Monday 26 May 2008

I'm doomed!

Just to further cement my Spinsterhood status, I have bonded with my new 'nephew': Spike II.

Inexcuseable has seen fit to furnish her life with a replacement Spike after the original was unceremoniously despatched by a passing car. Anyway, without further ado, here are the pictures of Spike II:

Quick! Kill me now!


  1. What a gorgeous pussy!

  2. Oh dear god - I just clicked through to your post about Spike the first, and my comment there was almost identical to the comment I just left above.

    I am nothing if not consistent.

  3. Fancy that - IVD with a pussy on his lap. Whatever next?

  4. Maybe you do think about women's breasts too!

    I'm not really an animal person, but the one where he has his eyes closed is unbelieveably adorable.

  5. I lurve cats... a white wine sauce.

  6. Oh look at him, he's precious! And ever so slightly grumpy, you will have fun with that one.

  7. Oh eeek! Cuteness overload. Whatever you do, don't look into a kitten's eyes, they'll control you forever.

    Congrats to your new cat nephew!

  8. That is a cute kitten. I like some animals (the non poisonous, non human eating kind); if I ever settle down, I'm getting a (fixed) cat or two from the shelter; they keep the vermin to a minimum!

  9. That. Kitten. Just. Made. Me. Cute. Overload.

    In my pants.

    That is the cutest kitteh eva!

  10. Aw so sweet! It is waiting to smother you in your sleep though. Don't be fooled by the cuteness.

  11. T-BIRD: Cuter than Peecat?

    Uncle IVD. tee hee.

  12. Tim: * yawn *

    P&T: I can assure you that I haven't had Pussy in my lap. The Brother-In-Law on the otherhand, has! (Those are his legs in picture one)

    Dinah: OMG! I didn't send that Post Secret card in, I promise!

    Rimshot: Mmmmm... You should try kitten-en-croute, too.

    WillowC: He was a bit grumpy - The little git clawed my hand and tried to bite my fingers off!

    Tara: It might be too late for the warning as I'm overcome with the desire to bring him salmon and cream...

    Eros: I'm hoping he doesn't grow up to be a Siberian Tiger. Although it would be pretty cool, if rather bloody.

    T-Bird: * hands over some feminine hygiene products while trying not to gag *

    Snooze: Oh no! I hate sleeping with one eye open. It gets all dry and wrinkled like a raisin.

    MJ: At least I won't have to babysit!

  13. It does look rather sweet, for a cat.

    For a kitten shower gift, you could bring by cushions and something for the sofa or that cat is going to claw its way through the leather in no time.

  14. CyberPetra: Oh, it's too late for that!

  15. That is a gorgeous cat. Well, kitten actually. It's a gorgeous kitten. Grown up kitties aren't as attractive.

  16. You're right, 'Kitten Farts. Grown up kitties are just selfish, arrogant users. Bah!

  17. My gods, my namesake is tooth-achingly cute.


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