Saturday, 12 June 2021

An Ominous Start

 Another early morning, pre-work wander along the promenade yesterday began with a rather ominous sky on the horizon.  However, it apparently decided not to make landfall on the North Norfolk coast, and buggered off out to sea, maybe to pay Norway or Denmark a visit?

 Anyway, the drama was far from over as not only was there a false moon rising, but the Triffids were on the move...

This groyne caught me unawares.
It loomed out of the sea as I was admiring the sunlight sparkling on the gentle ripples.

No ships on the horizon today (and by "today" I mean yesterday)

That's not the Moon peeking out from over the cliffs.  Rather, it is only the radar dome at RAF Trimingham (last seen here).
Oh, I know I normally take photos without people in them, but this rather cute young man was the only other person down on the beach at 6:30am.  He was sitting on the sand watching the sun rise when I first walked past (and we exchanged a brief morning greeting).

Oh, Christing hells...


This morning, the Triffids were still about, making their way across the cliffs, but they stayed up there out of the way leaving me to investigate some smaller, far less dangerous triffids...

This is the delicate little foot/hoof print of a muntjac deer (my fingers included for comparison).  They quite often pop down on to the beach from the cliffs, and will even swim should circumstances warrant it.

The common orchids on the cliffs are beginning to bloom

A close-up

There's a different type of orchid amongst these ox-eye daisies.  Can you spot it?

Yes, a bee orchid!

I love this time of year when the ox-eye daisies come out

This is the way down to the promenade from the old Coast Road (the bit that used to join up to the High Street went over the cliff decades ago)

Now, can anyone guess what this pretty little flower is?  It might look like it belongs in the sea with tentacles like those, but it's actually from a rather large terrestrial plant...


  1. Exchanged a brief morning greeting indeed. Don't worry ducky, we all know why you cruise the beach. 😉

    1. P.S. I've just seen that there is a plant called hound's tongue and am even less able to face contributing to a gardening event.

    2. My beach cruising is purely in the interests of taking in the natural environme-

      Hang on. Do I sense a modicum of disbelief?

      Just for that, let me inform you that there are also such plants as Hound's Ear and Hound's Berry. Now you MUST contribute to the Garden Photos Event!

  2. Groynes AND tentacles? What a treat!

  3. You certainly know your landscape, flora and fauna. Very impressive. I do not. Sometimes I have to look up the term for 'grass'. Lovely photos, all. And what an unexpected find on the beach. Whenever I find someone where no one typically is to be found, I have to resist the temptation to interrogate them. Instead, I make up a story about them in my head. We have had a lovely 10 day streak here of unusually (for June) high temps and blue skies. I adore it, but others? Not so much. Well, weeds await me and today I get to transplant all the few marigolds that sprang from seed. How are we handling this gardening photo thing? Do I post on my site and leave a link? Or mail pics to you? I won't have much, but love the idea of this. You and Maddie will both be wearing the bonnets, I am sure. I would like to promote it on my site and see if we can rope in Jimmy, etc. Kizzes.

    1. I often count myselves lucky to live in such a wonderful little part of the world which encourages me to learn more about my environment. And any eye-opening guests are just the cherry on top!

      Now, the Garden Photos Event - traditionally, one emails their photos to me (previously The Very Mistress) and I'll construct a GPE post here (either all to yourself if there are more than a handful of photos, or a shared post with one or two other bloggers who may also have only submitted one or two photos). You can find out more by clicking here for the GPE history, and here for last year's program of events. I will put up a proper post with instructions and the like within the next month or so (probably should have done that in the last post...).
      Any promotion would be lovely - the more the merrier!

  4. I feel like having a little skip down the promenade, wearing a jaunty bonnet with ribbons billowing on the breeze in my wake. I will wear other clothes too. Probably a donkey jacket to beat the inevitable chill that will be with us by Friday.

    1. Other than the donkey jacket, that sounds suspiciously like a lady thing to do. Because you are a lady, of course. With flowers, and lacy hankies, and ribbons and shit.

    2. "a jaunty bonnet with ribbons billowing" My goodness Ms Scarlet, you're ready to join the set of "Little House on the Prairie" with a getup like that. I'd much rather steal Indiana Jones hat. He can call me a cad, a scoundrel, a rogue!

  5. You "exchanged a brief morning greeting" with a rather cute young man? Did you spit or swallow? Jx

    PS That's a Horse Chestnut flower, I believe.

    1. A lady never tells. Drat! I've caught Ladyitis off Ms Scarlet!

      And there's the reason that you are The Official Plant Spotter of HexenHausli Device, nay Blogdom, and its Extensive Grounds!

  6. These are wonderful pictures, such a treat! Thank you! We can just say the man is in the picture "for scale" of the surroundings. I like the common orchid, what a pretty flower! I can't even guess what the tentacle one is, it's not something we have here.

    1. Ooh, yes, I like that! Man included for scale, yes. Well done, Melanie!

      As for the flower, Jon identified it straight away (unsurprisingly) - a Horse Chestnut tree flower. I think you have a similar, related species: the "Buckeye"?

    2. Buckeyes are small trees/shrub. Feast your eyes on these perennial beauties one can find at MT Rainier's Paradise valley! Perhaps you mean Fireweed? Or Bird's Beak Lousewort?


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