Wednesday 28 May 2008


Hedge sparrows peck around on the grass, hoping to find morsels of sunflower seeds and peanuts dropped from the feeders above.

Bluetits swing on the hanging sunflower seed feeder. But suddenly, a deathly pall descends over the tranquil garden setting...

Prepare yourselves. Steel your nerves. There is a presence in the old, dead cherry tree.

It's Beaky!

See how that massive pigeon is keeping it's distance from him? Look at that evil glint in Beaky's eye. Eeeeeeeeevil, I tell you!

I notice he's dyed his white streak too, so as to appear indistinguishable from the other blackbirds, perhaps. Must have used Just For Birds...


  1. I'm sorry, but I have a fondness for Beaky.

  2. Do they really have blue tits? Who did they name those birds after? Smurfette?

    Nice shots! Fantastic garden. That pigeon doesn't look scared. It looks like it's about to make number two, as pigeons are wont to do.

    I'm sure Beaky is trying to look his best for mating season.

  3. Mr. Hedge Sparrow was told he could find a witch under the house wearing Elf Shorts and ugly trainers.

    Mr. Hedge Sparrow wants a refund.

  4. Beaky is one bad mofo. You know when KFP are avoiding a bird, he is definitely an antisocial loner.

    Perhaps Beaky could take care of your stampeding elephant problem?

  5. You've been checking out the birds then, huh?

  6. He shouldn't have dyed his white streak, it helped bring out the evil in his eyes. Now he looks like Halloween prop. That's so last year. But don't tell him I said that.

  7. The giant pigeon is weighing Beaky up, bouncer-styley.

  8. Snooze: Then you won't mind if I box him up and mail him to you? Of course, I'll have to try and catch him first...

    Eros: Well, I haven't looked closely, not being a tit man and all.
    That ruddy pigeon has made far in excess of two. Damn thing's almost into quadruple figures!
    Beaky has already spawned one lot of monstrous offspring, and now he's giving it another go with Mrs Beaky!

    MJ: Mr Hedge Sparrow may find a pigeon landing on him if he demands too much.

    T-Bird: I'm sure I saw him fly off with one or two tiny elephants in his beak, actually.

    Heh! KFP!

    Tim: I heard Stewie Griffin saying that in my head as I read it.

    Tara: You might have to pay me to keep quiet!

    W*P*D: I'd like to see him try telling Beakt that he's not on the guest list!

  9. I hate pigeons. Can't you borrow Tatas massive bird to take out both?

    Or just get one of those guns with the plastic bullit thingamabobs?

    That may work.

  10. I think even Tatas' kite would have a job carrying off this massive pigeon, CyberPetra.


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