Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I liberated this meme from a Small Glass Planet somewhere. Spike (and anyone else that may be interested), if you visit the Norwich label while you're there, you'll see where I live - Not literally, mind, as my actual castle isn't pictured (the other, more well known one is, though).

Anyway, on with the meme:

Where is your cell/mobile phone? Wherever it is, it's switched off or on silent.

Vehicle? I think you all know Car. And Broom!

Hair? Needs a cut.

Father? Yeah, he's still alive. And no I'm not one!

Your favorite thing? It'd have to be Car.

Dream last night? Something bizarre.

Favourite drink? Blueberry & pomegranate juice. Or a ruddy big G&T!

Room you are in? My dining room.

Your ex? George Knight or the Wriggler?

You are? Here.

What do you want to be in ten years? In a better body. A published author? Rich? A Smug Married? Alive?

Who did you hang out with today? The work hag.

What you're not? Heading anywhere with any direction in mind.

Muffins? I'll take six, please. Two cheese and bacon, a white chocolate and apricot, a raspberry, and two double double chocolate

One of your wish list items? A crate of self-sealing stem bolts. Either that or a working pair of eyeballs.

Where is the ____ ? end.

The last thing you did? Gulped some coffee to wash down a huge mouthful of chocolate and almond cake. The very same one which caused the chocolate snot.

What are you wearing? Scruffs: Jeans, blue T-shirt and black hoodie.

Your pet(s) ? All rabbit familiars are dead - Nuffy, Gitface (nee Mopsy) and Wilma - and I don't think Beaky counts. Or Mrs Beaky, for that matter. Yes, the evil little bugger has taken a mate...

Your computer? Is a miserable, clattering old clank destined to be usurped.

Your life? What's that?

Your mood? Is governed by the SubC's and our spleen.

Missing? Oh, how I wish I was. The serious answer would be Love. No, I take that back. I've got Love, I just need a man to go with it.

What are you thinking about right now? How bitter and alone I am - answering the previous question didn't help. Oh, and how long it'll take the Alsations to fully devour me.

Your shoes? Are under the chair.

Your work? Is becoming more intolerable.

Your summer? Well, last year was OK because the temperature didn't rise to more than 20 degrees.

Your favorite colour? Grey. I told you: My eyes don't work. The Host's colourblind.

Gosh. What a bloody miseryguts!


  1. Crumbs, someone's a happy chap today.

    And you went out with someone called George? Good grief.

  2. * surfaces from pit of misery *

    Yeah, but he used his middle name which was a lot less... Old.

  3. Do you live in the thatched hut with the missing "E"?

    Your shoes would be under someone's bed right now if you'd do something about that wardrobe.

  4. I'm now sending you a Pirouette-Leap-Backflip-Risky-Business-Slide-Snozzle-Combo.

    Don't worry. If I did this meme, it'd be remarkably similar.

  5. T-Bird: You and I BOTH know we'd have better shoes than him.

  6. MJ: Naw, I live by the river.

    And at least I've ditched the stripes!

    T-Bird: Ooh, complicated yet impressive. Thank you! And in return, I offer a Triple-Salco-Cartwheel-Sidestep-TwinSpin-Snozzle!

    Eeek! The bath nearly overflowed! I'm going to go and wallow for an hour or so - See you all later/tomorrow...

  7. A cheese and bacon muffin? I am intrigued! And I am fascinated by colourblindness.

  8. "What are you thinking about right now? How bitter and alone I am - answering the previous question didn't help. Oh, and how long it'll take the Alsations to fully devour me."

    Funny that. We often think about how bitter and alone you are too.

    I never knew alsations devoured what they've just mated. Fancy that!

  9. Dinah: This type of muffin.

    Colourblindness is difficult to explain properly because everyone sees things differently. However, I'm not overly colourblind. I have trouble with browns, reds and greens, Blues & purples, Pink & grey...

    Oh. Perhaps I'm worse than I thought?

    Piggy: Cheeky cunt.

  10. *giggles in an evil cackle kind of way*

  11. *cancels the extra big bumper book of colouring in that was going to be IVD's Chrimbo pressie*

  12. I'd have to agree with MJ (waits for a moment to see if hell freezes over)

    Get rid of the hoodie!

    You are not a straight 12 year old supposed hippety hop lad

    Write this down: Hoodies are the devil

  13. Now that was an impressive snozzle combo right there! I hope you didn't pull a hammie.

    Well, there's a lot of anti-hoodie sentiment going on here right now, I feel the need to owning up to the fact that I own more than a few hooded zip up sweaters. They also say things like "Campus 1977" and other nonsensical Engrish things.

    I love my hoodies.

  14. I'm wearing a hoodie right now. But I'm going for the rumpled college student on reading week look. It says "NEW YORK." I bought it in ..looks down...New York.

  15. I'm wearing a hoodie right now.

  16. Your answers were fantastic. Come to Toronto and I'll fix you [at least the Host] up with all sorts of cute men.

  17. I'm curious, what colors can you see? Orange and Yellow?


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