Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Just time for a quick update:

Nagging Inexcuseable for Indescribable's party pics has commenced.
I saw Cloverfield last night
I need a haircut
Broom is in the 'board again - I've been loaned a courtesy umbrella* until Broom's finished
I will get around to that octopus thing soon
Even thinking of things to write here is difficult
Smiling makes my face ache

Ummm... Back soon when time slows down to its normal speed.

* A bit like Mary Poppins' but with more flounce. In fact, it's more like a ruddy parasol!


  1. Nagging has commenced for an updated photo of your kebab.

    Something with not so many warts this time, please.

  2. Oh, OK. I'll see what I can do...

    Yeah, right.

  3. How you gonna fit that huge ass on a parasol

  4. Does the courtesy umbrella come with a chimney sweeper?

  5. Anonymous7/2/08 17:23

    You should look into a vacuum or at the very least a swiffer...or are those environmentally unfriendly?

  6. Did you *really* send MJ a pic of your bottom?


  7. is time back to normal yet?

  8. Yeah time is running fast this year isn't it?

    Bloody hell, how do we get in touch with Father Time? I tried calling him but he's got that annoying voicemail system on and won't call back

  9. Anonymous9/2/08 23:23

    Cloverfield was shite.

  10. Anonymous10/2/08 01:30

    You've got time to watch a (bad) movie, but no time to post. Priorities, my dear, priorities.
    Your adoring public is waiting.

    And us.

  11. Beast: One doesn't sit on an umbrella/parasol, one hangs from it. It's rather unbecoming, if you ask m-

    Hey! I haven't got a huge arse!!

    Or were you talking to MJ?

    Eros: Sadly not. My chimney could do with a good sweep, too.

    Perhaps it's for the best. Those 'sweeps are an unruly, lightfingered bunch.

    Rimbular: I tried a vacuum cleaner once, but didn't get very far - The damn things don't have long enough cables.

    T-Bird: No, I *really* did not.

    I don't want my pert dairy-air on show for all and sundry.

    Desist your huffing!

    Dinah: Any minute.... Now!

    CyberPoo: He's a flippin' nuisance. I've got a coil of spacetime stuffed in the bottom of my airing cupboard that I want to get rid of, but that silly old sod will never pin down a date to come and collect it.

    P&T: If by 'shite', you mean 'AWESOME', then, yes. Yes it was!

    Rimsqueezer: My priorities are all over the shop.

    After all, I'm replying to you lot rather than posting!

  12. Anonymous10/2/08 16:47

    No, I meant 'shite' as in 'pile of donkey-poo', 'absolutely rubbish' etc.

    Where you drunk when you watched it? Or just having a funny turn?

  13. I don't get drunk.

    * hides massive glass of wine *

  14. I suggest you sit on the umbrella and, once it's inserted, press the button to open it.


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