Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Yeah, this is just a filler...

I thought you should see my knew Demon Box at long last. It's not really dumped all over my dining chairs - It's dumped in the corner behind them, as I haven't found a desk thingy that I like. Of course, finding the right desk will be made into a massive drama, too!


  1. It looks really nice.

    For a moment I thought you'd put the actual demon box on top of the keyboard - yikes!

    The blue balls thingamabob next to the monitor is that a lamp?

    You should see my new desk - oh wait, you will in the near future

    You'll be so jealous!

  2. Your interior design is simply fantastic. I love the dining suit - and that upholstery on the chairs is to die for! Seriously! I love it!

  3. IVD has blue balls?

  4. Did your gran leave those chairs to you in her will?

  5. Fancy! I love your Dining room. I'm so happy you now have a digital camera.

  6. I like that second and third photo..It's visually pleasing with the sunlight coming through and the white/light gray table and your lovely new computer and accessories.

  7. CyberPetra: Theoretically, yes. I put it together from a polished steel cake stand and a string of paper lanterns.

    I'm preparing to seethe in jealousy at your desk...

    T-Bird: Really? I expect you're overlooking the blue carpet (an old and cheap mistake) and the green jumbo-cord tubular steel chair in the corner?

    MJ: Actually, I've got hundreds of them! I'm like the male equivalent of Diana of the Ephesians.

    And I nabbed those chairs from The Parents when they moved - They couldn't fit them & the table in their new house.

    Dinah: Thank you! I am too, although I must learn how to use it properly.

    Tara: Perhaps I should turn this into a photo Blog?

  8. Your new computer looks great! The indoor plants look like they're thriving. What a creative way to arrange your balls!

  9. Jesus Christ, how many boxes did that thing come in?!

  10. Eros: Those plants are going to be shoved outside now that the weather is better - I'm sick of them trying to grab me when I walk past.

    P.S. I'm glad you like my balls!

    Tim: Just the four. And I still haven't unpacked the printer.

    * wonders if Tim would fit in one of the boxes - to be put away until a need arises? *

    Frobi: Don't make me put you in one of those boxes, too!

  11. Your dining chairs are lovely and I love those CD racks

    That must be the next meme from you. Your CDs.

  12. You know, CyberPetra: I was toying with the idea of a CD themed meme post seeing as I haven't participated in the iPod meme.
    I'll get right on Ti- I mean, on it.

  13. I can't wait to see it!

    However I won't be able to do it until I get actual CD racks because my CDs are in a moving box still.

  14. My goodness look at you now. It was only last year that we had to view the elf shorts originally in black and white as you struggled with a disposable camera.

  15. High tech computifying machine (check)

    New-fangled flat screen monitor (check)

    1980's phone complete with corded handset (check)

    jealous expatriate German (check)

  16. Yes, it's a lovely room. Very masculine and stylish. I love the plants and the art work - it ties in nicely.

    I love that sort of rich, masculine upholstery. It's very 'old gentlemen's club'. I almost expect Phileas Fogg to be perched in there, somwhere.

    I'd do my house like that, but there is far too much pink, mauve and frou frou.


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