Monday, 16 June 2008

Overdue Movie Meme

Thank you to the ever delightful CyberPetra for the tag. I thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and did this meme. I'm not going to tag anyone at the end, though, as I think pretty much eveyone has had a go. If you haven't, please be my guest.

One movie that made you laugh: South Park. There have been several films that have made me laugh like a special, but this is the only one that I can recall. I don't know why I can't remember any others?

One movie that made you cry: The Core. The bit where Herge is crushed to death in Virgil's rear compartment and Josh is screaming at Beck to open the doors.

It was between this, Brokeback Mountain and X-Men 2.

One movie you loved when you were a child: Flight of the Navigator. And I still love it now!

One movie you've seen more than once: Parenthood. About a million times. Indescribable and I can pretty much recite the entire thing from memory!

One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit: American Pie: The Wedding. I only watched it for Seann William Scott, but it was funny, disgusting, cringe-worthy and very entertaining.

One movie you hated: Beowulf 3D. What a crock. I would have walked out but was hemmed in.

One movie that scared you: The Descent. The bit when one of the women got trapped in that tiniest of caves while she was trying to wriggle through. Oh, and the bit where the cave monster suddenly appeared in front of the flashlight.

One movie that bored you: Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I actually fell asleep for some of it. It just didn't engage me at all. Johnny Depp was reasonably funny, though. And strangely sexy considering that he doesn't usually do it for me.

One movie that made you happy: Little Miss Sunshine. Just for the surprise-dance ending. Fantastic!

One movie that made you miserable: Brokeback Mountain. A truly lovely film, but I daren't watch it on my own lest I top myself afterwards.

One movie you weren't brave enough to see: Hostel. I totally agree with T-Bird on the sickness of these torture-porn type films.

One movie character you have fallen in love with: When I was younger it was Tommy Ross from Carrie. He's so dreamy - All that blond curly hair and his shy smile. Well, he was. He must be an old man by now.

Now it's Josh Keyes from The Core: Intelligent, very goodlooking, slightly scruffy, mmmmm...

The last movie you saw: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was OK. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for the ticket, though.

The next movie you you hope to see: Well, it was going to be The Happening, but after reading consistantly terrible reviews, I'm going to see Gone, Baby, Gone - Ben Affleck's directorial debut. Not because of Ben, who I find to be somewhat oafish, but because of the consistantly brilliant reviews.

That's all folks! I can't be arsed to provide any links or pictures - I'm tired and haven't drunk enough wine to care. You're lucky I've coloured it in!


  1. So... South Park gets the thumbs up, but Team America you don't like?

    The. Dolls. Have. A. Sex. Scene.

    Is that not the height of comedy?!

    Hehe - Your write ups of The Core and The Descent (two movies I have been wanting to see) kind of reminded me of rude things. I'm such a 12 year old.

  2. You cried at The Core!?

  3. Top yourself?

    I thought you always liked to bottom.

  4. I watch Parenthood every time I come across it on TV. It's just so good!

  5. Well, thank you for that image, MJ, though now I wonder, if anyone could do that, is there really a need for another person?

    Luved South Park; esp the songs Blame Canada!, and Shut Your F*ckin Face Uncle F*cker, and my favorite, Kyle's mom is a bitch! When the world's children joined in the song, I about fell out the chair laughing!

    Brokeback Mtn is depressing. Though, I've been following Heath's career since ROAR! I'm not quite sure how that series ended, though.

    The Core is a great movie! I luv disaster movies, natural or man made.

  6. I loved Brokeback Mountain and always have a good cry at the end of it. It's so moving and not done in distasteful way.

    The whole Pirates of the Caribbean concept flew right over my head. Were they supposed to be good? I liked Orlando Bloom (he was sexy in them) but for the life of me I can't see what's sexy about a guy who doesn't brush his teeth and wear too much eyeliner.

    MJ: Yeah well, he SAYS he is a top.


  7. "X-Men 2" was sad at the end, but then we had hope in "X-Men 3" only to be shot down at the end again with more sadness.

    "Hostel" actually wasn't bad once the porno part was finished. In fact the porno part made me hate the characters so much that the violence was welcoming.

    I didn't like seeing Serge or Herge die in The Core either. Oh and I totally agree with you about Pirates 2, it did drag on too much. And I loved "Parenthood"!

  8. T-Bird: I think I watched about half an hour of Team America then had to switch it off. I just couldn't stand it! Lady Penelope & Parker kept coming to mind...

    * shudder *

    I really don't see what's so amusing about Virgil's tight rear end and wriggling women...?

    Tim: I'm just in tune to my emotions, that's all.

    MJ: Well, I'm not fussy when Jakey's involved.

    Dinah: Isn't it. I love that film so much!

    Eros: It was the songs that got me. Kyle's mom is a bitch is my favourite too.

    * goes back for another listen *

    CyberPetra: Orlando's almost as sexy in Pirates as he is as Legolas from those stupid Lord of the Ring films.

    Tara: Eeep! Yes, his name's Serge, not Herge. Silly me.

    I'm still not watching Hostel, though. Torture is really not my thing.

  9. I didn't bother with the Lord of the Rings films so I wouldn't know.

    Of course that's not entirely true, I slept through the first one twice.

  10. Anonymous17/6/08 18:07

    The part with the dildo in Parenthood will make me pee my pants every time.

  11. CyberPetra: I wish I hadn't been bullied into watching them. Boooorrrring!

    Catscratch Diva: "What's that?"

    "Uh... It's an electric, uh, ear cleaner."

    "It's kinda big"

    "It sure is!"

    That's my favourite scene, too! Welcome!

  12. Anonymous17/6/08 18:23

    Thanks! And I came back because I was totally smitten with Tommy Ross' smile. Pissed me off when he got killed off.

    I snatched this Meme, cuz I've not been tagged, and haven't seen it around all too much and I'm a total movie whore.


  13. I was bullied into watching the first one twice. After that fiasco I put my Manolo down and said no more.

    I'm shocked that you like the South Park movie. I found it so unfunny

  14. Hmm... What I like about Team America is the poking of the fun at people who consider themselves our holier than thou social conscience. Also, there's the whole 'terrorist' angle where all they mutter is inanities like 'durka durka'.

    Not to forget the Mos Eisley cantina music when they are in Durka Durkastan.

    I just love it, so much. Plus at the end there is a kitty meow that attacks the puppets and we are supposed to believe that it is a panther.


    Mind you, I love every movie Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ever done.

  15. I haven't seen any of these movies. But I do love your descriptions of why you chose them.

  16. I was crushed to death in who's rear compartment?

    Agree Beowulf was truly toss,

    South Park ruled - especially Uncle Fucker and the joke Garrison makes about periods which when I saw it at the flicks was followed by an audible shocked intake of breath amongst the audience.

  17. Anonymous20/6/08 02:24

    Bottoming whilst topping oneself can be achieved with the aid of a chair and a lot of duct tape and desperation.

  18. Anonymous20/6/08 02:24

    That was Spike BTW.


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