Monday, March 10, 2008

Since you went away...

It feels like I haven't been around for ages, but in fact it's only been three or four days. Although, usually I manage to at least leave comments* on other peoples Blogs, but not this time as I've been otherwise engaged - Sadly not with Tim, however, I'm sure my day will come.
No, I've had a trying weekend getting rid of NonExistant Boy. Well, I say 'getting rid of', in actual fact, I just gave him his notice - He should be out of Castle DeVice by the end of April. May at the latest! He just takes up too much time on this Christing Demon Box and by the time he's finished, I'm too tired (or already in bed) to even think about blogging, never mind actually do some.

I also had a friend's birthday to go to on Saturday evening: Drinks, food and dropping off her present the next morning. After all, I couldn't take it out with me in case it got left behind at the restaurant. And it would mean that she had to cart it about for the rest of the evening, too.

Then I visited The Parents for Sunday lunch. They're having a conservatory built - I'm just glad I'm not involved in it's construction like I was with the sheds. After that, I was instructed by Inexcuseable to visit her and my 'nephews': Her three cats. Good grief...

And then, before I knew it, it was Monday shitting morning and I had to be at work!


And, I missed Tatas unveiling The Freakin' Green Elf Short Caption Competition winner - Sorry CyberPoo - I'm just glad she didn't unveil anything else...

Still, I'm back now. Ha ha!

P.S. Just in case anyone's interested, I'm listening to the Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield What Have I Done To Deserve This? as I press publish...

* I'd originally written 'vomments', which does not a pretty picture paint!


  1. YAY first!

    That's what I thought, why have I done to deserve this

    Anyway pucker up and work with it.

    Only 4 more days until weekend now


  2. That's the best thing about Mondays - there's another Friday just about the corner...

  3. Welcome back IDV. Sorry you got to miss the fun. I've caught out the Cyberbabe. now he has to take part in them lovely shorts. lol

  4. I'm pretty sure it won't…

  5. CyberPoo: Yay! Aren't you just a little bundle of joy?!

    T-bird: It's just a pity we have to trawl through three other days just to get there.

    Tatas: He's had it coming for some time now. Serves him right!

    Tim: Spoilsport.


  6. You're always vommenting on my blog.

    I'm sure you're just as excited as I am about seeing CyberHoor in The Shorts.

    I bet he'll rig the compo so that Tim wins them.

  7. Hee. vommenting. That link made me wish that you put up more pictures of yourself!

  8. Tim is blogging his hair growth...jeeeezzz

  9. Tickers - stay tuned! I plan to blog about grass growth next.

  10. Damn right I am, Tickers!

    And coming next week: paint drying!!

  11. MJ: I can't help it that your Blog makes me vomment.

    I'm looking forward to seeing that Danish Puff in The 'Shorts, yes. And I can only hope that Tim leaves a caption!

    Dinah: I'm *still* waiting for Inexcuseable's husband to email me pictures from Indescribable's 30th birthday party a month ago. When I get them, I'll be sure to post a pic or two.

    Tickers: I don't mind. Any excuse to see His Hotness!

    T-Bird: * revs up lawn mower *

    Tim: Remember to remove your clothes while painting - You don't want them to get splashed with paint.

    I could come and help decorate, if you'd like?

  12. Beast at work11/3/08 13:47

    "Building Sheds"
    You big butch thing !

  13. Is it a Blue Monday?

    I see a ship in the harbor
    I can and shall obey
    But if it wasn't for your misfortunes
    I'd be a heavenly person today

    ...for a second there, I thought your parents were building a fine arts/music school; then I thought, maybe it's a greenhouse instead...

  14. I was a bit chipper yesterday

    Don't worry, it's all gone now.

    You'll get your Henry Higgins...

  15. Beast: * burps and wipes mouth with sleeve *

    Eros: No, you were right with your first thought. It will be the new Fina Art wing of Parent Towers.
    I just hope they don't have nude life drawing classes in there as the only models close by will be the wrinklies from Gods Waiting Room Avenue.

    CyberPoo: Thank Heavens! We'll have no mirth or jollity here.

  16. Two things I should note:

    First - is Ticker's lurking over at mine, or a one (and only) time visitor?

    Second: Don't worry - I have painty clothes I wear when decorating, so no need for nudity! And feel free not to help. At all. Ever.

    And in other news - don't worry MJ, I might submit a caption just for fun, but I've got no intention of actually trying to win the rancid shorts!

  17. I bet Tickers is lurking. You know he's a little bit gay, don't you?

    Very well, I'll just relax on the sofa while you do all the hard work - While wearing The 'Shorts that you secretly covet!