highlight for pre-teen me!

  2. Excellent photography, Mr Devine, and very inspiring!
    You have reminded me that I once used Red Dwarf in an art project at college. I will have to show you one day - it’s a book, with a lot of pictures and a tragic ending... not quite Mogwash, but almost as amusing.

    1. Thank you, Ms Scarlet!
      Yes, I would love to see your Red Dwarf project! RD was one of my favourite shows back in the day, although I didn't watch the later series for some reason.

  3. The Mistress is comfortable on Planet DeVice even if she doens't always understand what's going on.

    1. Planet DeVice, eh? Now, there's a thought...

      As to what's going on, I did have a handy programme somewhere. Well, more like a twelve volume set of technical jiggery-pokery, Over-the-Cusp Etiquette (including which fork to use for ocelots/bears/porpoises), and a 4-Dimensional Glossary of Witchcraft, Sci-Fi, and Fruitbats.
      Now... Where did I put it...?


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