Sunday, 1 August 2021

Art Trek: Andorian Piggyback

 As (some of) you seemed to like last month's Star Trek cut-outs, I have thoughtfully provided some more for this month's Art Trek. 
That'll teach you!
 Shush, you!  Now, where was I?  Oh, yes:  July's Trek Art Challenge:


The theme for this month's art challenge is my favourite colour combination: Blue and gold. Lifeforms or livery, technology or fashion, whatever your chosen subjects from the Star Trek Universe, blue and gold must be the featured or prominent colours. And I want to see that gold glittering and gleaming!

 Despite coming up with this month's Art Challenge theme, I didn't have a clue what I was going to do until rather late in the game.  I had an idea to do a map vaguely similar to the one I did back in 2019 - and even got as far as mocking up a little gold Oberth - but I couldn't (and still can't) envisage the finished article, so I moved onto something else.  Here's how far I got with the map:

 I might finish it off at some point, but I probably won't.  Anyway, you came for cut-outs, so here they are - as fashioned over the weekend of 24th/25th July - a pair of Andorians with a selection of gold ribbon that I've acquired over the years:

 Despite the forecast promising overcast skies the next day (just like the weekend), every working hour was blue skies and sunshine out of my window.  When at last it was time to shut down the blasted laptop, a haze of cloud appeared.  Because of course it did.  Anyway, I managed to get down to the beach and take a few photos of this Andorian thavan and [his] shei (just in case there were no more nice days for the rest of the month) - this one is one of the better ones:

 Oh, I made their hair out of little, downy feathers I collected on a walk, and the frisbee is one of the rings from the aborted map idea.

 Here they are again at just gone 7:00 in the morning.  Jadzia and Worf made it to the beach this time, too (along with "Big Bird") - well, I had to make up for last month's lack of beach action.

 I must admit, I'm really pleased with how it came out.   For a very rushed photoshoot (down on the beach before work on Friday 27th) with only about a metre or so of sand between the waves and the sea wall (the photo makes it look like there's quite a bit of beach, but there's not - the Andorians "enjoyed" a surprise paddle!), I think it looks pretty good.
  However, it's no good for the challenge as the blue and gold are too subdued because of the bright, morning sun behind them.  I went down to the beach Saturday evening with the hopes of getting a shot with the sun in front, but it was far too cloudy. And, even more annoyingly, far too people! 

 As the weather hasn't cooperated with evening jaunts down to the beach over the past couple of days, I had to resort to tinkering with the latest photograph in order to brighten things up a bit.  But it hasn't really worked as I can't get their gold beach-wear to gleam.  Instead, I've had to rely on the sunlight glittering on the sea for the gold part of the theme:

 That's it for another month.  I wonder what August will bring?

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  1. Blue aliens in beachwear? I haven't (Tom Daley et all excepted) even seen a pink human in beachwear this year... Jx

    1. I know! Blasted weather... I don't really like the sun/heat as I get hot extremely quickly and burn easily, but we're being denied the one thing it is good for - namely, exposing sculpted physiques!
      My super-hot jogger went past the other day in a hoodie! What a disappointment...

  2. Getting gold to gleam in photographs is always tricky - you can find yourself at a very odd angle to the rest of the world, albeit only briefly. Anyhow, the cutouts look wonderful!! I think the last pic has an element of Micheal Bentine's Potty time - which I used to love.
    Please tell me there isn't going to be a Star Trek Olympics?!! I have had my fill of sport this year.

    1. I had to look up Potty Time - I see what you mean! I don't do the voices for my cut-outs, though (although I have talked to them on occasion...).

      No. No Star Trek Olympics. I haven't seen any of the normal Olympics so far (thankfully), but I am watching the cricket - albeit sporadically.

  3. This is fascinating. One day, they will do a retrospective on this work in a museum. Those photos on the beach are stunning. There's something very exciting about this... and it's not that it's Star Trek related, although that will be the big appeal for some. It's your passion... on display and the skill with which you operate and create. Bravo.

    1. Oh, thank you uptonking! Although, I rather think that the museums need to have got to a point when they've dispayed almost everything else, and are scrabbling around for something else.

      I do keep all the creations I come up with, so I'm going to have to do something with it all one day...

  4. This is so cool! You're very talented! Did you actually take these to the beach as cutouts? Or did you take the pictures separately and photoshop the aliens into the beach scene? Either way, I really like it and it looks great!

    1. Ha ha hah! Photoshop?! I can barely work MSPaint!
      No, these cut-outs are taken out-and-about for their photoshoots, preferably where people are not so that I don't feel like a complete berk while I'm posing them and taking their photos. But, thank you!

    2. P.S. As crimes to sideboards go, your latest is rather lovely!

    3. I was an accessory to the crime, as it was a reblog. I didn't even notice until I saw your comment. It should be back to normal now. :)

  5. I'm up for a rousing game of groyne hoopla. Did the sea wash away their footprints or did they glide?

    1. You know, I'm really annoyed about the lack of footprints. I thought about it as I was walking down to the beach, but forgot by the time I got there. I did them for those Wild Things, Koromandis and th'Thanticar back in 2018, though.

  6. Did you hear on the news that the constabulary are after the person who's been filming porn on Cromer beach? I won't tell them for a small consideration.
    Incidentally is your energetic field blue and gold?

    1. My field is a shameful blush pink at the mo! I'll send you a real cowpat for your trouble (not like those fake ones you sent down with the charabanc).

  7. They're fab even though they're Star Trek-related.

    1. Thank you, Very Mistress. One day, perhaps I'll do some non-Trek cut-outs. Maybe I could do us? Cut-out Blogorati - there's an idea...

  8. I was going to share this as a blog post on my page, but Blogger won't let me create a new post. (I'm very frustrated at the moment!) At any rate, I read about these ghost ponds of yours:

    1. Oh, yes, I looked up some ghost ponds a few months ago after a I read an article on the BBC about them. There are quite a few contenders around here that could do with being brought back to life.

      Speaking of, I hope some life can be injected into Blogger to resurrect it, too!


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