Thursday, 16 May 2019

Cormorant: The Return!

Cormorant #1 near the "Not really dunes"
 Yes, they're back!

 Fresh from debuting at Mistress Maddie's lakeside retreat, the cormorants have returned to their rightful place on the North Norfolk coast.  Well, two or three of them have, anyway.
 I wonder if the rest stopped off in Devon...? 

 Anyway, I spied these three (possibly two, as the first one I spotted could have flown along the coast, overtaking me, before settling on a big, rusty knob at the end of a groyne) during Saturday's lunchtime wander.  They're sporting little head crests which is a sure sign of mating season!

The tide was in...

... so I had to walk behind the revetments...

... in the not-really-dunes

Straight on to Denmark or Norway.  Or follow the revetment to...

... the End-of-the-Line complete with cormorant capper (Cormorant #2)
(the big splash is a wave breaking on the Sidestrand/Trimingham revetments)

Cormorant #3 (or possibly #1 or #2) on the slipway groyne at Overstrand's main beach

Overstrand main beach looking west towards Cromer...

... and Cromer Pier


 And the following cormorant-less* photos are from this morning's perambulation after I'd taken The Little Witch to school.

Overstrand's main beach again

And Cromer Pier in the distance

A groyne taking a pounding

Just look at all that salty spray!

Shit!  The chandelier's in shot!

At the bottom of the Coast Road slipway

Overstrand's east beach


Beach huts


Heading home (no, I'm not climbing up the cliff, I'm walking up the slipway)

* Have you enticed them back to Devon, Ms Scarlet?


  1. THIS JUST IN: Cromer Blue Flag award!

    1. Ah, good old Cromer. It's worth braving the crowds for one or two of the hunky young lifeguards!

  2. Ooh just think of all that sand getting in swimming trunks. Scratch scratch. BTW despite all the talk of groynes and whatnot we have yet to see you in your swimming apparel on the blog 🧐

  3. I had a stern talking to them. I told you dear freinds... ask, and you shall receive.

  4. Groynes, shags and salty spume. We love it! Jx

  5. I've not seen any in Devon yet, Mr Devine, but to be fair I haven't been to the right places.
    Thank you, Maddie, for pointing them in the right direction!!

    1. Well Scarlet, I had some word with them...but there still seem to be a pretty big group up at the lake still.....


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