Wednesday, 4 June 2008

a prelude

"You have thwarted me for the last time" the witch hissed through a sneer. "And for that, you shall pay."

Sparks corruscated along the witch's long outstretched arm, culminating in a fierce green nimbus of light at the tip of the taloned, but elegant, index finger.

* Kazam! *

A frog sat blinking slowly amongst a pile of faintly steaming clothes...

To be continued...

On Saturday.


  1. Is this the part where you kiss the frog and it turns into the handsome Prince Timothy?

  2. Actually, it'll be T-Bird dressed in a Hulk shirt trying to smooch IDV.

    Oh, what a vicious circle of unrequitednessess.

  3. *extends his right arm and points his index finger at the creature*


    *waits for the church army to arrive*

  4. I like the fact that the witch's taloned finger is elegant. Can't let standards slip just because one is evil.

  5. Oo the suspense! What will become of the frog? Will it survive?

  6. Anonymous4/6/08 14:53

    Of course it won't, Tara.

    It'll be liquidised and turned into anal lubricant.

    It's destiny, you see.

  7. No, MJ. This is the part where a witch turns someone into a frog. Didn't you read it?!

    T-Bird: Ssshhhhhh! You're spoiling it!

    CyberPetra: * Takes of false carrot-nose *

    I'm not a witch. I'm not a witch!

    Snooze: Definitely not. One even brushes one's cuticles back!

    Tara: I haven't decided yet. But I do have a Kenwood food processor on standby.

    P&T: I hope you're going to pay me for this batch. That first lot was expensive to make.
    You northern types and your weird sexual deviancies...

  8. Oh lord, here we go again…!

  9. The Lord can't save you Timothy!

  10. Oh sure, you say that now

    after you did the *Kazam!* bit

    poor Beaky

  11. Anonymous4/6/08 20:49

    We'll save you, Timothy!

    Go on, Tim - Run around the room squealing 'Save me! Save me!'.

    We know you want to.

  12. I thought you'd do a

    Run Forrest, run!

    thing Piggy. I'm a little disappointed.

  13. Anonymous5/6/08 07:40

    Cyberpete - No, 'Save me! Save me!' is much funnier.

  14. Must be a Yorkshire thing then

  15. Well, I think it's a Commonwealth thing. Sort of like 'Carry On' he'd have to be screaming in a high pitched voice.

    And that folks is how to ruin a perfectly good joke by overthinking it.


  16. To you, everything is a Carry On film yeah?

  17. Great, now there's a filthy frog among the steaming clothes. I guess it's back to the washing machine then with them...

  18. Oh, IDV I was wondering if you have that TFGES map ready?

  19. Does this mean you're going to hold the compo, CyberPetra?
    It's not ready yet, but I can work on it this weekend...


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