Thursday, 15 May 2008


No, not that lot. I've been tagged by the ever lovely Snooze.

5 things in my (man)bag:

Address book
Black biro
A plaster (band aid)
Opened pack of Wrigley's Extra sugar free gum (Cool Breeze flavour)
Someone's phone number on a Post-It. I think it's someone's from work?

5 favourite things in my room:

Spathiphyllum 'Mauna Loa'
Blog notepad
Photo of Gitface
Red bed linen

5 things I have always wanted to do:

Tim, Connor, Pete who used to live next door, George (one last time)...
No! No, no, no. That's not what is meant!
Shush, you.

Here, let me finish off:
Fly unaided - I don't like being reliant on Broom, Brolly or unbaptised/unchristened virgin boy fat! Bleeuch! Cholesterol-y.
Give those brats Hansell and Gretel their comeuppance. Little bastards.
Ooh! Ooh! I've got one: Be in a TV show. Preferably as a recurring character in Star Trek Deep Space Nine (yes I know it's finished), Desperate Housewives (as Tom Scavo's boyfriend once he's dumped that nagging shrew Lynette) or Primeval.
Breathe under water.

5 things I'm currently into:

Pushing Daisies (even though it means watching chavvy ITV [no relation]) especially the adorable Pie Maker Ned who reminds me a little of Tim - Must be the eyebrows.

Freckles - either getting my own or seeing other peoples.
Magnolias - the trees, not the paint colour.
Baking chocolate marzipan cake.
Betty's Utility Room. Go and have a look - THIS THING IS FUCKING AMAZING!

5 people to tag: Tim, MJ, CyberPetra, Frobi and the frou frou T-Bird.

Do your worst, my Pretties! Mwah hah hah hah hah ha!


  1. Lee Pace. Mmmmmmmgrgglrllgll....

    Ack! Mustn't dribble on other people's blogs... otherwise my reputation for fierce and incisive intellectual comment will be in tatters.

  2. I used to have a poster of 5ive in my bedroom years ago.

    I'm curious about who the 5th one on the "things to do" list would be! Details, IDV, details.

    The rabbit is so cute! This was a great post. Oh, and good news! Pushing Daisies was renewed for another season.

  3. Ew, Boz, you did do your worst. Nevermind, I can use Rabbit to mop it up.

    Ooh, Dinah, I think it would have been Seann William Scott, if Witchface hadn't interrupted me.

    Yay for season two!! Thank you.

  4. I used to have a huge crush on J and that "wiggy wiggy I'm getting jiggy, open up doors got the key to the city" guy from 5ive. I'm so sad.

    I love your red bed linen and the rabbit. Who is Gitface?

    Well I'll get on it in a bit but I can't say when it will be published as I'm going away for the weekend and I already have something for tomorrow.

  5. Of course! I should have been able to guess that one. Also, the ITV (no relation) amuses me no end. Hee!

  6. I have a dopple-ganger on Pushing Daisies?!

    It must be destroyed!

    What's with the framed picture of a rabbit?

  7. CyberPetra: J is *very* handsome, isn't he? I always fancied the other dark haired one Scott. Even though he was the chavviest of the lot!

    My first familiar Nuffy, aka Gitface.

    Have nice weekend!

    Dinah: As I wrote that, I realised that I'd said it before somewhere, but was too lazy to think of something else witty to use instead. You're very kind to laugh a second time.

    Tim: You can't possibly be jealous that I may direct my affections elsewhere, can you?

    Gitface-in-the-picture: My first familiar. Isn't he cute? Although you wouldn't think so if you were on the receiving end of his claws and fangs, thelittlebastard!

  8. Is your blog notepad, a notepad solely for the use of blogging, or is it a laptop that is only used to blog?

    It's a paper notepad right?

    Pushing Daisies on ITV just seems so unholy, like Neighbours from Hell being on BBC4

  9. Aha, Herge, you came back, you fool!

    You're right, it's a paper notepad, almost exclusively used for blogging purposes.

    I always feel a little bit wretched when watching PD on ITV, like I've just bought smoked salmon from QD. Which I haven't actually done, I must add. I dread to think that QD would actually sell salmon, smoked or otherwise.

  10. I think it proves that we all have our odd crushes. I used to fancy Joey Fatone from N'sync too...

    Oh and I did the meme and it'll be posted on Tuesday.

    Best be off packing

  11. Is it just me, or does 5ive remind anyone of the Zoolander models spraying petrol all over each other?

    Too manicure for my liking!

    I * heart* Pushing Daisies! It's so sweet! And the Zoe Deschanel clone has such a lovely wardrobe!

    And for once, I don't have to *huff* because you tagged me! You actually tagged me!

    Yay! Triple-somersault-crazy-cat-lady- hiss-double-axl-lift-and-spin!

  12. CyberPetra: Joey Fatone? Christ....

    T-Bird: I haven't seen Zoolander. Boo.
    Speaking of Zoe Deschanel, have you seen Tin Man? The first part was shown here on Sunday - pretty good so far.

    So, that's an anti-huff, then?

  13. It's worth seeing Zoolander for the David Bowie part alone. Although, it's not a great flick by any stretch.

    I have been seeing previews for Tin Man on SciFi channel adds, and am thinking of obtaining a copy. Is it awesome or just OK?

    Yep - that's the anti huff from me! *ffuh*

  14. I know! But somehow he caught my eye stumbling about trying to do his dance routines

    I can't explain it and it has passed by now. I promise.

  15. Jealous? No. I just don't like the idea of identity fraud.

  16. That's not red bed linen...

    It's PINK!!!

  17. Where are the restraints in your bedroom that you use to keep unwilling men entrapped?

  18. I love that cover you have on your bed and the pretty photo frame on the bed frame!! Is that a cat in the framed photo, or am I just seeing things?

  19. It's his rabbit.

    I'd have shown you all a photo of my rabbit, but it's not as cute as that...

  20. Tara, for second there, you had me confused as to why IDV would've a foto of a vagina on his bed...

    T Bird, is that what they call lady bits in the Queen's English? Rabbit? ;) Go on, give us a peek at the lovely bunny ;)

    Deep Space Nine is my fav of all the Star Trek spin offs!

    That's a very nice plant thriving in your bedroom. It looks like a green plant, which raises the question, is your bedroom window open a lot to let the sunlight (and neighbors binoculars) in?

  21. Mmmmmm no. That's not what we call our lady parts here, Eros.

    I was actually referring to a threadbare childhood toy... and no, that's not another euphamism for lady bits. Although I think it could take off.

    "Fancy a peak at my threadbare childhood toy, guvnor?"

  22. I'll get round to this at some point…

  23. T-Bird: Well, Tin Man is (using the word that Tim has instructed us to do) Awesomer than OK, but I don't it's Awesome per se, yet. Part two's on tomorrow night, so I'll let you know how that goes.
    Something that is Awesome is that the Wicked Witch of the West looks like an evil temptress version of Judy Garland's original Dorothy!

    CyberPetra: Glad to hear it.

    Tim: A weak excuse.

    MJ: It's just faded a little...

    And the restraints have been sent away for industrial cleaning.

    Tara: You're just seeing things - I don't love cats that much, yet!

    T-Bird: Until you replied to Eros, I thought you meant the other sort of battery powered Rabbit... Oops. Let me just try and find my mind. I think I left it in a gutter somewhere?

    Eros: And you can get your mind out of the gutter, too!

    DS9 is by far superior to the other Treks, and most other shows, too. I think it's because it's more character driven - the personalities are more realistic.

    My window is open a lot, yes. Luckily, the spathiphyllum takes up pretty much all of it so no one can really see in.

    T-Bird: Phew!



    Tim: You mean when the jealousy has worn off?

  24. The red bed linen looks more fuschia coloured to me, but perhaps that's the grim lighting in here (it's very overcast this morning).

    Blimey, Herge "Angry Chimp" Smith is back ...

    ... and thanking you kindly for the link.

  25. Ooh! Fuschia, Now that's classier than just pink - Thank you, Betty.

    I linked you because I always laugh my ruddy head off when I visit yours.
    That's with. Not at.

  26. There's no room for jealousy in this world… but I will not have some impostor posing as me! Even if he is a rich, successful TV actor.

    Hi, I'm Ned from TV's Pushing Daisies!

  27. Someone had some sour milk with their bowl of bitch this morning, didn't they Tim/Ned?

  28. Guys, guys, guys... the battle for 2008 rears its' ugly head again!

  29. Actually, no - it was a brand new bottle.

    Snaps! (crackle and pop)


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