Saturday, February 16, 2008

A & E

I am totally in love with Goldfrapp's latest single, A&E.

I've had to link to their MySpace page so you can listen to the track (and others if you so desire), because I don't know how to embed music thingies (I don't even know what the proper name is - I'm such a technological doofus).

No, wait... I've just remembered good old YouTube!


I can't make out whether this is happy or sad, but I don't care. It makes me happy just shrieking along to it in Car (which I did today, several times, to and from work). My vocal chords are a bit raspy now, though...


  1. What the lyrics really mean…

    I love you Car and I love Tim
    No it isn’t just a whim
    Oh Tim I love you so hey hey
    Slip your sausage into me on Saturday

  2. What an interesting interpretation, MJ! While I think the song is almost wistful, I find myself distracted in the video by the dancers--were they bushmen or camouflaged marines?

    Perhaps drinking some hot liquid or sucking on a hard tasty candy can soothe your irritated throat :)

  3. *Tries to imagine IVD in A&E*

  4. A&E means something hospital related, doesn't it?

  5. Gosh! What intriguing lyrics MJ!

  6. Indeed, Tim, I think it's some sort of metaphor...

  7. And like most metaphors, utterly impenetrable to our probings.

    Goldfrapp are the BEST!

  8. She sounds like she's singing through her nose.

    Which is blocked.

  9. I got tickets to see Ali in March, but then ended up selling them for 3x as much (to fund buying Lappy). I therefore think the new song is rubbish in true sour-grapes envy.

  10. Those lyrics are working, MJ. Tim's intrigued!

    Eros: I like to think they're marines. Perhaps they have something I can suck on?

    SID: As what? A marine?

    Oh... Not in the video...

    Dinah: Accident and Emergency. The British equivalent of ER.

    Tim: Aren't they? Now all we have to do is act them out.

    Dinah: Really? Phew! I'm trying to go vegetarian...

    T-Bird: Set probulator to Cold and Hard!

    Frobi: You're welcome! Although, I can't take all the credit - I'd better at least let Alison & Will have some of it.

    Piggy: Which is why she's going to A&E - to get it sorted out.

    Skillz: I see you made whine with your sour grapes.

  11. Um, how about 'no?'

  12. I'm still holding the probulator.

  13. * steeples fingers together *


  14. I'm thinking … 'no.'

  15. My, you are resiliant.

    * formulates new and even more diabolical plan *

    Mwah hah hah hah ha!