Friday, 23 May 2008

Little cake...

... to be eaten with your little mouth.

Just practising. Baking and photography, that is. What do you think?


  1. Looks delicious! Fantastics Fotos! Nice dishes! I don't think I have anything that classy! Do I see two layers separated by chocolate?

    I'm particularly drawn to foto number 3! Nice use of light and contrast, esp with the smattering of colors from the dishes!

  2. Anonymous23/5/08 22:04

    Ooooh! Get you, Norwich' answer to Jane Asher.

    It looks yummy!

    Why didn't we get any cake when we visited? Those Asda 'Smart Price' sausages were fucking awful. I'd much rather have had cake.

    Even if it was made by you.

  3. Your great-gran's china is a lovely match for your great-gran's dining room chairs.

  4. It looks positively yummy.

    What's the blue stuff on top?

    The box is a nice touch

  5. What's with putting the cake in a box?! And a camp little box at that.

  6. Nice fake Royal Doulton too. What are you, 80?

  7. I love the china! When having cake, one must always have lovely china to complete the experience. I hope you had some form of nice warm beverage to wash it down...

    What sort of cake was it? It rose up so nicely! Do you use a special pan?

    I am making a cake to visit a lovely old friend and her family tomorrow - I'd love to make a cake as beautiful as that.

    Are they cocoa beans on top? Coffee beans? I'm hedging around for your recipe, here.


    I am more of a Wedgewood witch, myself. Cornucopia is my addiction. Check it out - I think you'll love it.

  8. It's always so nice to see someone who doesn't eat off of disgusting tupperware or the like.

  9. Anonymous24/5/08 10:15

    Looks yummy, mmmm cake!
    Look at you, you been round Delia's?
    What is the blue stuff on top?
    Nice china!

    Right I am going to have cake for breakfast.

  10. Eros: You do indeed see two layers separated by chocolate - Actually, (somewhat cryptically)I couldn't've made this cake without you!*
    And the china was inherited - I'd never buy something like that. But only because I couldn't afford it.

    T&P: * shocked *

    Was that a compliment?!

    * fans self *

    Thank you?

    MJ: Thank you. Yes Great Grandmother told me you said the same thing when you used to go round to hers for her coffee mornings 80 or 90 years ago...

    CyberPetra: Thank you. The blue stuff is crystalised violet. Quite delicious! You could include it in your blue food postings.

    Tim: The cake's in a box because it was a birthday cake for a friend. And the china is not-fake Royal Osborne.

    And I'm only 27. For the seventh time...

    T-Bird: It's a chocolate, honey and almond cake with grated chocolate and crystalised violets on top. It only had honey* in it because I ran out of sugar and didn't want to pop next door to ask for a cliched cup of sugar.
    It was baked in a special pan that a friend gave to me for my sixth 27th birthday, but I hate using it because the sides usually burn before the middle is cooked.
    I'll email you the recipe.

    Oh, that Wedgewood Cornucopia is just to die for! I love the sugar box globe, especially!

    Snooze: Heaven forbid!

    W*P*D: Cake is excellent for breakfast. In fact, cake should be eaten at, or instead of, every meal.

    * Texan honey...

  11. It's positively lovely. Could you email me the recipe too please?

  12. The blue stuff troubles me.

  13. Crystalised violets! Wow. That is awesome. And very, very, impressive!

    I can't wait to make this cake! I think the honey idea is just a little more rustic and pleasant than sugar. Eat your heart out , Nigella!

    IDV: Domestic GoddessWitch!

  14. I'm not sure I like the idea of crystalised violets. I don't think I like the idea of flowers on my cake.

    It sounds unnecessarily fruity.

  15. Do you cock your little finger when you hold the teacup?

  16. How can he not with that china pattern MJ?

    I like it though, it's quite posh and not in the Spice kind of way

  17. CyberPoof: Come to think of it, I think it's more likely that he fingers his cock than cocks his finger.

  18. CyberPetra: In fact, I may just post the recipe...

    Tim: How about pink? I have some crystalised rose petals, too.

    T-Bird: The only trouble with using honey, is that the cake doesn't seem to be as moist as when just sugar is used. However, if it's left overnight in a air-tight tin, it moistens up a treat!

    Don't worry Timmy love. I won't put flowers on your cake. Everyone knows you're the butch gay in our relationship.

    MJ: Is there any other way?

    CyberPetra: yes, it is quite posh (not Posh). I'm glad it's not Royal Doulton though, as my loo is made by them. I couldn't possibly have matching china and bathroom fittings. how gauche!

    MJ: Oh, how droll!

  19. No flowers! No flowers at all - it's just wrong!

    And: Oh. My. God. You're imagining us … together!?!?

    I feel used.

    And not in a good way.

  20. I'm so glad to have been a part of this most excellent, decadent creation! I do enjoy making sweet, sweet things! ;)

  21. He did in fact bake with love Bingowings...

    Now, IDV, you must take photos of your bathroom fittings.

  22. Anonymous24/5/08 19:21

    IVD - Never mind what that fucking MJ said about your plates.

    We all remember that monstrosity she trotted out and was coo'ing about a few months back.

    How her poofy friends must have been laughing at her.

    Yours pales in comparison.

  23. Anonymous24/5/08 19:23

    Cyberpete - We still have vivid memories of IVD's bathroom

    And the turd that was waiting to greet us.

    The dirty cunt.

  24. This looks so pretty! So cute, and a little mouth reference. Awesome.

  25. Anonymous24/5/08 20:04

    Dinah - Next time you see a close-up of IVD's mouth (and MJ's, come to think of it) remember to notice the stretch marks.

    They're shocking.

  26. Anonymous24/5/08 21:27

    tiny food scares me

  27. I like tiny food! It fits into my tiny carny hands that smell of cabbage!

  28. Imagining? Oh, Tim. Dear sweet Tim, of course I'm not imagining us together. We *are* together!
    Remember this? You didn't think I'd just let you get away, did you? No, of course you didn't.
    I'm sure you're aware of Nancy Sinatra's You Only Live Twice. Well, your dreams have been of your single life in London, when in reality, you've been here in Norwich with me.
    I really must do something about your sleep-blogging, though. People might start thinking we're not together...

    Eros: And you make them so well!

    CyberPetra: Bathroom fittings? Well, if I must: 'Bathrooms of the Witch & Famous' coming up!

    P&T: For one disturbing moment, I thought you were being nice again. Thankfully, you left a second comment that has restored the equilibrium.

    You lying cunts.

    Dinah: I can't stop watching that little mouth clip!

    And ignore Piggy - He's a despicable little poof!

    Rimbular: I must admit, tiny food is good at lulling one into a false sense of security, then BAM! It's got you right where it wants you.

    T-Bird: I don't quite know what to say? Umm... Here's some handwash?


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