Monday, June 02, 2008


Well, it seems Blogger is pimping out Tim.

It wasn't only admin duties that Blogger suggested contacting Tim for. I decided not to post the other suggestions for fear of jinxing them.

How can he refuse the mighty force of Blogger?

Victory may yet be mine!


  1. Or it may not.

    Yay! First!

    Anyway, I'm assuming as it expired it's Blogger's way of letting you know that you're a slow cunt?

    Good old Blogger.

  2. I've already accepted the invitation, P&T.
    Well, a quarter of me has - That which resides in Cyfa. I was hoping to make use of it as myself, IDV, but as you point out, I'm "a slow cunt".

  3. Yes, you are. Blogger sent me a message to confirm this.

  4. Thank you for confirming it, Tim.

    Tim seems such a cooperative boy.

    We like Tim.

    Any other nuggets about our IVD you'd like to share with us, Tim? We're all ears.

  5. Here's hoping *pretends to cross fingers*

  6. *sigh*

    Do you want me to send the invite again?

  7. I like Piggy and Tazzy. They speak their minds, and they're usually right. All those truths about IDV, it's so refreshing to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks he's a highly disturbed individual.

    I can't think of any nuggets about IDV at the moment, but that's not to say I won't have any horrific flashbacks at some point.

  8. Oh so you are NOT thinking about his nuggets at the moment?

  9. Oh, IDV, nothing wrong with being slow. Women sometimes luv it when a man takes his time to know her better ;)

  10. If Blogger has spoken it will be.

  11. Succumb, Tim.

    Now say it fast.

  12. Tim! Tim!

    * shakes Tim *

    Oh my gods, P&T, what have you done to him? How did you manage to infiltrate him* and turn him against me?

    CyberPetra: Shush, you.

    T-Bird: Thank you, no. I'll let that Time Travelling Tart Cyfa use it.

    Tim: I'm not listening! This isn't you talking. You're opening your mouth but the strangest things are coming out.

    Cherry, anyone?

    CyberPetra: I bet he is really!

    Eros: I'll take your word for it as it seems to be your area of exper'tease'.

    Snooze: It had better be. I wonder how long I'll have to wait?

    Yes, Tim. Listen to MJ. She's a far better role model than those Yorkshire poofs.

  13. Where's my invite? Screw you all.

    Except Tim, he is after all IDV's.

  14. Only for the moment, Dora.

    Come to think of it, where's our invite?

  15. I didn't get an invite either


  16. We're rejects, Cyberpete.


    Anyway (fave word), where's the fucking witch? We've read this post 16 squillion times already.

    The bone idle bastard.

  17. Dora: Ah, finally! I thought it was just going to be MJ & Snooze who were going to take my side in The Taking Of Tim.

    And I would've thought you were too busy 'fishing' to come anyway?

    P&T: Not the moment - For the end of all time, I hope.

    I think your invite was sent at the same time as CyberPetra's. Perhaps it's just been delayed in the post? Or Smunty's got his sticky mitts on it?

    And as for "The bone idle bastard.": You hypocritical cunt! You've not exactly been prolific yourself.

  18. ****hopes for invite to IVD and Tim's wedding***

    Oh hello P & T

  19. IDV: Erm - what am I? Chopped liver? Of course I am on your side in the Taking of Tim (aka The Battle of the Bulge)

    And what's all this use of the word cunt? Didn't you know you can't say it unless you have one? Bunch of cocks.

  20. Beast: We'll get one sent out asap. Tim's being really difficult at the moment. He just can't decide on which font to use on the invitations.

    T-Bird: They made me! It's Piggy & Tazzy's fault! I hate that word, but they've used their insidious powers of filth to contaminate my vocabulary!

    Ooh, I feel all naughty. Like I've been told off!

    And, Ooh! The Battle Of The Bulge - I like it!

  21. Oh hello Beast! Fancy you popping in just as we're chatting about bone idle bastards.

    How are your piles, you fat cunt?

    There's not gonna be any wedding. Tim has confided that he'd love to be our slaveboy.

  22. Dearest darling Dora, don't listen to that foul-mouthed witch!

    We only started using that word after he threatened us with some wicked spell.

    Being the fearful innocent boys that we are, we had to start using it.

    He's terrible is that IVD.

    Unlike Tim, who is just scrumptious.

    We like Tim.

    And you too Dora.

  23. Oi!

    Could you send it again then? I'd hate to miss a good party

  24. Well then, if you're sending out formal invites and all, I'd like to bring a proper gift. Where are you registered for this most festive of occasions? Homebase? Harrods? or Fettered Pleasures?

  25. T&P: Ooh, lies! I've been maligned! How dare you! And Tim certainly wouldn't want to be your slaveboy - Your sty is far too filthsome.
    I do agree with the scrumptious bit, though.

    And did you mean to reply to Dora or T-Bird? Or both?

    CyberPetra: Actually, T-Bird's in charge of the invites et al.

    Eros: Move over Harrods! That full body harness would look lovely on Tim as he does the housework...

  26. Despite popular rumour, Dora and are not a Cypha/IDV arrangment. Oh, and I've been too lazy to do invites, will get around to it soonish. I just have to get all your proper emails.

  27. I was referring to Dora AND T-Bird.

    I think.