Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Answers on a...

After MJ's belated prize giving at Smunty's, I thought it was high time for me to do the same.

Except without the prizes.

There have been a few instances where I've asked you to place a quote, or answer a question or somesuch, but haven't actually got around to awarding the Snaps, or acknowledging the winner.

So, here, in no particular order are the questions/quotes/winners etc.:

Snaps to ErosWings for correctly answering, albeit fabulously indelicately: "Oh, and the Witches of Eastwick! Awesome movie! I do believe Felicia says this to Clyde in the midst of her self loving, right before she bends over to blow cherries." This was, of course, to this quote which I used as the title to the 10th February post: "He'll propagate, Clyde. He will increase his number."

Now, this next quote went unanswered. In fact, T-Bird said she was going to have a guess but * huffed * instead because I didn't tag her... Anyway, the quote was: "I must dictate a most crucial memo!" and it was from the 25th January 2008 post. I asked: Does anyone know, or can anyone guess who said this? Bonus points if you know where she was at the time.

The answer is: Pam Cunard (as played by Julie Walters) of Live With Pam fame. At the time of uttering the quote (in which 'memo' is pronounced 'meemo'), Pam was in a lift with Victoria Wood and her friend Lorraine Spence (played by Kay Adshead). I can't remember if it was said before or after Victoria Wood asked Pam's producer if she'd ever had a large tweed sofa inserted half way down her throat. To her credit, the producer said she had once at a party in Brighton.

On to the third instance of prizelessness. After the 1st January 2007 post, I said: However, you will get Snaps if you can find the post (or posts) that the falling cake could link to.
Double snaps if you can name the author, book and character(s) that this post's plot device was inspired by.
There are also a couple of tenuous allusions to two British comedy shows that, if you correctly name them, will also get you Snaps. Good luck!

Dinah was first finding the post/s, with: "Flight of the Thaumjammer, part two? From May? I looked back.
Also, I'm surprised at how much cake plays a part in stories here. I'm rather hungry now."
Spike darling received double Snaps with his answer: "The Colour of Magic." He didn't need to name the author & characters because I knew full well that he knew them. The author is Terry Pratchett and the characters are Rincewind & Twoflower.
As for the two British comedy shows, Skillz was the only person to take a guess with: "Red Dwarf?" which was wrong. Ha!
One of the shows was The League Of Gentlemen, as alluded to with this line: It's a good pen, is that! In the show, Pauline Campbell-Jones, the tyrannical Job Centre ogre, utters the line, but I can't remember in which particular episode.
The other show is eluding me at this particular moment - It may be one of Victoria Wood's many offerings. Possibly relating to the line: no matter how much I like them in the last (full sized) sentence. I may have meant it to sound like Celia Imrie in a spoof panty pad advert when she says "I want a pad that can stay dry no matter how much blue ink I pour over it!"

Oh. Was that all? I thought there were more...
Ah, well: SNAPS to the winners!


  1. Don't worry, it's just a filler, Smunty.

  2. Yay! My *huff* was mentionable! It's like it received a little award all of it's own!

  3. How could I not mention it, T-Bird? You have such an eloquent huff!

  4. I have often thought of the Huff fondly, T-Bird.

    And Yay! for me! Although I don't even remember that, although I do remember being hungry for cake.

  5. is it a Brazilian waxed huff?

    (sorry, had to be said)

  6. Oh THANK YOU SO MUCH for reminding everyone of my tardiness.

    I’m not speaking with you anymore.

    I’ll speak with Dinah and T-Bird instead.

    Dinah & T-Bird: As long as you don’t think of The Hoff.

  7. I downloaded The Hoff's Christmas album this year and it is fantastic, in a "I can't believe I'm listening to this" kind of way.

  8. IDV, unfortunately, my visa was took too long to approve so I was not able to make it to the award show. But thank you. I've dusted the shelf and rearranged the shot glasses to make room for the Snaps.

    Rimshot, I do believe the huff was done Australian style--down and under :)

    MJ and Dinah, though the Hoff is very entertaining, he's also a lush...which probably explains why he ran so slow when he was a Baywatch lifeguard.

    CP, perhaps MJ or Dinah can lend you their Hoff collection, so you can try out some of the Hoff's singing and dance routines. Make your debut at the next company outing, and you'll definitely be a hit--or get hit by thrown tomatoes.

  9. Bugger. I've come late again.

    *puts snaps on mantel shelf next to brass dolphin (don't ask)*

  10. I'm glad you made it in the end ErosWings, saves me the bother of replying to everybody.
    Now, I've only got to do Spike darling: I won't ask. Only because I've got a silver one.

  11. Does yours look both smarmy and slightly constipated?

  12. Well, it certainly looks smarmy. However, its features aren't rendered well enough for the constipation comparison.

    It does have clubfoot, though.

    Yes, I know dolphins don't have feet, but its tail doubles as the stand and looks for all the world like a clubfooted duck foot!

  13. *paralysed by image of smarmy duck-club-footed dolphin*


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