Saturday, 1 August 2020

Saturday Swim: Sparkling Sea

The cormorant-infested End-of-the-Line
this morning at quarter past nine.
Pretty, isn't it?
 Another sunny weekend means another early(ish) morning swim in the sea.

 I know.  I know...  Wiz zees beach posts I'm reelly zpoiling boring you!
 Well, quite frankly, I've got cock all else to post about.  I haven't really done anything lately other than work, poke about in the garden (it's not terribly interesting at the moment otherwise there'd be loads of garden photos here), and watch Netflix (Spaced and Star Trek). 
 I haven't even got any Star Trek art work to show you - except for the Vulcan script/calligraphy I've been scrawling in the sand (yes, there's more of it in this post.  Sorry).

Oh, well... Here we go, starting with the view from the top, then down to what has become my usual swim spot, and several photos of sparkling seas (because I couldn't choose just one or two).

The End-of-the-Line, both above and below

Today's Vulcan scrawlings.  I wonder what I'm saying?

And, finally, a look back from the main beach before heading up the cliff and home.


Oh!  Almost forgot:

Thursday's stone spiral (left) as I found it this morning (centre left),
after a refurbishment (centre right), and how I left it (right).


  1. It's nice to see some empty beaches! Also nice to know that you are okay - and that you are looking after my Cormorants. Dinah will just call them Shags because she is TOO LAZY to type Cormorants. I am just saying.
    I am meaning to write a post about my toothache - I still have it, so the topic is still viable, although it is easing off, and may not even be toothache [see how I am trying to make my subject mysterious and interesting], I will leave it there.

  2. What is the collective noun for shags? "An orgy" perhaps? Jx

    1. Oh gods! I've waited years to say this: one of the collective nouns for cormorants is "a gulp."
      And for shags? "a hangout."
      You're welcome.

    2. A gulp? I didn't know that. And this is just ONE of the reasons we love blogging.

  3. I could never tire of your beautiful beach photos. But what's wrong with posting cock photos? Ohhhhhh that's right...the warty wand thing.

  4. Now I have 'A wizard has a staff with a knob on the end of it' going round in my head.
    Did you photoshop out the people on the beach?

  5. I was sat with the maid in Morrison's cafe this afternoon, enjoying a toasted tea-cake, opposite sat a large family, covering two tables, their children were running amok and banging loudly on the nearby tables, they had a very strange way of talking, I thought they might be from Newcastle, then Carmen mouthed the word Gyppos, they were talking about where to move on to next, 'Somewah on cost, quiet like' piped up father gyppo, then one of the children started to bang on our table, they quickly apologised to me, that opened a chink in their clique, big enough for me to tell them about the beautiful secluded beaches on the North Norfolk coast, especially Cromar, Overstrand and beyond, I could tell they were really enthusiastic as they were working out the quickest route! I think one of the children was called Mackenzie.

  6. You should watch Elite on Netflix. It's Spanish. It's got Omar. This is all.


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