Sunday, 29 August 2021

A Month of Sundays

 Well, another week is drawing to an end, and as has been usual this month, I haven't got much to show for it except for a selection of very similar early(ish) morning photos from my leg-stretching jaunts down to the beach.  Sorry.  Next month will be different, though: "There be whales here!"; a-cat-in-a-box; Triffids; and possibly some photos not taken before 7am.  Possibly.

 The header photo is from the morning of 24th August, and below are some from Friday 27th:

Could do better.  This is very similar to Tuesday's.

Ah.  That's better, although it's verging on Drama Queen...

Uh, oh...  Sunsplosion!

Some groynes look better in silhouette

 Here we have photos from Saturday morning which include a special guest:

Who's this?

Ah, hello Cutiepuff!

"Mum!  Mum!  I'm over here.  Mum!  Can you see me?  Hi, Mum!"


 And here are this morning's batch of photos:

Another Drama Queen moment

 I'll leave you with my current earworm, "Take Me For A Ride" by Steps:

 Uh, oh...  It appears that Audrey II can't wait until next month...


  1. Your last coastal shot was panoramic dramatic! Cute seal.
    I should really post something, but I have very little. I will try.

    Thanks for the ear worm!

    1. Ha ha! When I uploaded the photos into my 'pooter, I thought I must have accidentally nudged Camera into panoramic mode when I took that pic!

      Your latest post is very thought provoking: Is Debbie twofaced, or is she like the queen with a hundred heads?

  2. Seaside, seals and Steps! Faboo...

    Is it just me, or is Claire looking more and more like Lulu these days?


    1. WEH-EhEH-EhEH-EhEH-EhEH-EhEhEhEll... Now that you come to mention it, there is a look of Lulu about our Claire...

  3. It looks more like Portmeirion every day! I think you're being transported by 5G.
    I looove cutiepuff though. Hope she can speak Welsh ��

    1. 5G?! Here in North Norfolk we've barely mastered the telegraph!

  4. You caught more waves and a seal pup with your camera, hooray! I've come with my own soundtrack. Dead Can Dance accompanies the pictures perfectly. Beautiful music never gets outdated. Have a good week!

    1. I'd never heard of Dead Can Dance before, but I've popped "Mushin" on for a listen. Which track of theirs would you recommend?

    2. Here I had gotten you used to you being so busy and now you've got a few post for me to catch up with. Dead Can Dance is one of those bands you spin up and let drift through your brain while you work on other things or as a soundtrack for intimate moments. I like 'Opium' because of the rhythm flow of drums and handpan. That one useless Brit I fucked ages ago at least helped me find this lovely band.

    3. I'm listening to "Opium" now - I think I found you on YouTube (that belly dancing video you posted at yours is set to it)!

  5. I like your moody beach pics. Steps? Not so much.


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