Sunday, 17 February 2008

Oh dear...


Yoink! I nabbed this from WillowC, who thieved it from someone else by all accounts.

Lets hope Zombies don't suddenly become fashionable...


  1. Zombies are the new black.

    I doubt I could survive a zombie attack. Or any serious attack, really.

  2. Seriously, screaming and running away can never be overrated when it comes to Zombies.

    Or anything else, really.

  3. You managed to score higher than me even though you were dangling from a low-hanging branch after snagging accident involving a velvet rope at the time? Jeez, I am so totally doomed :(

  4. Actually, I accidentally kicked a couple of Zombies in the head while dangling. I think that's how I scored the extra 10%?

  5. Now that right there is the stylish way to fight the undead. You deserve that 10% for sheer innovation.

  6. Anonymous17/2/08 22:56

    88% chance of survival for moi.

    Good enough for me.

  7. 39%!? Good god - I'm rubbish! Although most of my answers consisted of being brave and trying to help people. I can only conclude that IDV scored so highly by answering every question with either 'run and hide' or 'I'd always look out for myself.'

    Selfish witch.

  8. I can't believe IVD scored higher than me.

    I bet he screamed louder though.

    And more girlishly.

  9. Anonymous18/2/08 13:19

    Piggy says he likes zombies!

  10. Anonymous18/2/08 13:20

    God he's weird!

  11. WillowC: Perhaps if I'd put a bit more effort into the swing - possibly some sort of somersault (spelling looks hideously wrong but I don't know how else to spell 'somersault') - I'd've got a few more precent?

    Piggy: 88%? Because Zombies couldn't stoop low enough to scoop out your brains.

    Tim: I've seen enough horror films to know that going back for anyone is just a big fat waste of time. At least one person will cop it - probably more.
    Don't get me wrong, I'd make some effort for loved ones, but if they really cared about me, they'd be on their way to find me! Or they'd be up brown creek and wouldn't want me endangering myself for a lost cause.

    Of course, there is one person I'd make the effort for...

    MJ: My girlish scream is at such a pitch as to cause massive internal haemoraging in any Zombie within 50 yards!

    Tazzy: I'd be careful if I were you - Sounds like Piggy's a sympathiser.

    Run! Get out now!!

  12. Promise me that if I was turned into a zombie you wouldn't do unspeakable things to my decaying body.

  13. I have a 42% chance of survival. I think it has something to do with fortifying buildings, clinging to leaders and waiting silently with a weapon after every strange sound.

    Probably shouldn't have gone to get Mum and Dad, though.

    Oh, Tim! He wouldn't do unspeakable things!

    I'd make him tell me all about them. So no, not unspeakable as such.

  14. Anonymous19/2/08 08:09


    Despite being armed. How embarrassment.

  15. CyberPoo: Tell me about it. We should take Zombie defence classes.

    Tim: Now, I'm not one for necrophilia, but it would depend on exactly how decayed your body was...

    T-Bird: Heh! Good response to Tim.

    If we stick together, our survival rate should be 86%.
    Or would it be 43%? I'm no good add adding percentages...

    Spike: Even more embarassment at the excess of 'ment' and lack of 'ing'. Still, when one is being chased by Zombies, I imagine spelling & intention go out the window?

  16. Definately

    can Tim come too?

  17. Although, there'd probably be lycra wearing and lunging, so maybe it's not a bad idea.

    For us to watch, rather than do.

    Unless we're done to?

  18. I'm not quite sure what's going on here…

  19. It's best that you don't. Just lunge and think of England (not Denmark).

  20. I am going to commence evil cackling in...


  21. Um…

    *wraps towel around midriff and scurries away*

  22. You can run, my pretty, but you can't hide!

    Come, T-Bird, lets get him!

  23. 62%! I knew time spent firing my weapon at those targets wasn't a waste of time!


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