Sunday, 13 November 2016

Procrastinating with Evil Edna

Evil Edna (from Willo the Wisp)
 Evil Edna, a witch from the depths of my childhood, has cast her wicked influence on me!  She consistently thwarts me with her flickering images when I have something important or time-sensitive to do.
 A result of Evil Edna's meddling is this list of TV shows I've watched or I'm still watching, which has been languishing in my blog drafts for months.  I keep adding to it every time I ought to be doing something more constructive or useful but find something new to watch instead.
 I'm not really sure what the point of this post is supposed to be, though?  Originally, I think I'd intended it to play some part in the end-of-year Coven Awards (which -Yikes! - I'd better make a start on. I haven't even thought of a theme, yet), but it now seems to be a grim reminder of how I'm wasting my life...
 Oh, well!

 I've tried to categorise the shows so it's not just a big ol' list, but a few could live quite happily in several of the categories I've come up with.  I've also added a few notes, such as Watched (meaning I've seen the whole season/series), In Progress (still going through it), Binge Watched (self explanatory) etc.

BBC "blank"-offs:
The Great British Bake Off (BBC) - series 7: Watched (this is the first year that I've watched it - I can't believe what I've been missing)
The Great British Sewing Bee (BBC) - series 4: Watched (possibly the nicest show on TV!)
Strictly Come Dancing (BBC) - series 14: In Progress (why can't they all win?)
Strictly - It Takes Two (BBC) - series 14: In Progress (hilarious and comforting - it's like being around a good friend's house to discuss Strictly Come Dancing)

Period dramas:
And Then There Were None (BBC) - mini-series: Watched (this adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel of the same name [although originally titled Ten Little Niggers] gave us Aidan Turner in a towel!)
Poldark (BBC) - series 2: Watched (more Aidan Turner in various states of scowling, sweaty undress...)
Victoria (ITV) - series 1: Watched
The Crown (Netflix) - series 1: In Progress

The Creepy:
Black Mirror (Netflix) - Binge Watched seasons 1 & 2, season 3: In Progress (The Very Mistress MJ may be interested to note that John Hamm features in the 2014 special "White Christmas" - if she wasn't already aware, that is...)
The Exorcist (Syfy) - season 1: In Progress
The Fall (BBC) - series 3: Watched
Hemlock Grove (Netflix) - season 1: In Progress (Christ only knows what's going on in this show, but I keep watching for Famke Janssen's vampy scenery chewing matriarch, Olivia Godfrey, and her deformed but utterly endearing daughter Shelly "Glow-worm" Godfrey")
The Living and the Dead (BBC) - series 1: Watched (it's a shame this ghost-story-with-a-twist wasn't renewed for a second series - especially as it ended on a cliff-hanger)
Penny Dreadful (Sky Atlantic) - season 3: Watched
Stranger Things (Netflix) - season 1: Binge Watched
Westworld (Sky Atlantic) - season 1: In Progress

Absolutely Fabulous (Netflix) - series 1-5: Binge Watched (I rewatched these after seeing the film back in the summer - which also features John Hamm in a cameo, Mistress)
Lucifer - (DVD) - season 1: Watched (Tom Ellis in guyliner - what's not to like?)
The Middle (Comedy Central) - season 8: In Progress
Modern Family (Sky One) - season 7: Watched
Harry Hill's You've Been Framed (ITV) - repeats up to series 29: In Progress (there have been dozens of Candid Camera style shows, but Harry Hill's hilarious commentary easily makes You've Been Framed the best, in my opinion. His Swaffham, John Barrowman, and Tom Cruise references are always a treat)

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome (Netflix) - mini-series/TV movie: Watched
Dark Matter (Syfy) - season 2: Watched
The Expanse (Netflix) - season 1: Just started
Firefly (Netflix) - season 1: Binge Watched (followed by the feature film sequel, Serenity)
Humans (Channel 4) - series 2: In Progress
Killjoys (Syfy) - season 2: Watched

Homo Superior:
Arrow (Sky One) - season 4: Watched (Too much angst and melodrama - I won't be watching season 5)
Bones (Sky One) - season 11: Watched
The Flash (Sky One) - season 2: Watched (Barry Allen is just getting stupider and stupider - I won't be watching the new season of this, either)
Grimm (Watch) - season 5: Watched
HIM (TV) - mini-series: Watched
Legends of Tomorrow - season 1: Abandoned (I couldn't even get through the first season of this Arrow/The Flash spin-off - it's ludicrous [although Victor Garber is brilliant, as always]!)
Marvel's Agents of Shield: (Channel 4) - season 3: Watched
Sherlock (Netflix) - series 1: Watched

 There have been other things on TV that I have watched (like Gardeners' World), but none that I've gone out of my way for like the above examples. Having said that, I have just started to watch the BBC's/David Attenborough's Planet Earth II. I've also managed to squeeze in a few Star Trek episodes here and there - mainly from Deep Space Nine, but also a few from The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise, and The Original Series.
 If I get time, I'm going to give the Marvel shows DareDevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage a go.

 So. What have you been watching? Do you have a favourite TV show - something that you just can't miss? Tell us all about it in the comments.

P.S. I've got to go outside for some fresh air, now. I've been stuck in here clicking on colours and italics for too bloody long!  


  1. Planet Earth II has to be one of the best things on telly in years. I was on the edge of my seat when that scene with the baby iguanas came on! [Not recommended for ophidiophobics, of course.] Jx

    1. Having enjoyed Planet Earth I, I look forward to Planet Earth II.

      I had to Google "Ophidiophobia" and am relieved that I do not suffer from said condition.

    2. Oh, you thought the snakes were bad? I've just watched the second ep and almost died of heart failure at seeing mountain ibex precariously perched on sheer rock faces! And baby ibexes at that!

    3. What about this evenings Flamingo parade?!!!! They were fascinating.

    4. Oh, they were! I was most surprised to find out they cope so well in such cold climates. I don't feel so bad for the flamingoes at Cromer zoo, now!

  2. I going to shuffle off and watch And Then There Were None again.....
    We have very similar tastes, my friend. I have been watching filums lately. Last night I watched The Lives of Others. I am always very proud of myself when I watch a filum with subtitles.... but this was an exceptionally good filum.
    I have also done the Ab Fab, Black Mirror thing.... and Victoria... Life on Earth II..... and ED BALLS..... don't you think it would be fitting for this year if he won Strictly. He makes me laugh so much, and I don't usually find the ones who go for the comic angle particularly funny. I look forward to watching him. The BBC should give him his own show.
    The only programme that we would disagree on is Harry Hill - he leaves me cold.... but there you go, the exception proves the rule.

    1. If/when we find ourselves in the same neck of the woods, a night in in front of the telly shouldn't cause any arguements, then (don't worry - no You've Been Framed)!

      I feel for Ed Balls (that very nearly came out wrong...) - He can clearly dance, albeit not as well as the rest of them, but constantly seems to be overlooked and ridiculed by the judges because of the aforementioned comic angle. I'd love to see him get better over the next few weeks (and hopefully not kill Katya while he's at it!), but I don't know about winning...

  3. My word.... that is the longest comment I've left anywhere since I started commenting on blogs in 2008.

  4. This is the first I've heard about The Great British Sewing Bee. Too bad the contest is only in Britain otherwise we could enter Princess!

    I'm watching The Crown, as you are. So far, Aidan Turner has not shown up in a towel. I now expect all British dramas to involve a cameo appearance of Aidan Turner in a towel.

    I'm saving the AbFab film for when a friend comes from out of town to visit.

    1. Everything would be made better by Aidan Turner in a towel!

      Yes, Princess would be a marvel on the Sewing Bee!

    2. I'd like to be entered occasionally...

  5. I'm watching the Supermoon tomorrow night. See my new post.

    1. Sadly, John Hamm does not super-moon in AbFab, so don't get your hopes up. It is a very funny filum (as Ms Scarlet says) - well, I found it so, so I hope you do too.

  6. Of your list, I have only seen the delightful Bake Off. A couple of the series were shown on PBS (public TV) here. Usually, I have to watch it on YouTube the day after it is broadcast on BBC (while avoiding the spoilers published in the Daily Mail).

    FYI: Series 1 to 6 are on YouTube if you wish.

    1. You will have to join Ms Scarlet and me for our "night in front of the telly" to catch up with all these shows. We'll fly The Very Mistress in too, so she can watch the Sewing Bee. And Princess!

  7. Long comment: My apologies. Will break it down into three comments.

    I totally agree on what a waste of time Arrow has become. The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow have gotten disappointing! I tried to hold out for Grimm, but the series kept getting worse & failed to live up to its potential--it went from slayer cool to telenovela terrible! I'm not surprised they're cancelling it--what a waste! Marvel's Agents of SHIELD & Supergirl & Gotham are on that bubble for me.

    Worst waste of time is Syfy's The Magicians--terrible plot, unlikeable characters, no redeeming nor entertaining qualities at all! Complete & utter waste of time that left a bad taste in my mouth!

    Humans was slow then it got disturbing early on for me. I watched because the dude from Merlin was in it, Colin Morgan--I thought he was great in Merlin, but the show sucked towards the end--well, the whole Arthur legend sucks towards the end. But as for Humans, it was slow, & I didn't feel invested until towards the last few episodes--I hate slow paced storylines. But I'm giving it another shot because of the potential. Same for Fallingwater--the potential is there but the damn storyline & plot feels like it's dragging, taking too damn long. And I hate shows ending up on a cliffhanger, because chances are, they get cancelled & they're never resolved & I feel like I've wasted my time.

    1. Dark Matter & Killjoys & The Expanse have lots of potential--at least they're new, trying out new ideas rather than recycling old tv tropes or knocking off Battlestar Galactica.

      Love Lucifer for its awesome blend of humor & supernatural & cop show--also, I loved the character from the The Sandman & Lucifer comics. The British Bake Off on public tv is awesome! As a matter of fact, my favorite shows are on public tv:

      Anything by NOVA or Nature--love those science shows. Currently, I'm fascinated by Nature: The story of cats--a fantastic & delightful two part series look at cats, their origins, their evolutions, & so many spectacular & stunningly gorgeous cats around the world! And Treasures of the Earth: Gems, Minerals, and Power--a fascinating three part series on earth's most precious resources, their beauty, their cost, & their impact on our lives.

    2. And in probably the most gut-wrenching season of all, I'm still watching the Walking Dead, even though I swore that I would stop watching once they killed off my fave character in the most brutal way--even though I knew from the comics that the end was coming. But the tv show has varied from the comics, making for a totally different storyline from the comics at times--keeping me surprised & entertained.

      On a zombie apocalypse related note, Syfy's Z Nation has been a delightful surprise--you have to just accept the show in its delightful portrayal & self depreciating humor, making fun of all zombie movies tropes & cliches, yet still managing to create hilarious & innovative plotlines & twists! Think B movies at their best! Leave reality at the door & just enjoy the laughs & zany craziness of the show.

      Luv Firefly--was cancelled too early. The movie does a fantastic job of wrapping things up in Serenity. Still keeping my fingers crossed for more.

      Also, I'll watch anything with BBQ guru Steven Raichlan sharing awesome grilling & smoking techniques & yummy BBQ dishes--Primal Grill, BBQ University, Project Smoke, etc. I luv BBQ! Also, lately, I've been hooked on the cooking show of Jacques Pepin--I ain't never seen a person debone a whole chicken so fast with such precision & expertise, making it look so freakin awesome! And his food is pretty delicious, too!

    3. I must admit, I'm only watching Grimm for Rosalee and Munroe (and a little for Adalind, which surprised me). They are adorable! Nick/David Giuntoli is about as compelling as a plank of wood!

      I loved the first series of Humans, but this second one is falling a little flat - although it has only just started here. Also, I watched it right after Westworld with its similar themes, and that rather spoiled Humans for me.

      I really like Dark Matter, and Killjoys is just a sophisticated blast! The characters in these two shows are wonderful, on the whole.

      I've never seen The Walking Dead or Z-Nation. I got into the current zombie craze too early and the novelty wore off before TWD came along. Having said that, I still love Shaun of the Dead, though!

  8. I prefer the 1960s version of And Then There Were None because it features the hairy Hugh O'Brian in tight sta-prest trousers.
    I've managed to miss the point of this post completely, haven't I? I do always admire your typesetting though x

    1. Not at all. Don't we watch the telly because there's something/one worth watching on it? I could have waxed lyrical (not Hugh, you'll be pleased to hear) about the various telly totty on most of the shows up there, but it would have made for a tediously lascivious post...

      Thanks for the typeset props. I only did it to break the post up a bit as I couldn't be arsed to trawl around finding videos and pictures. It probably took me just as long, though!

    2. Oh you're so understanding of my little peccadilloes lol. Had I better keep it quiet that I've been watching Are You Being Served again, with much enjoyment?

    3. No, shout it from the rooftops! I love Are You Being Served. I may have to try and squeeze it in somewhere...

    4. Mrs Slocombe couldn't put it better!

  9. Oh bugger! I don't know what half of this is about.
    I'm watching a Poldark re-run and this morning "Ross" was up before the magistrate, who's played by the chap who was "Ross" in the first series.God! Life gets confusing when you get old.ish.Probably worse for Robin Ellis!
    Most of these shows are not on the channels I watch, which are ABC because it's advert-free and SBS because it has few adverts.
    And the silly season is almost upon us arggh!

    Mr LX and Ms Scarlet and moi are thinking of going into business, making bottle bags.

    1. Well, I never knew that! I mean, I knew there was a previous Poldark show, but I wasn't aware that Old Ross was up against the New Ross. Fancy.

      Adverts are annoying, aren't they. I record everything and watch it later when I can fast-forward through the ad-breaks. The only things I watch "live" are Strictly, Bake Off, the Sewing Bee, and Planet Eart II - all BBC so no ads!

      I think your bottle bags will sell like hot cakes!

  10. ööh ... what's that "teevee" ?

    1. It's magic box that traps the very souls of those unfortunate enough to get trapped within, or without in its unseeing, flickering gaze! Watch out!!!

  11. Since you mentioned the "Great British Sewing Bee" I've binge watched all 4 seasons and have developed a crush on Patrick. I love it! "Enter me now Patrick".... er did I just say that out aloud?

    1. Patrick is quite dreamy, isn't he? Just the right combination of stern and serious, with those eyes twinkling in moments of gaiety.
      I'll leave you now while you show Patrick just how accomodating you are...

    2. Is there another season planned for next year? I find Patrick even more alluring without the face fuzz and attempted tash...


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