Thursday, February 28, 2008

Star Selection

In the absence of anything coherent from myselves, I shall be pretending to be some sort of celebrity (however minor) and answering heat magazine's Star Selection and My Favourite Telly questions.

And now for My Favourite Telly (I can't be bothered to copy the graphics/layout thing - That Star Selection took long enough, but the colours are as accurate as I care to get).

TV SHOWS None now that Primeval has finished. Yes, it was an imagination stretcher, and I don't mean the past & future creatures. No, it was just aching for an extra 15 minutes of running time to expand on story, characterisation and continuity. Still, Connor (Temple, not Trinneer) is just adorably nerdy - It's worth watching just for him alone!
Actually, from Monday, a rebooted Flash Gordon is being shown on the Sci-Fi channel so I might give that a go.

PIN-UP The other Connor: Trinneer. Although as he's not on TV at the moment, at least not in Blighty, perhaps I should stick with Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor Temple?

SNACKS I don't really eat snacks while watching TV as they're too much of a distraction. In fact, I don't really eat snacks at all.

SWITCH-OFF Pretty much everything. But especially dreary soaps like Eastenders or Casualty, Reality shows (except for Strictly Come Dancing) and anything with Ricky Gervais in it.


  1. You know, your pinup looks a little like Mr Seth Bullock from Deadwood.

  2. Right, first off - is there only one photograph of you in existence?! Dear God, you use that *everywhere*. I know when it was taken you had to use those massive flashbulbs and everything came out sepia-toned, but GOD.

    X2?! And you cried?! You do know that film came out about five years ago and SHE COMES BACK IN X3, don't you?

    I like Primeval, so I shan't rib you mercilessly about that. I thought this season was exceptionally good.

  3. Does he now?

    * googles Seth Bullock *

    Oops! Spelling mistake - I got something quite unexpected...

    * tries again *

    Ah, that's better!

  4. Ooh, Tim! You caught me unawares...

    Hmmmph. It's about the only photo I like of me - Blurry enough that the hideous skin imperfections can't be seen.

    Yes, I know! I just get really caught up in the emotional drama of it all.

  5. What are you reading that's making you all giddy? And how are you reading it with your eyes shut?

  6. Never seen Primeval...though it appears interesting. Will look it up if they ever show it on this side of the Atlantic.

    Who's other leg is that in the foto, wearing the bell bottom jeans? And are you laughing because the bell bottom leg is playing footsie with you?

  7. Tim: I was guffawing with laughter while trying to read a story from a game of consequences. It was pervy and depraved, as I think all games of consequences are.

    Eros: I believe the leg belongs to Dead Flesh or Mummy (not the female Parent). And I wouldn't dream of playing footsie with either of them lest their foot falls off!

  8. Eroswings, I think I read somewhere that BBC America has picked it up - the first season (if you can call six episodes a season) is a bit hit and miss (although Hannah Spearitt who used to be in S Club 7 spends a good portion of it in her pants, so *bonus* there), but the second season is great (aside from a distinct lack of Hannah-in-her-pants). Stick with it.

    A bell-bottom? Ooo… MJ was right with all those stories of sailors.

  9. Your a celebrity to me Mr IDV

    was Jumpers good? the critics panned it, I was wondering wether to check it out or not.

  10. Look how worn the knees of your jeans are.

    I'm surprised, actually, that they're not worn completely through considering how much time you spend down on them.

  11. Tim: Has this made you want to join the Navy?

    Frobi: * peeps out of the curtains at the waiting paparazzo *

    Oog! I'm not going out there - I haven't even done my hair!

    As for Jumper: If you like the thrill of the chase, aren't bothered about Hayden Christensen's rubbish acting but do appreciate his naked torso, then it's definitely a film you should watch.
    Plus grubby little Jamie Bell isn't too bad in it.

    MJ: At last! Recognition for all my hard work scrubbing floors, gardening and the like. And from such an unlikely source.
    I would've thought you'd make a far more cutting and perverted remark.



  12. Well, thank you for clearing that up; here I thought you spent a lot of time praying...or searching for contact lenses...

  13. Is that what's left of stripey shirt after you bleached it?

  14. no snacks
    NO SNACKS?????
    Note to self: refuse invitations to IVD's to watch Dnacing on Ice

  15. Eros: Mostly when I lose a contact lense, it slides up and into my eyesocket, so at least I don't have to go scrabbling around on the floor.

    MJ: No, Stripey's hanging safely in my wardrobe.
    Actually, that pic was taken in Manchester, and it was there that I bought Stripey!

    Beast: I've got some celery in the fridge that needs eating - You're welcome to that. Although, you'll have to eat it in the kitchen as it's too crunchy for TV watching!

  16. I like the picture.

    But "no snacks?" I might have to hate you just a little bit for that....but I can't.

  17. Me?! Join the Navy?! Are you kidding? Hell no. Anyway, I'd probably get thrown out for straddling a massive gun on a destroyer and pretending it was my, um, destroyer…

  18. By the way, in your profile to the right there, where you write about yourself like an action figure with various accessories, don't you think you should have a warning about small parts?

  19. That's a good photo of you. You look very happy.

    I'm surprised that you can't remember the last book you actually finished. Weren't you a massive reader?

    I've finished 3 books in the past month.

    Now can we please see more of you?

  20. Dinah: Just for you, I'm going to go to Hotel Chocolat tomorrow, buy some Griotte Deluxe (or other such delight) and eat them whilst watching TV!

    Tim: Your massive gun notwithstanding, I'm reminded more than a little of Cher in the I-Can't-Remember-What-Song-Video.
    Hmmm... My Gaydar flickered.
    Are you *sure* you're straight?

    As for the warning - Very well: Warning! No small parts included!

    Ummm... There are parts, though. Just not small. Yes. Right. Moving on...

    CyberPoo: Actually, yes! I did used to be a massive reader. I don't know where my time seems to go anymore?

    More of me? I'll post a bigger pic next time.

  21. That would be lovely.

    I read on the train to and from work. Something I never thought I'd do.

  22. Damn! I might have been subliminally influenced by that Cher video, which is a most worrying thought.

    And - ha ha - you've got *no* parts! Smooth as a Ken doll!!!!!!!

  23. Oh, goodness. That was Cher "If I Could Turn Back Time"

    You know, I do quite an accurate Cher impression. Sans massive gun, of course.

  24. It was If I Could Turn Back Time! I love love love the pop-up video for that video.

  25. We really are a coven of hags, aren't we, T-Bird? In the best way possible!

  26. CyberPoo: I walk to work (or drive sometimes), so I couldn't possibly read on the way unless I deliberately wanted to cause havok.

    Tim: My torpedo launcher is fully retractable!

    T-Bird: Perhaps Tim would let *you* straddle his massive weapon?

    I'd try to reign in the Green Eyed Monster because it would be for the good of The Coven.

    Dinah: Your Hagness is now doubly assured.

  27. Which of course is something you've been thinking about, am I right?