Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Art Trek Catch-Up: Spinning Around*

 You know what we haven't had in a LONG while?

 Yes, my ham-fisted Star Trek fan art!

 I've just discovered that the last time I posted any  of my fan art was back in October 2020, so there's quite a bit of catching up to do.

From November/December's Star Trek Redux challenge:

Imagine there was no Star Trek as we all know and love. Imagine back in the 1960s someone approached you to design the look to this new show called: Star Trek. You are essentially given Matt Jefferies job. Now it does not have to be the 1960s Trek, in can be now. But no visual cues from all/any Trek can be used..(you know what I mean, the iconic stuff that makes things Trek)

This is as far as I got with it - a quick series of sketches and colour  swatches of a sari-inspired uniform with a left sleeve-mounted logo/mission patch based on the European Space Agency logo, and a name/department tag on the right breast.

Suddenly it was April and: Big In Japan

I've been getting more and more into SciFi anime lately, so I thought that I could make this month's challenge to apply the style of a Japanese SciFi franchise to an element of Star Trek!
It could be a ship redesign to look like something out of Gundam, a poster for Trek in the style of Akira, heck even how Starfleet would respond to a Godzilla attack! Any mix of elements between Trek and Japanese SciFi that you can come up with! Doesn't necessarily have to be a mix with a specific franchise, something just using a fitting style as a base is perfect as well! As an example of this last point, take this redesign of the Enterprise using a generic Japanese SciFi look, by Damon Moran.

 This is my Ship Girl which was inspired by these moe anthropomorphised Enterprises by Mixed Blessing and Dishwasher1910 on Deviant Art.  The girl is an Osnullus, first seen in Star Trek Discovery, and the ship is an Oberth-class Starfleet starship (one of my favourites whic halso features in previous Art Treks: Princessium and the Po, Anomalous T-Shirt, and Murder on the Dancefloor).

May: "Greetings, programs"

The Grid.. the final digital frontier. These are the stories of those brave souls who dare to dive into an unimaginable world, to seek out new life and hunt secrets long-buried, to build the future one circuit at at a time!
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to imagine if, rather than exploring the stars, our intrepid heroes explore the digital world that exists alongside our own. You can draw inspiration from the excellent "Tron" films (and sadly short-lived animated "Tron: Uprising") or something similar. Show us their outfits, their vehicles, their weapons, or maybe their environment or adversaries. After all, the Grid is a frontier unlike any other...

 I had a couple of ideas for May's challenge, but TRON TROI won out as I didn't have time to do the other one (which consisted of darkened rooms, lightbulbs in boxes, and much messing about with craft knives...).
Deanna Troi is from a TrekCore screencap from TNG "Eye of the Beholder" which I changed in MSPaint, and then ran through a watercolour filter a few times in FotoSketcher.  I used the colours for the light surrounding Tron and Yori (from the TRON movie poster) for the glow surrounding TROI.

June: Vacationing on the Final Frontier

I'm guessing not many of us will be lucky enough to have a far-flung vacation this year. But summer is here (for some of us, anyway) and there are no restrictions in the Final Frontier.
So, your challenge this month is to create an entry on the theme of Vacations in the Star Trek Universe. Imagine where your favourite character might go for a break, show a postcard sent from an exotic off-world location, a brochure for a fabled tourist destination like the Firefalls on Romulus, or design the latest in Federation Starcruise liners. Think fun, think luxury... well, unless you're Klingon, of course.

Screencap via Ariane
 My idea for this month's art challenge, Vacationing on the Final Frontier, was inspired by one of the very few good things to come from DS9's "Let He Who Is Without Sin...".

17 June: It's raining here, so I thought I'd make a proper start on my piece for this month's vacation themed art challenge. I'm going down the cardboard cut-out route again - similar to 2017's "Summer Fun" theme - this time featuring Jadzia and Worf in "Risa Revisited". For this vacation, Jadzia has persuaded Worf to don those skimpy gold trunks that she packed for him on their first trip to Risa in "Let He Who Is Without Sin" (and not to be such a killjoy). Doctor Bashir will be joining them again, this time with someone other than the exceedingly annoying Leeta (and, if I get time, two or three other beach goers).

19 June: I managed to cut out Jadzia and Worf, but as you can see from this picture, they're not stuck together yet.  I'm going to add Jadzia's "spots" and score indents for Worf's crest so that (hopefully) the light catches it to make it more obvious.  Oh, and I need to add the black waistband for Worf's tiny gold shorts! 

 Next up will be Doctor Bashir (and guest), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine before the end of the month (the forecast is not looking good...).

26 June: I'm working on Bashir & Garak, but I've drawn a blank as to what Garak might wear to the beach.  As you can see, I've dressed Julian in his Risa outfit (just like Jadzia & Worf are in theirs), but I just can't imagine Garak in bathing gear other than a red & white striped, prudish Victorian full bodysuit (maybe showing a little ankle).   In my sketch, he's wearing knee-length, hibiscus patterned board shorts, but I just don't see Garak choosing to put them on

29 June: I'm sticking with the Victorian/Edwardian cover-yourself-up style, but rather than the ridiculous red & white stripes, I'm going with a dark blue sailor-type look with a collar/shoulders cut to that quintessentially Cardassian physiology.
At least, that's what I'm hoping for. To be honest, Garak & Bashir will be in the background somewhat, so I doubt anyone will really be able to tell what they're wearing.

 Here's Garak in his bathing costume (I've just realised that I haven't drawn on his neck and head ridges yet) and another beachgoer (in need of a manicure and pedicure)... 

This morning: I haven't decided yet whether the wings will be spread or tucked back which is why they're missing at the mo.  And his feathers are a bit ruffled because he's just been for a swim (otherwise they'd be smooth and I wouldn't have spent an age cutting them all out - and they probably won't be discernable anyway, as this Skorr is another background player, so I'm wondering why I even bothered) 

 In related news, the weather is hideous and only forecast to get worse (wind, rain, overcast & dull) - hardly beach suitable - so I've got to think of a back-up plan should the sun not pop out fleetingly later...

 I'm glad I bothered to cut out all those little feathers now (and did Garak's neck and Worf's forehead ridges) as they are visible.  Just.

 This was taken in my back garden this afternoon.   No sun, giant waves, wind, drizzle, and much less than optimum temperatures put paid to a beach shoot, so I imagine Dax, Worf, Bashir and Garak are relaxing in their hotel's grounds near the pool.  Other guests at the resort include a dashing Skorr, and three Bolians.

 Here is my final piece:

 I knew you would be pleased!

* This isn't the first time gold lamé hotpants and cardboard cut-outs have featured in a Star Trek post on this blog.  Just take a look at this: Cusp Trek IV: Le Voyeur Homo.

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  1. Wow. Those cut outs are amazing. What a talent you are! Stunning stuff... and thanks for taking it out to the garden... I imagine it as the set on a future episode. I do like Trek, but not devoted to the degree you are... very impressive. Follow your passion... it always leads to greatness. Kizzes. And thanks for sharing your talent!

    1. Why, thank you!
      I was fortunate to have taken those photos before it started raining, otherwise there would have been some very sad and soggy Starfleet officers.

  2. My head has just exploded. Again.

    It's life, Jim
    But not as we know it
    Not as we know it
    Not as we know it
    It's life, Jim
    But not as we know it
    Not as we know it, Captain


    1. That song would definitely have been playing had Beaky turned up to see what was going on!


  3. Star Trek, for me, means drinking cheap plonk and eating a lot of cheese n crackers when a friend came round to our flat on a Friday cos we had tv and she didn't.
    Basically, I was too drunk to understand what it was all about. Did I win yet?

    1. For some of the episodes, I don't think even being sober would have helped!

      May I remind you that the Garden Photos Event is not a competi-

      Oh. That's right. This isn't the Garden Photos Event. So, yes, you won!

  4. Wow! I'm really impressed! I knew you were a Star Trek fan, but these are really cool!

    Speaking of things that are "Big in Japan" I used to be. I was in a well-known commercial for an English Language program that ran for over 20 years! I was the "quintessential American friend" you might meet if you joined the program. I was paid $30 and a burrito.

    1. Thanks, Melanie!

      And I bet you/your character also featured in many a fan art manga/anime comic, too. Possibly doing things that were more than friendly... ;)

  5. I love your cut-out scenes! They're very clever. And I'd like a Victorian romper suit to paddle in, please.
    We had a scorcher yesterday - today we have returned to murk, and apparently it will start raining here tonight. It is supposed to be light rain, but I have come to realise the 'light' means torrential. They only say 'light' so as not to scare the tourists.

    1. I'm sure I could knock up a serviceable Victorian romper suit for you. Only, it might be a bit cardboardy...

      I could have done with some sun yesterday. Even just for half an hour to get some beach shots, but instead it was just wind and cloud and drizzle.

      So, when the weather forecaster says heavy rain, what they mean is that someone's about to drop the Atlantic on us?

  6. The Mistress is actually wowed by the cut-outs in the garden.

    1. It's the fat old Bolian in the gold shorts, isn't it?


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