Friday, 1 February 2008

Off again

Yes, I'm disappearing again for a couple of days. It's my sister Indescribable's 30th birthday on Sunday, so The Parents, Inexcuseable & her husband and myselves will be descending upon her to mark this ridiculous occasion. She's having a party on Saturday night, so we'll be away for the whole weekend.

I really should be decorating her cakes right now. Yes, I said cakes plural. The greedy cow wants two - One for Saturday night, and the other for her actual birthday. I have made them, but they're so full of bitterness and resentment that they'll need sweetening up with lashings of icing.

I'll be back Monday. Well, I'll be back Sunday evening, but it's a friend's birthday - DeadFlesh actually - so I'll be out of commission then, too.

Gah! Bloody socialising. I want to be a miserable old stick-in-the-mud and stay at home, moaning!


P.S. CyberPoo: This isn't the post I was working on yesterday - That's still to come. Probably Monday as you predicted.

EDIT 20:27 - I've just watched Donnie Darko and feel sad and weirded out. I need to cry but can't. Shit.


  1. Where's MY cake?

    I want a cake too.

  2. Have fun (well, as much as a fellow misanthrope can).

    I demand photo evidence of these so-called 'cakes' that you claim to have made.

  3. Being a stick and staying home is how I plan to spend my weekend!

  4. Will you be baking me a cake for MY birthday?

  5. MJ: Is it your birthday then?

    Rimshot: I'll take some photos with my sister's camera and post them at a later date - Long time readers will know that I'm a technological nincompoop and have yet to get to grips with a digital camera...

    Dinah: Oh, how I wish I could join you.

    P&T: Your birthday's not until April. Unless this is Tazzy, in which case you've got an even longer wait 'til August.

  6. I've never had a birthday cake.

    Thanks for rubbing it in.

  7. Rubbing it in where, SID you pervert?!

  8. Oh god - not you and a camera again?

    Why don't you just do an etching or something? Maybe on the wall of your cave?

  9. No time for etching, we are worshipping false bottoms until our idol reveals the kingdom, power and glory.

    Well, Dinah and I will be moping for you! I plan on sleeping, watching movies and moping. Oh, and Donnie Darko... I found it hard not to cry, because he saved his family with his selfless action. Ultimately I think it's a very life-affirming movie.

    The director had a website with Roberta Sparrow's book when the movie came out. It explained a lot about Donnie being the champion and hero for making his choice.

  10. I asked for that didn't I?

    *acknowledges I've done it again*

    *goes off to dream of cake in a non pererverted way*

  11. Have a lovely time! I'll be there to make your new curtains when you get back. Honestly. :-)

  12. Did you use the Apocalypse oven? or an easy bake one?

    When you wrote people being able to taste the bitterness and resentment in the cakes, I thought of that movie, Like Water for Chocolate...except I don't think you're Mexican...or the youngest of 3 sisters...

  13. Attention Coven of Hags:

    Yay! He's gone!

    In his absence, please follow these instructions...

    a) We fill his comments box up with inane comments. (I've got a headstart on this.)

    b) We gossip about him behind his back.

  14. Yep - I think all my comments are inane so tick the first box for me!

    Hmmm. Gossip about our glorious leader? I think he's put a charm on us all to stop us gossiping, because I can't think of anything.

    Erm... IDV is very pretty? And is his hair ginger yet?

  15. Pretty? Hurumph!

    More like a hex than a charm.

  16. Tazzy had a lovely Birthday cake the year before last.

    With writing on it.

    Didn't he, SID?

  17. I hate birthday cake. No one ever actually eats it.

  18. Tim: I could etch by the light of the moon.

    Or, when you get your arse out, by the light of your moon!

    T-Bird: Yay! Group mope!

    Wait a minute... Wouldn't that be Grope?

    Thank you for the link - I'll check it out when I get home.

    SID: You did ask for it, yes. Maybe if you say please, MJ will oblige?

    KG: Yay! I'll line up the chintz!

    Eros: Actually, I used Apocalypse Oven, who was very well behaved, for once.

    While you're right: I'm not Mexican, several people at my sister's party though I was her younger brother!

    Naturally, I gloated as much as possible.

    MJ: I can turn my head around 360 degrees - There'll be no gossiping behind my back!

    T-Bird: * looks pleased and deflects ginger comment to Piggy *

    MJ: "Hurumph!"? Perhaps I'll turn you into a horse for a spell?

    Piggy: Ooh, what did it say? Was this when you dropped in on SID and SB?

    * rushes off to rummage through SID's archives *

    * comes back to answer Tickers *

    Tickers: Why? Have your birthday cakes been made out of faeces?

  19. Oh yes, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATTY" I remember now! Stupid Irish Baker.

  20. Cakes baked with bitterness... I love it.


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