Saturday, 3 May 2008


Once upon a time there lived a witch. This witch was not an evil witch, but neither was he particularly good. He went about his business, living his life, and only occasionally meddling in the lives of others, as any witch worth their salt would do.

One bright sunny morning, as the witch was cleaning the precious things in the house, he accidentally rubbed his crystal ball the wrong way with a feather duster. The milky glass orb shimmered into life then cleared, becoming perfectly transparent. The witch was about to switch it back to stand-by mode when movement within it caught his eye.

He squinted into the depths of the crystal and was able to discern two bestriped figures heading towards him. How odd, he said to himself, squinting deeper in an attempt to glean more details. As the image grew closer, the witch had a sense of something porcine and/or marsupial about the two figures.

Suddenly, he gasped in realisation, dropping the crystal ball as his hands flew to his open mouth. The 'ball fell onto the floor with a loud crack. It split open releasing shards of glass and a very faint 'oink'. The witch staggered backwards, his hands desperately weaving a protective spell before him but he knew it was in vain. They would soon be here!



  1. Have a good one with Piggy and Tazzy

    I'm sure they'll find you someone spechul

  2. That will teach you for rubbing your balls the wrong way.

  3. Now I'm hearing the theme from "Deliverance"

  4. An opportunity to use your new camera and computer!

    Will you be wearing your striped shirt to match theirs on your outing?

  5. It's also an opportunity to compare nipple sizes.

    Surely yours must be bigger than Piggy's.

    And why don't you all get your cocks out and take pics for us.

    There's a good lad.

  6. Are you playing with Piggy and Tazzy?

    Yay! Double yay with a triple pike somersault!

  7. IVD's been awfully quiet today.

    Do you supppose the Yorkshire Poofs are there with him now and they all have their cocks out?

  8. Probably MJ

    wouldn't put it past any of them really.

    filthy cunts

  9. Are they cottaging, do you think?

  10. Frottaging, more like.

  11. Frottaging?

    Please elaborate

  12. so what your saying is you dropped your ball
    There was a puff of smoke
    a loud 'POOF'
    and there stood Wiggy and Faggy

    Have fun :-)

  13. I want to hear more about the loud poofs!

  14. How much and how often did they fart?

  15. I didn't know rubbing balls had *that* sort of effect.

    Frottage away! Petey frottaging = dry humping a stranger.

  16. Update!

    With cottaging and frottaging pics!

  17. What a great story! You should blog or something.


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