Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Earthquakes and haircuts

I've only got two things of any importance to say.

1. Yes, there was an earthquake here in Blighty. No, it wasn't anything to do with me. Yes, it woke me up. Well, partially. I thought it was a ruddy big train going by, then, when it got louder and more shakey, I realised it wasn't a train. I never for one minute thought it might've been an actual real life earthquake.
As I lay in bed getting hot and prickly wondering what was going on, I eventually decided that it was a ruddy big alien spaceship coming in for a landing. Then the shaking stopped and I fell straight back to sleep.
It wasn't until I got to work this morning and heard people talking about The Earthquake that I remembered last night's shaking and realised that I hadn't dreamt it.

2. I got my hair cut by someone other than my usual barber yesterday. The reason for this change in hair-handlers is that the usual guy stupidly fell off his moped, or something, breaking his arm amongst other things, and so is unable to work. The guy that the barbershop has temporarily brought in to pick up the slack, is a younger, chavvier model (not strutting, pouting model - too ugly). He raced through my hair rather roughly, but it wasn't unpleasant. He also moved my head around like it was the rearview mirror on his car - twisting me this way and that! The end result is a haircut that I like. A lot.

I feel like I've cheated on him - The usual guy, not the new guy.

P.S. Connie & Pigface: My 'fissure' is very small and very particular about what it 'sucks in'. 'The whole country', indeed...

P.P.S. My fishcake tastes funny but I'm going to finish eating it anyway. Please see this post if you have a sense of deja vu. I'm going to try and drown it in wine!


  1. Isn't your fissure more of a chasm?

    *books hair appointment for IVD with Sweeney Todd*

  2. I heard the architects gave up on the plans to build a bridge over your canyon - There was no way they could create one strong enough to span the whole thing.

  3. You like it rough - YOU SLUT!

    (sorry Dinah for getting the Bruno Tonioli reference in first!)

  4. I'll bet that's the most your bed has shaken in years.

  5. Tim: It really was quite good! I came over all peculiar!

    MJ: The sad thing is, you're right.

  6. And how did 'all peculiar' feel about that?

  7. I'm sure he was delighted. Wouldn't you be?

  8. Ah.

    Best you keep a towel handy, then.

  9. *lends Tim a snorkel*

  10. I laughed out loud very loudly at the thought of your barber falling off a moped. I don't know why, I just find it horribly funny.

  11. Are you sure that your new hairstyle is not best, seen through a rear view mirror?

  12. It's not's a business relationship...and if the usual trading partner can't provide the services you need, then there's nothing wrong with getting what you need from a third willing party.

    In truth, I thought the earthquake had something more to do with the Shorts...England is having trouble repeling another Shorts invasion...

  13. *slips and hits head, forgetting witty alien space ship comment*

  14. Skillz: Well, I suppose there's no point in him drowning...

    Dinah: I laughed too! Poor guy.

    SID: I'll wave as you put your foot down and drive away.

    Eros: By Jove, you may be right! I wouldn't put it past The Short's to have created such havok.

    Spike: Bwah hah hah hah ha!

    I hope you don't mind, but I used my insidious mind powers to retrieve the errant comment from you?

  15. Anonymous28/2/08 13:24

    Is it that you like the haircut, or you liked being roughly manhandled by a young chav?

    I spy someone who'll soon have a video library full of the dramatic, social-realist delights put out by that famous art-house film studio, Triga.

  16. is 'fishcake ' a euphemism ???

  17. Qenny, I don't know what you're talking about?

    * tries not to look shifty *

    Eww! Beast!

  18. Ugh! I think I'd be better off if Skillz gave me a riot shield.

  19. But wouldn't a riot shield just get in the way? They're so bulky and cumbersome.

  20. But so good to hit you in the face with - they're transparent, so I can see the anguish.


    Take that!

    And party!

  21. I *knew* you liked Take That really!

    You Gay!


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