Friday, 9 May 2008


Well, after you harassed me in your multitudes - Oh, OK, so it was just CyberPetra - I bring you the DVDs of IDV!

I hope you can make them out OK? You'll probably have to click to embigulate (I pinched that word from either The Simpson's or Spike).

There're not a lot there - Well, I don't think there're a lot. Inexcuseable and one of my oldest Hags have whole bookshelves (or DVDshelves) full of them, so compared to their collections, this is but a drop in the ocean. I only tend to buy films if they're really, really good and have loads of killings. No, really, only if I know I will watch them again and again (step forward Parenthood). Otherwise, I borrow from Inexcuseable, or wait until they're shown on television, in which case, I'll usually record them, forget what's on the tape and record over it (more often than not with Desperate Housewives or Heroes).

Before I bring this brief post to an end, I have a couple of people who I'd like to confront (the first person in more ways than one):

Tim - Who said "I'm trying to see what shitty DVDs you've bought…" - Well, Tim, according to Facebook's Movie Compatibility Report, our score is 68 (Best friends). That's a higher compatibility rating than any of my other friends, and higher than the six of yours who are displayed in your Movies application. So, who's got a shitty DVD collection?

Piggy & Tazzy - Who said "We can tell you that his DVD collection consists of everything camp you can imagine.
"Brokeback, Priscilla, Tom and Jerry, Jane Fonda's Workout... you get the drift.
"Astonishing and shameful." - As for you two, I might have Brokeback Mountain and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert amongst my collection, but I don't have Tom & Jerry or Jane Fonda's Workout. I do have The Pink Panther boxset, though, and I do covet Inexcuseable's Pump It Up - The Ultimate Dance Workout, but that's only for Juan Pablo Di Pace who 'starred' in it...

Drat! Now I've made myself appear even more camp.



  1. I could only make out a few of them with my bad eye sight but you could turn this into a meme.

    I'd be up for doing it too

    Oh and I too have Evolution...

    Last but probably least, how do you get that movie thingamabob on Facebook?

  2. Yes, but I have appalling taste in movies. Back to you!

  3. I bet I have fabulous taste in movies compared to you lot

  4. " which case, I'll usually record them, forget what's on the tape and record over it..."

    Erm...TAPE? How very 1980's

  5. Oh, IDV. I have pretty much everything you have! Seriously - I was looking through them going 'seen it, seen it, seen it... oh I've not seen that'.

    I did however, notice a lack of Richard Eye Eye Eye. Better rectify that.

  6. The only titles I can make out are:

    Lord of the Cock Rings


    Homo Alone.

  7. Didn't you spot Oliver Twink in there MJ?

  8. I thought I saw "Saving Ryan's Privates"

  9. If my eyes weren't so crap I might have been able to read the titles of your collection. They are lined up nicely though.

  10. is that the sequel to Shaving Ryans Privates T-birdy?

  11. CyberPoof: No, I didn't see Oliver Twink but I see Raiders of the Lost Arse.

  12. Tee-hee

    I've actually seen that one

  13. SEEN it, CyberPoof?

    Didn't you star in it?

  14. Shuuuuuuush MJ!

    Not so loud, I don't want everyone knowing.

  15. Heheee! Yes Pete - I do believe it was the sequel to Shaving Ryan's Privates.

    You were in Raiders of the Lost Arse? *goes to DVD shelf to inspect*

    Yep - there we are - Cyberpetra credited as 'sexy mincing waif in high heels number three'

  16. yup yup!

    I was a standin in Bonesaw and The Hole too

  17. Oh! I *have* to see those now!

  18. Do I see that you have all of the "Alien" movies? If so, I'm definitely jealous. I think I have the original one, but not the others. What is wrong with me??

    I've got more VHS movies than DVD at the moment.

  19. The Island and Tron.

    I rest my case.

  20. Tara: I *do* have all the Alien movies. Even that travesty Alien vs Predator.
    I won't be getting AvP:R, though. What a crock...

    Tim: The Island - Ewan MacGregor in a tight white jumpsuit. Need I say more?
    Tron - I-can't-believe-you-don't-like-Tron?!

  21. *comes late again*

    I nicked it off of The Simpsons.


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