Thursday, 26 June 2008

Going straight?

I'm having Broom straightened out. The ergonomics are fine, it just isn't stylish in this day and age. And I have it on good authority that Broom won't become a classic in its current 'comfortable' incarnation.

The latest models are harkening back to the designs from the 1400s where only a slight kink or curve was king. Mine has curves fit for a bustle! Well, it does originate from the late 19th century.

I can't afford a new one, and to tell the truth, I'm quite fond of Broom (don't tell it that, though). So, we're going over the Cusp at the earliest opportunity, where Dar Kart will see to the shaft.

The bond between Witch and his/her Broom can be quite intense, so I'm hoping there'll be no feedback...


  1. I'm sure you'll keep certain attachments on it.

  2. I wish you and Broom luck with the procedure. Broom will be just fine.

  3. It's all twisted. Like you!

  4. I suppose it is important to keep up with today's fashions, but if broom is tampered with will it be less comfortable?

    Could you possibly price some hoes at Dar Karts while you are over the cusp? I'm thinking it's time this Hag got a Hoe.

  5. Nothin' wrong with a little Kink! Be sure to keep the receipt and read the warranty closely, in case they don't work your tool to your satisfaction.

  6. CyberPetra: You mean like my G&T holder?

    Tara: Thank you. I hope so - I don't want to have to resort to a Poppins-style umbrella again.

    Tim: Bitter, too!

    T-Bird: It's hard to imagine Broom being less comfortable than it already is.
    I'll pick up a Hoe or two while I'm there. Perhaps even try them out for you?

    Eros: I do like a good, strong, thick shaft, so I'll be sure to heed your advice.

  7. Doesn't it give you splinters?

  8. Anonymous27/6/08 20:21

    The price one pays for being a slave to fashion and trendiness.

  9. I had my very first G&T last week in honour of the coven leader!

    It was delicious - now I know why I like martinis so much - it's the gin. A friend said to try it with ginger ale as well with some lime.

    That's on my to do list.

  10. Make sure it gets properly lubed for a much smoother and enjoyable ride!


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