Saturday, 16 February 2008

A & E

I am totally in love with Goldfrapp's latest single, A&E.

I've had to link to their MySpace page so you can listen to the track (and others if you so desire), because I don't know how to embed music thingies (I don't even know what the proper name is - I'm such a technological doofus).

No, wait... I've just remembered good old YouTube!


I can't make out whether this is happy or sad, but I don't care. It makes me happy just shrieking along to it in Car (which I did today, several times, to and from work). My vocal chords are a bit raspy now, though...


  1. What the lyrics really mean…

    I love you Car and I love Tim
    No it isn’t just a whim
    Oh Tim I love you so hey hey
    Slip your sausage into me on Saturday

  2. What an interesting interpretation, MJ! While I think the song is almost wistful, I find myself distracted in the video by the dancers--were they bushmen or camouflaged marines?

    Perhaps drinking some hot liquid or sucking on a hard tasty candy can soothe your irritated throat :)

  3. *Tries to imagine IVD in A&E*

  4. A&E means something hospital related, doesn't it?

  5. Gosh! What intriguing lyrics MJ!

  6. Indeed, Tim, I think it's some sort of metaphor...

  7. And like most metaphors, utterly impenetrable to our probings.

    Goldfrapp are the BEST!

  8. Anonymous17/2/08 11:55

    She sounds like she's singing through her nose.

    Which is blocked.

  9. I got tickets to see Ali in March, but then ended up selling them for 3x as much (to fund buying Lappy). I therefore think the new song is rubbish in true sour-grapes envy.

  10. Those lyrics are working, MJ. Tim's intrigued!

    Eros: I like to think they're marines. Perhaps they have something I can suck on?

    SID: As what? A marine?

    Oh... Not in the video...

    Dinah: Accident and Emergency. The British equivalent of ER.

    Tim: Aren't they? Now all we have to do is act them out.

    Dinah: Really? Phew! I'm trying to go vegetarian...

    T-Bird: Set probulator to Cold and Hard!

    Frobi: You're welcome! Although, I can't take all the credit - I'd better at least let Alison & Will have some of it.

    Piggy: Which is why she's going to A&E - to get it sorted out.

    Skillz: I see you made whine with your sour grapes.

  11. Um, how about 'no?'

  12. I'm still holding the probulator.

  13. * steeples fingers together *


  14. I'm thinking … 'no.'

  15. My, you are resiliant.

    * formulates new and even more diabolical plan *

    Mwah hah hah hah ha!


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