Friday, 30 March 2018

It's A Faaaake! Not The Art Of Star Trek - Murder On The Dancefloor

  As far as observing The Very Mistress's "Less Star Trek" for 2018 suggestion goes, I think I'm doing pretty well, as this is only the second dedicated Star Trek post of the year.  Plus, it's barely even Star Trek - It's more Transformers with some music thrown in.
  So, on with the show.  Here is the Trek BBS March Art Challenge as set by the winner* of the February challenge:

I know you are excited! This is the new challenge for March 2018.
@Cyfa suggested this amazing and totally rockin' art-challenge;
TREKFORMERS!!... (no, not former trekkers)... TREKFORMERS!!

You can take anything or anyone in the trek-universe, and create a Transformer.
From transforming trek-tech like a shuttle pod to a robot
or a captain's chair and back again (what a job, even for a robot)
A Worf-transforming Transformer.... anything.

Any media are good to go, except maby writing poems
But you can draw, photomanip, paint, 3D, sculpt, animate,
or actually build a transformer in star trek style... that would be very impressive!!
So run to your garages and start building, or just draw something.

Good luck, the challenge closes in 21 days.

  Here we go:

  I started off by jotting my first (and only) idea down: A transforming starship.  In this case, two Transformer siblings who combine into an Oberth-class starship - the brother transforms into the primary hull and nacelles assembly, while the sister transforms into the secondary hull/sensor pod thingy.

  I'd got a rough idea of how the various parts would move around in the transformation sequence but, as I wanted it to be as accurate as possible, I played around with some cut-outs and sketches to work out what moved where. 

  The primary hull & nacelles "brother" is looking a little dumpy...

  In this sketch (on the right), the secondary hull "sister" was supposed to be in a fighting pose, but looked more like she was dancing, so I popped a drink in her hand and imagined she's tearing up the dancefloor at somebody's wedding.
  Her "brother" is running up to remove her before she causes an embarrassing incident (I've changed his bridge-dome-and-vanes torso into a shield to lessen the dumpiness - and a shield is handy as it may stop him from getting covered in his sister's drink!).

  And so, after inking in the outlines, colouring with pencil crayon, including a tiny little Insecticon (just for fun), and adding the title etc, here is my final piece:

  This is Kizzy, an Autobot, tearing up the dancefloor to the stimthump hit "Socks Match My Hat"**.  Her brother, Jenks, is rushing on to save her from embarrassing herself (but mostly him).  He may also - inadvertently - prevent her from smushing-to-smithereens the Decepticon spy, Feinberg (who transforms into Uhura's earpiece).

  While I don't have the Harmagian "Soskh Matsh Mae'ha", I'll leave you with "Murder on the Dancefloor" by Sophie Ellis Bextor, and "Dance Hall Days", by Wang Chung:

* It was actually a tie, but I - as the other winner - deferred as I'd won recently (November's challenge), and to speed things up as we were already more than a week into March (normally, another vote is held for tie-breakers which would take another few days).
** Kizzy and Jenks are named after the characters in Becky Chambers' The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet (last featured on this blog here, although I read it again last month), which is also where "Socks Match My Hat/Soskh Matsh Mae'ha" is from.


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  As is now traditional, Senator Vreenak insists upon having the last word:


  1. I don't understand any of this.
    Wanders off in direction of crumbling cliff in search of shags and groynes....

    1. It's very moist and sticky over there. Mind you don't get too stuck in!

  2. I'm afraid I let my attention wander whilst reading. The subject of wallpapering kept entering my mind and is it considered common to dry clothes on radiators? I played the Sophie Ellis Bextor video and all I kept thinking of was geometric shapes, her facial features reminds me of the rhombus. Dance Hall Days had my full attention though, I haven't heard that song in years.

    I'll try again later.

    1. Drying clothes on radiators? Yes: common. But sometimes needs must, so just pop them over the radiator in Carmen's room - problem solved!

      Don't worry about making sense of this later - it's just filler until I get those photos of Dinahmow amongst the groynes & shags sorted out.

  3. Every time I hear "everybody Wang Chung tonight" I think of it as an advertisement for a line of frozen Chinese TV dinners. Pass the soy sauce, please!

  4. I can picture the seal in the last post saying 'Wang chung?' to you and winking!
    Actually I'd forgotten about their existence.

    1. Well, as Mitzi pointed out, that seal is a brazen hussy!

  5. Awesome! I luv the brilliant and fantastic concept! Trekformers Rock!!! Your Trekformers are amazing and fun! I want to see a Trekformers movie!

    I remember being impressed when the Reman starship Scimitar (Star Trek: Nemesis [2002]) spread its thalaron radiation generating wings. I was flabbergasted! What a spectacular transformation! It is one of the few scenes that I like from the less than stellar movie.

    Deep Space Nine and sister station Empok Nor would make awesome Trekformers!

    I love the extraordinary and spectacular Kizzy and Jenks! Party bots! I'm imagining them grooving to Wang Chung by doing their native people's dance: The Robot!

    Congratulations on creating such splendid and stunning creations!

    1. Thanks, Eros! I have ideas about DS9 and Empok Nor, now...

      The Scimitar was pretty impressive! But not as impressive as this from "The Returner".

    2. That is amazing! If all air travel was that fantastic, I wouldn't mind the long security checkpoints and taking off my shoes and belt at the airport!

  6. Did you put me into some sort of trance...? Where did all these posts come from? How did I miss them?
    Where is the horny fish thing in a Star Trek uniform?

    1. I'm not quite sure how I've managed to churn out all these posts? I'm still moaning and whining about having no time to do anything, and getting totally sidetracked by sisters, nieces and nephew, and yet these posts seem to appear out of thin air. I think I might be sleep-posting - it would explain why I'm so tired...

      Oh, the horny fish-thing in a spacesuit will appear in my next post (not the one after this, the next one I publish).


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