Saturday, 4 May 2019

It's A Faaaake! Not the Art of Star Trek : Oops-a-Daisy!

Redshirt Alert!  Redshirt Alert!

 It's Star Trek time again!  (I knew you'd be pleased)

 These are my efforts for the TrekBBS Fan Art April Art Challenge "Oops-a-Daisy!".  But first, the theme of the challenge, as set by me because my Disco78 won the March art challenge:  

 Our heroes almost always manage to save the day - sometimes only by the skin of their teeth (and with a lot of technobabble) - or get to the end of the episode in one piece without a bathroom break or a hair out of place, but what if they didn't?

This month's art challenge is to depict a Star Trek something that didn't quite go to plan. For example: what if Nurse Chapel hadn't dodged that Spock-propelled plomeek soup bowl? What if Scotty hadn't managed to get the spacedoors open before the Enterprise reversed into them? What if Sisko hadn't managed to convince the Prophets to dispose of the Dominion fleet before they exited the Celestial Temple?

The size and scope of the "Oops!" is up to you, and you can illustrate something that was (just) avoided on-screen, in TrekLit, or from your own Trekmagination. The only "Oops!" that won't be accepted is "Oops! I ran out of time to create something this month.


 I'd planned to do four pictures featuring hapless redshirts coming a cropper due to various malfunctions: Turbolift Malfunction, Wardrobe Malfunction, Kirk-Fu Malfunction (a forthcoming book will delve into the "Final Frontier's Most Feared Martial Art"), and Captain's Log Malfunction.

 Here's the first one: Due to a turbolift malfunction, Deep Space Station K-7's Andorian security guard, Lt. j.g. Caddorshath ch'Thir, is helped down the stairs by some friendly Tribbles... (as with most things, click to embiggen)

 The original image was drawn straight-on, but I quite liked the wonky photos of it, and thought the off-kilter viewpoint worked well with the subject matter, so I did the same for the finished one.

 This next one, Captain's Log Malfunction (no, not this one), I'm not nearly so pleased with.   And neither, I should think, is Captain Szilka - not least because this is the first time I've ever drawn a Saurian (other reasons are that his legs are too far apart, I don't like the colours, and those boots are too kinky!).
 This time the slanted view is due to a malfunction in the inertial dampeners or artificial gravity.
I didn't use this image as I wasn't happy with the suggestiveness of the pose

A quick aside
 Here's something from last Thursday's babysitting endeavours. My niece, Vom Smallhausen, described an alien for me to draw that she'd seen on kids TV show, Justin's House.   As the alien looked somewhat lonely, I added a clawed Bolian, then an Orion with a melted face (unintentional) whom Vom Smallhausen named Gabriele.   Once she'd wandered off, I went to town and took a bit more time with the Sulamid (I couldn't remember much about them, other than that they had tentacles, which is why my drawing doesn't match the description in the link) and the Trill (a concept inspired by/misremembered from nattherat's redesigns).   Only a tiny bit more time, though...
 As well as nattherat's redesign, there's another eel-like Trill redesign floating around, which I quite like, and a couple of more alien-looking humanoid Trill.  However, I furnished Vom Smallhausen's picture with the eel-Trill because I already had three humanoid aliens.


 And back to the main topic: naturally, I didn't get around to drawing the Kirk-Fu and wardrobe malfunctions, nevermind re-doing the Captain's Log image, so I only submitted poor, hapless, Caddorshath.


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  As is now traditional, Senator Vreenak insists upon having the last word:


  1. Defamation suit! — Tribble, Tribble & Tribble, attorneys at law.

    "Damn it, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a barrister!" Dr McCoy, Star Trek, The Troubles With Tribbles II.

    1. Yikes! Perhaps I could smooth things over with a cargo bay full of yummy, unpoisoned quadrotriticale?

  2. Indeed, suggestive poses and log malfunctions make uneasy bedfellows.
    Meanwhile, I always wanted a pet Tribble! Did the Borg ever meet the Tribbles? I reckon that would have been a fun episode.

    1. The Borg might not have met the Tribbles on the show, but there seem to be an awful lot of assimilated Tribbles on the internet. It seems you're not the only one who wants one.

    2. Make it so!!!
      I might start making Tribbles, you can't go wrong with a furry ball, can you?

    3. I used to love messing about with fur fabric when I was much younger. Tribbles should be easy to construct, shouldn't they? Then just smother some glue on one and roll it in the junk draw, and voila: instant Borg Tribble!

      Make it sew, perhaps??

  3. I am a less-than-young lady, easily confused by things beyond my Ken (that's the chap over the road who knows about flat tyres, lawn mowers and stuff) so when my brother sent me a Happy Star Wars email then this Star Trek post landed...well, I've had to resort to whatever strong drink is available on Alpha Centauri...

    1. Perhaps I can interest you in a stronger, smoother, and more topical drink from Ccaptain Szilka's personal stash: Saurian Brandy.
      That Centauran muck is too rough for a lady such as you.

    2. Cripes! I've just noticed a load of DinahComments in those posts you missed. I'm off to have a read...

  4. Are "tribbles" worth anything ? Are they at least eatable for humans ? Can they be stuffed and perhaps be used for to wad cushions or something ? Can one have a tribble coat ? Or at least a "tribble organ" ? Maybe they are just a case for pest control.

    1. Tribbles are mostly pests, Mr Mago. They're basically just a mobile reproductive organ (mostly uterus) that will eat whatever's around and spew out copies of itself. A bit like Gremlins, I suppose?

    2. I think "Gremlins" are more damnifying than "Tribbles". I am not familiar with both sorts of entities since I only know the subterranean inhabitants of the German woods & forests, notably of the Rhön and the Thüringer Wald, sorry.

    3. Oh, I'd love to hear more of the cryptobiology from below the Rhön and the Thüringer Wald!


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