Thursday, 30 September 2021

"How to Use Venetian Blinds as Weapons"

Oh, absolutely, Marco!
 I'm not going to go into too much (if any) detail about the books, and films/TV, and music I've read, watched and listened to this past quarter as, quite frankly, I don't have much time.  Besides, much of it you've seen me witter on about before as I have found myself re-reading, re-watching, and re-listening to things I know I enjoy and that are comforting.  (In the "Re-" sections, I've linked to previous posts in which they've featured, or at least been mentioned)


TNG: Shadows Have Offended, by Cassandra Rose Clarke - A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel set in the seventh & final season of the show "starring" Counsellor Troi, Lieutenant Worf and Dr. Crusher, with a wonderful turn by Troi's overbearing mother, Ambassador Lwaxana Troi.
 This novel read like an extended TV episode to me, but that's of no detriment in my eyes as I expected as much seeing as this story is set within the series timeline.  Troi and Worf take the Enterprise to investigate the theft of some Betazoid artifacts while Captain Picard and Lwaxana remain on Betazed to "manage" the distraught Betazoid House Leaders (who are one-dimensional hand-wringers with barely an ounce of sense between them!).  Meanwhile, on another planet, Crusher, Data and Riker deal with some strange goings-on at a Starfleet science team's research site.
 Overall, this was a perfectly competant addition to Trek Lit, but one thing managed to push SHO over the line and into an "above average" rating from me: the description - and resulting mind image - of Worf clad only in dark leather pants, boots, and a cape.  Cwwwwoooooorrrrrrr! (think Kenneth Connor in the Carry On films)

A Psalm for the Wild-Built, by Becky Chambers - The first book in a new series from one of my very favourite authors.  This story of a travelling tea monk who meets a robot out in the wilderness (the first person to see a robot in about 200 years) does not disappoint.  It is charming, thoughtful and comforting - just as I'd expect.


To Ride Pegasus (Anne McCaffrey)  ∘  Trillions (Nicholas Fisk)  ∘  Star Trek: Final Frontier (Diane Carey)  ∘  The Essential Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson)  ∘  The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson)  ∘  The Time Traveler's Wife (Audrey Niffenegger) - from which this post's title is taken (page 51)


The Color Out of Space - What a gods-awful pile of nonsensical rubbish.  I'm all for weird, but not Nicholas Cage weird, thankyouverymuch.

Tales from the Loop - Now this is a weird that I do like!  An anthology of stories linked together by their characters.  A girl who can stop time, a threeway bodyswap between two boys and a robot, a timeloop girl, a man who crosses to an alternate universe where his alternate self has the man of his dreams, the "desert island" robot...   slightly melancholy characters living in a town littered with discarded machinery that changes their lives.  And there are no real "villains" which gets an extra mark from me.

Allt Flyter (The Swimsuit Issue) - Swedish men synchronised swimming.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (season 2, eps 1 to 7) - Truly delightful and joyous, particularly from the mid-point of the season onwards, although it's not over yet as episodes 8 to 10 are still to come.  

(Plus, Rutherford is getting more and more adorable, and getting more and more of his clothes off!)

∘ The Boys In The Band - the film based on the 1968 play by Mart Crowley.  A tad theatrical for my liking (but then this was originally performed in the theatre...).

Extinction - Meh, it was okay.

Bloodbath at the House of Death - A parody of various horror films which stars Kenny Everett!  In fact, he was the only reason I watched this film.  Well, other than the multitudes of "Christ!" being uttered by various characters when frustrated...
 An observation: When the characters were travelling to the "House of Death", I thought the film must have been sponsored by Renault, as Kenny and Pamela Stephenson arrived in a Renault 20 (or 30), Cleo Rocos & John Stephen Hill in a lovely blue Fuego, Gareth Hunt & Don Warrington in a 5 (Le Car, for the Americans), and there was a Renault 9 parked at the pub (alongside a rather nice Opel Monza).  Unfortunately I couldn't make out what car Sheila Steafel & John Fortune were in.


*Batteries Not Included  ∘  The Philadelphia Experiment  ∘  Godzilla: King of the Monsters  ∘  My Neighbour Totoro  ∘  Extra Ordinary  ∘  Phwooooarrr!  I mean Thor: The Dark World  ∘  Serenity  ∘  Paul  ∘  Space Sweepers  ∘  Futurama (S1 & 2)  ∘  Farscape (S1, 2 & a bit of 3 - I had to take a break because Crichton's sheer twattery was getting on my nerves.  What a cock.)  ∘  I Am Not Okay With This  ∘  The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Cidade Invisível (Invisible City)


"Take Me For A Ride" Steps

"Paul's Dream" from the Dune soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer (but only the first half, though)

"I Hope You're Happy" Blue October.

"Sangue Latino" Mariana Froes (as lip-synched by Camila in Cidade Invisível)

"Chaeri" Magdalena Bay

As you may recall, the above four numbers were featured in August's Tunes on Tuesday!


∘ "Cruel Intentions" BabyAngel69  ∘  "Rain Down Love" Freemasons feat. Siedah Garrett (rather than just listen to this, I watch the video over and over again too - I find it hypnotic.  Plus, the blonde showgirl who the camera focuses on more than the others reminds me of Claire from Modern Family)  ∘  "I Think I Love You" and "Monsters and Angels" Voice of the Beehive  ∘  "Hands Clean" Alanis Morissette


  1. I love these kinds of updates... isn't it amazing how much stuff we consume? I keep a running tally of what I'm reading and listening to in little lists to the right of my blog. I should do movies, too... never thought about that. But some of them are so bad I wouldn't want to seem to be recommending them! Thanks for sharing. Love these glimpses into your life. Kizzes.

    1. Oh, yes, it's surprising sometimes what we'll stoop low enough to consume. Or maybe it's not? After all, a bit of junk food now and again won't kill us, so Bloodbath at the House of Death probably won't do any harm... I hope!

      Your little lists in your sideboard are a good idea.

  2. I'd rather not think of Kenneth Connor clad only in dark leather pants, boots, and a cape, thanks. Saying that, one of my all-time fave films The Ritz did feature Peter Butterworth as "Patron In Chaps"... Jx

    PS The Boys in the Band too theatrical? Good grief. It's an astounding film/play/whatever!
    PPS I never tire of Steps!

    1. Ah, perhaps I should have reworded that bit to be clear that it was only the "Cwwwwoooooorrrrrrr!" reaction that reminded me of Kenneth Connor, and NOT the half-nakedness description...
      Now Peter Butterworth in chaps would be worthy of a Carry on!

      PS I liked TBitB, but it felt very much like a filmed theatre production with the single setting and sometimes melodramatic performances (which is no bad thing as I felt a bit more cultured after having seen it).

  3. I am so glad you like Bloodbath at the House of Death, it's one of my favourites but I always think it's so weird only I could like it. I love the bit where they all start singing in the pub about the murders.
    Thanks for saving me from The Color Out of Space. I had noticed there were a lot in Cex which is never a good sign.

    1. Well, I wouldn't say I liked Bloodbath... I liked bits of it (Sheila Steafel in the library, for instance, and the pub singing. Oh, and Kenny's attack of gas)

      I can't stand Nicholas Cage and only watch TCOoS because I was curious how the 'colour' was going to be portrayed on film. I think it was lost on me due to my colourblindness though...

  4. Oh, my two pennorth about a new header photo - nothing but you reclining alluringly in budgy smugglers will do! - licks lips -

    1. "Alluringly"? Ha! Even if I had lessons in projecting "The Allure", the look would be doomed to failure (just as it is with Miranda).

    2. H2 - I had to look up "budgy smugglers", I'm glad you're not suggesting IDV stick parrots (aka budgies) up his ass! My wrath be invoked by animal cruelty.

      Alas, this also led to the discovery of a new robot called "the Budgee." A robot that follows you around carrying your things. (Sounds annoying and I doubt it could keep up!) My spouse has two extra inches of leg and still can't keep up.

      Maybe Leo di Caprio can draw IDV like one of his French Girls (a ref to the Titanic movie.)

    3. Oh, no, I couldn't have di Caprio drawing me - his eyebrows remind me too much of Norman Lamont's (the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer here)!

  5. Thanks for pointing out A Psalm for the Wild-Built, I've added it to my Kindle and will dive in as soon as I finish the sequel to Scholomance, which I highly recommend. While I'm butting in with recommendations, I'm watching the series Y: The Last Man and like it a lot. I loved the graphic novels it's based on and the show actually improves on them.

    1. Oh, another Becky Chambers fan?

      I'm kind of intrigued about Y: The Last Man, but I don't think it's on over here yet.

  6. I want to see Bloodbath at the House of Death! Sounds brilliant. Last Halloween I watched Theatre of blood [1973], which was good to see again after many years - I need something for this year.
    And The Time Traveller's Wife is a book I should read again.
    Nicholas Cage is always weird - generally I avoid him in anything.
    Voice of The Beehive! Yay!

    1. Just looked it up. Doesn't sound as if it was very successful - film critic Martyn Auty wrote: "Presumably intended as high camp; looks like low-grade Carry On."

      Theatre of Blood on the other hand is one of my favourite films. Diana Dors, Robert Morley as an old queen, Vincent Price electrocuting his own future wife Coral Brown and Diana Rigg in man-drag? Now THAT's what I call "camp"..! Jx

    2. In my opinion, Martin Auty is correct about BatHoD - although there are some funny bits. That I was more interested in the amount of Renaults in it probably says something... (It's on Netflix if you're still interested, Ms Scarlet).

    3. I love Theatre of Blood as well but get distracted by Ian Hendry's chest hair. Blush.
      If I say I also like Murder by Death and Clue it probably tells you all about me!

    4. I think we're beginning to get the picture, Hound... ;)

  7. Always fun to see your list! I found a trailer for Bloodbath at the House of Death and it looks hilarious. One of our favorite movies is "Best In Show" by Christopher Guest, a parody of the AKC annual dog show. We quote it to each other often, but when we loan it to friends they fail to be so amused by it and I'm not sure whose broken here. We also love Yellowbeard (1983).

    The Psalms for the Wild built sounds like something we would like.

    Do you already have season 2 of Invisible City? Or did you just rewatch an episode?

    We have that Nicolas Cage movie in our watch list. The only Nicolas Cage movie I love is one of his first ones, Raising Arizona also starring Holly Hunt and John Goodman. The bounty hunter with the bronze baby shoes on his motorcycle crack me up every time.

    My other half was briefly obsessed with Tales from the Loop, he got the books before the limited series was made. I have no feelings one way or the other about it.

    I just finished the main storyline of a video game called Days Gone. It takes place in S/SE Oregon which I love. In it you're a biker dude searching for his wife while fighting hordes of zombies and bad guys and making friends at camps for trust as a type of credit for buying necessities. Interesting game. Here's a trailer. It's at the top of my threshold for horror games.

    1. I only watched Tales from the Loop because of the gorgeous pictures in Simon Stålenhag's book. Which I haven't actually got. Yet...

      And Invisible City was a rewatch - I can't wait for season 2 (out early next year, I think/hope?)

      I never got into video games, although I bought an X-Box (and a few games) once in the vain hope of getting into my unrequited crush's pants. He was thinking of getting one but thought the games were really expensive, so we decided to buy different games each then swap them. Needless to say, no funny business ensued, but I did rather enjoy "The Simpson's Hit & Run", and "Destroy All Humans!"

  8. I always wanted a R17.

    1. Quite a tidy little coupe, Mago. I approve!

  9. Have you seen Alanis Morrissette recently? Her and Charlie Dimmock!

    I love Batteries Not Included.

    1. Oh, I saw Charlie Dimmock the other day while passing through the sitting room. The Mother was watching some gardening makeover show presented by Ms Dimmock and I couldn't believe my eyes! All those pints of Creme de Menthe have caught up with her I see.
      And is Alanis the same? I don't know if I dare google...

      *Batteries Not Included always brings a tear to my eye.


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