Monday, 8 January 2007

My fishcake tastes funny...

As I don't know whether it's off or not, I'm going to eat it anyway. If I don't post for a while it's because I've died of food poisoning. But don't worry, I'll come and haunt your Blogs in between hanging around Connor Trinneer's place...


  1. I don't know who he is, and I don't care...I'm just transfixed by his abs...

  2. I see you weren't able to find a pic of him wearing nothing but tiny trunks and a goofy grin either.

  3. Frobi & Dinah: Connor Trinneer happens to be the most delightful man in all creation! Ever!

    He was also in some show called Star Trek Enterprise, as Commander Tucker, and can also be seen in Stargate Atlantis as a Wraith or something (I don't watch it because he's covered in make up, and the whole show is preposterous). In Enterprise, he was always getting his kit off, which made for very pleasant viewing. Abtacular!

    MJ: I found tiny trunks pics but the poses weren't good. And plenty of goofy grins but, tragically, fully clothed. I'll try harder next time...

  4. He is so pretty! I love how there was always some excuse to get him in his underwear with the Whore of Vulcan.

    I only watched that show for Trip, and also my slightly wrong feeling crush on Scott Bakula. I have loved him and the cylon priest since Quantam Leap.

    Oh, and would you believe that there is a place (a legit family eatery) that serves something called "Fish Taco"?

    No, being slightly afraid of fish tacos, I didn't try it.

  5. I sort of getting the impression you like Conner Trinneer...

  6. Don't eat it - Fish anything is bad for your health...and that fish taco T-Bird is talking about sounds gross. Really. Really. Grosssssssssss.

  7. T-Bird: There were never enough excuses to get him down to his kecks in my opinion. Surely a chief engineer only needs to wear tiny trunks to save his uniform getting all mucky and oily...

    * fans self *

    Tim: I don't know where you're getting that idea from?

    * fans self some more *

    Dora: Too late! I'm not dead, though - well, no more than usual - so it probably wasn't that bad. I certainly won't be eating any fish tacos - bleeeeuch! I bet Connor doesn't eat them either. In fact, I bet he doesn't eat them while not wearing very much...

    * stops fanning and goes for a lie down *

  8. connertrineer sounds a bit like an std.

    so does smenita!

  9. Anonymous9/1/07 23:27

    Did he used to be in the A-team and is now on Celebrity Big Brother? My friend Mr Beast steals thongs from washing lines - I caught the clap from some he sent me - if you ask him nicely he will send some to you!

  10. Anonymous10/1/07 14:52

    I much prefer Scott Whatsisname who plays the Captain.

    I don't know why.

  11. Anonymous10/1/07 16:40

    Reminds me of black pudding. Surprisingly much tastier than you might have expected.

  12. I was considering picking up some sushi at Tesco yesterday but decided against it if I ended up with food poisening. Have you tried the sushi?

  13. Hmmm... I much prefer the guy in the previous post. I don't like the shaved chest look. Unless the guy is 18, it just looks bizarre to me.

  14. Skillz: It's the only STD I want!

    Mutley: I think Mr Beast should FACE up to his crimes and perk himself up with a STARBUCK's coffee.

    P&T: No. I don't know why, either.


    Qenny: Hmmm... I've never liked black pudding. Too coily. I hope it's not indicative of something else?

    Cyberpete: Not from Tesco, no. At the risk of making P&T vomit - I rather like raw fish.

    Tickers: They're most satisfactory, aren't they? I assume that comment was from your 1% (yeah, right) gay side?

    Snooze: Connor does have a good chest wig - In every other episode where he's semi naked, the wig's in effect. His delightful chest was only shaved for the pilot episode. I do prefer a bit of fuzz, too, but wouldn't kick him out of bed if he was 'bald'.

  15. Anonymous11/1/07 20:54

    I much prefer men with hairy chests. Woof!

    Superhero Tazzy *pulls a tissue from the box* doesn't really have a hairy chest, but he DOES make up for it in much more satisfyingly manly ways.

    And he has the most wonderful growl.

    *disposes of tissue*

  16. definitely eye candy IDV :-)

    are you finished your lie down?

  17. Watch it P&T! I nearly slipped over. Perhaps another tissue was in order?

    Lie down is over with, KG. However, every time I look at those pics I come over all unnecessary...

  18. Anonymous12/1/07 21:31

    Poor unnecessary!

  19. Just stopped by to perve on Connor's abs.

    Man alive! It is slippery here!!


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