Sunday 21 December 2014

Found: 2013 in review

 Jinkees! I was just thinking about maybe possibly doing a '2014 in review' post as the end of the year is looming, when I happened upon this review of 2013 in my drafts:

~ ~ ~

Favourite Televisual Viewing - In The Flesh, Being Human, Alphas, The Middle, Modern Family, Grimm, Under the Dome, Futurama, Australia, Glee, Criminal Minds, Fly Alaska, Strictly Come Dancing, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Most adorable presenter of a TV programme - Simon Reeve (Australia), Russell Howard (Russell Howard's Good News), Tom Hiddleston & Cookie Monster (Sesame Street/various)...

Awesome Abs - Harry Shum Jr (Glee), Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter of Mars), Charlie McDermott (The Middle)

Most Amusing Rediscovery - Green Wing, Russell Howard's Good News, Pam Ann, Cookie Monster, Phixx

Most Heavenly Music - Goldfrapp "Clay", Nicola Roberts "Cinderella's Eyes", Girls Aloud "Something New", Glee "Locked Out of Heaven", "I Only Have Eyes For You" (although I prefer the Flamingos version...)

Charlie Hunnam and his abs star in Pacific Rim
Hottest Sci-Fi(gure) - Charlie Hunnam, Chris Hemsworth, Taylor Kitsch, Mike Vogel

Favourite Films - Pacific Rim, Battleship, Evil Dead, John Carter (of Mars) (OK, so this was released in 2012 but I only saw it in 2013), Chronicle, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Big Wedding, Thor: The Dark World, Blackfish, Cabin in the Woods (this was also a 2012 release), World War Z

The Most Hideous Disappointment - Star Trek Into Darkness.
Lets hear what Senator Vreenak has to say about it:

That's right. It's not really Star Trek. It's a perfectly competant sci-fi action film, but doesn't have any of the trappings of an actual Star Trek story.

Most Fabulous T-shirt - The orange one!

Character Crush - Axl Heck (The Middle), Sean Donohue (The Middle), Phil Dunphy (Modern Family), Monroe (Grimm), Dale "Barbie" Barbara (Under the Dome), Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds)

~ ~ ~

 As you can tell, it's nowhere near complete - I haven't even chosen the winners! In fact, when I found it, there were no links, pictures or videos - I added those just now to liven it up a bit.

 Hmmm... This has put me in the mood to stop procrastinating and get started on this year's review.

 Oh. Hang on. Inexcuseable's just called me. Gotta go. I'll be back later though!


  1. Orange is the new black!

    Luv Futurama! Grimm started slow but I really enjoyed it as soon as the season went on & got more exciting. It's a guilty pleasure now, along with Constantine that just started & follows Grimm. Ags of SHIELD is entertaining but I confess preferring Supernatural when they share the same time slot. Being Human & Alphas--the US versions are very slow & soap opery & not in a good way. The Middle & Modern Family are funny!

    The only movies I've seen on the list are Battleship & John Carter--Hey, I just realized, it's the same dude with different haircuts in both movies--both entertaining films to pass the time. Though I saw them on cable, not theater. Haven't seen Thor the dark world, but now I'm imagining Cookie Monster making an appearance & going "Loki!!! Nom nom nom nom!"

    Happy Holidays to you & yours!

  2. They lost me on the new Star Trek-ish movies in the first one when the young Kirk wrecks that 1965 Corvette.


  3. i still haven't seen any of those movies, sweet pea. *sigh* i do like the orange shirt, but orange does absolutely nothing for me! xoxoxoxox

  4. Eros: A Thor film with Cookie Monster just couldn't be topped!

    LX: You should be thankful that the wrecked Corvette scene happens so early in the first film - It then saves one from having to sit through the rest of the claptrap.

    Savvy: Orange may not do anything for you, but just look what you can do for orange: Candy it!

  5. you're right, sugar plum! i think i'll just take those sweet slivers of deliciousness out of the freezer right now! xoxoxox

  6. Mmmmmm... Enjoy.

    Oh. You already have!

  7. Ack... nothing wrong with a bit of procrastination!! It gets done in the end doesn't it?!!!
    Happy Christmas, my lovely!! Thank you for the tinfoil crown!!

  8. Thank you for keeping us entertained and for your friendship and support, IDV. You are awesome!!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas full of good food, good spirits, and the good company of cheerful friends and loved ones.



    And May the New Year bring you and yours lots of good luck, good fortune, and surround you with good company and good times. Cheers!!!



  9. Tom Hiddleston...mmm.....

    Sorry? What? You wrote stuff after him?

    Hope you had a fabulous Solstice celebration and enjoy the rest of the festive season! xxx


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