Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sweet as pie

I might have a little cry then go to bed.

Why? Because I've just watched Pushing Daisies. The Pie Man and Chuck are so sweet that it makes me sick!

Tim, this may mean I'll be coming for you, after all.

Actually, no I won't. I've just been to yours and discovered that you want kids. I'm guessing not to devour messily with new potatoes and mint, either. Pah! Bloody Breeders...


  1. I just don't see the resemblance. Aside from the fact that we're both men.

    Do you have terrible eyesight?

  2. I think he's sold on the eyebrows.

    Is it the eyebrows IDV?

    Poor Chuck, to be so pretty and brought back to life and wearing such a great wardrobe with such a pretty man mooning after her, but she can only smooch him through cling film...

  3. I think i've said this before, but I went forever before I realized that Chuck wasn't Zooey Deschannel.

  4. Tim: IVD needs a cuddle.

  5. Really couldn't get into Pushing Daises but Anna Friel (? spelling) is always a joy to watch

  6. T-Bird, let me get this right… he can't touch her, but he can smooch her through cling film?

    Hooray for condoms!

    MJ - I'm sure there's someone down the docks who'll oblige for a fiver.

  7. Tim: Well, yes I do have terrible eyesight, but my contacts make up for it. Well, they should do.
    What are you saying? That you're not the epitomy of hotness, after all?

    T-Bird: It is the eyebrows, yes.

    If I were Chuck, I'd go through an awful lot of cling film!

    Dinah: Well, I've never seen them both together at the same time...

    MJ: Or a lingering manly bear hug.

    Frobi: She is a joy, isn't she. Actually, I never really ahd much time for her until PD.

    Tim: A fiver?! Won't you do it for free?

  8. I've never watched Pushing Daisies because it hasn't made it here.

    Poor IVD the object of his affection won't even hug him. Almost makes me feel bad

  9. Tim: No, what? No, you're not the epitomy of hotness. Or, No, you won't do it for free?

    CyberPetra: And I do have plenty of cling film, too!

    When Pushing Daisies does make it to Denmark, you must watch it. YOU MUST!

  10. I will not hug you. Not even for charity. I might be tempted to nudge you with the tip of my shoe if you fell over though.

  11. CyberPetra: You won't regret it.

    Tim: You'd kick a manwitch when he's down? How dashed unsporting of you!

  12. Wait, is she undead? What about phone sex? or latex body suits? Will she die if she accidentally steps on one of his toenail clippings?

  13. Beth Jordache... hmmm.....


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